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Learning New Things Everyday, August 2020.

So I learn a new thing everyday and then at the end of the month I share what I learned and the day I learned it on.

1st There was a Blazing Saddles TV show based on the movie. Mel Brooks, added this to the contract to prevent Warner Brothers from getting the rights to the movie, unless they made a TV show based on the series, but only the pilot was ever aired.

2nd The largest invasion in history was operation Barbarossa, Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union during World War Two.

3rd A pit bull was chosen to play, Petey the dog in The Little Rascals, because at the time the breed was believed to work extremely well with children. 

4th The first African American cabinet member was Robert C. Weaver  how was appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by LBJ in 1966.

5th Th Chicago Song Twenty Five or Six to Four, is about waking up in the middle of the night, at  twenty five or twenty six minutes before 4 Am and trying to write a song.

6th In the movie Apollo 13, Tom Hanks character James Lovell, shakes hands with a naval officer, who is played by the real James Lovell.

7th Hunter S Thompson published his story The Rum Diary, after Johnny Depp who was living with him, to better portray him in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, encouraged him too.

8th The first African American to receive a PhD from Harvard was WEB Dubois.

9th After an automobile accident, that severely damaged his right elbow, guitarist les Paul asked that the doctors fuse his elbow together in a right angle so he could still play the guitar.  

10th The FBI sting that caught Russian spy Anna Chapman was code named Operation: Ghost Stories.

11th The Iowa Supreme court ruled that it was legal for a woman to be fired, because her employer’s wife thought she was too pretty.

12th The Egyptians were attacked by a navy of an unknown nation during the 12th and 13th century BCE. No one knows where they came form and are only described in the original records as the Sea People.

13th Bob Dylan; s senior year, high school yearbook entry stated, his life goal was to become part of Little Richard’s band.

14th The contracts for The Rock, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham in the Fast and Furious movies state that all three men must take the same amount of punches in a show. 

15th Arnold Schwarzenegger was almost picked to be the lead in both The Rock and Die Hard.

16th The devil dog in the movie Bones was a German Shepard dyed black.

17th Starr Stowe was the first Playmate to appear on the cover of Playboy with a visible tattoo, in 1977.

18th Eve Myer produced five movies for Russ Myer after their divorce.

19th An American Naval officer claims to have encountered, in the Democratic Republic of the Kongo a chimpanzee with spikes on its back like a porcupine. He claims to have filmed it for three minutes, but that has been classified by the military.

20th Nicola Tesla left college without a degree because his father died, and he had to return home to support his family.

21st The FBI requested satellite photos from NASA and a Russian space station in the search for Amy Bechtel who disappeared in a forest in Wyoming, this produced no further clues.

22nd Zebra’s black and white stripes reduce the mount of flies that bother them.

23rd. Fort Bragg is the world’s largest military installation.

24th The solved rate for murders in the USA is 60%.

25th Los Angles county has a high population than 39 states

26th The Upcoming Wrong Turn 7, The Foundation, is the first Wrong Turn movie to be filmed in America.

27 The Grasshopper muse, is nick named the Werewolf mouse because it howls at the moon.

28th An opacarophile is a person who loves sunsets.

29th Christian di Pezan was a15th century woman who wrote about an allegorical community made up of woman who lived away from the slander of men

.30th bees have sensory organs to pick up vibrations but cannot hear.

31st The first commercial jet flight was on May 2nd 1952. A BOAC flight form London to Johannesburg south Africa.


One comment on “Learning New Things Everyday, August 2020.

  1. James Viscosi
    August 9, 2020

    I have actually wondered about where they got the name “25 or 6 to 4” from, but never looked it up. Mystery solved!

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