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Goat Pictures

During the COVID-19 quarantine I have been posting goat pictures, in the hope of blistering others spirits during this time. I am going to share a few here, hope at the least it makes you smile.

Above here is Diva standing on the top of her sister Leeloo Dallas Multipass’ home.

Clase the world’s smartest goat as proven by science!

Darth, look at those amazing horns.

Dots on a spindle

Dr Aphra, Asoka Tano and dash Rendar as babies (look at those tails go.)

Tura Satana, looking at a picture of her namesake.

Bea’s Boy AKA BB

Dinner time.

Me and a 10 minute old baby goat.

One comment on “Goat Pictures

  1. Lolsy's Library
    July 9, 2020

    eeeeeeeeeeee…so cute!

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