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I Did a Star Trek Podcast.

So as many of you know I am doing a podcast. Called Dave’s Underground Goat Shenanigan’s. The premises is that a farmer (also named Dave) discovered a secret Illumani base under his goat farm. Well with Episode 9 we did a Star Trek podcast.

It has three parts, two of which I have meant to use as a blog for a while, but just seemed to work better as a podcast. The first is about the three episodes of TOS that where written by horror author Robert Bloch (Best know as the author of the book Psycho). The three episodes he penned were What are Little Girls Made Of? Cat’s Paw and Wolf in the Fold.

These tales difiantly bring an mystical and cosmic horror prospective to the show (or as least as much a s1960’s TV would allow.) He even gets to use the word Old Ones in one of the stories. All three are based on a previously short story he had written. just moved to the Federation ear and given a space make over.

The second part of the story is about the awesome and often overlooked Animated Series. This show had the original voice actors and many of the series writers. It aired for 2 years and the 3 years of the original show makes up the USS enterprises 5 year mission.

even though it was a Saturday morning cartoon, the shows were not dumbed down, and deal with many topics you might not normal see in a ‘kids” show of that time. My Producer DB Spitzer even shares his favorite moment of ST:TAS

Finally the third act is a fiction piece by me about a cursed “Red Shirt” that caused all the actors to wear it to die in horrible and mysterious way.

Check it out at .


2 comments on “I Did a Star Trek Podcast.

  1. Lolsy's Library
    July 5, 2020

    I didn’t even know there was an animated series!

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