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So Many Geeky Things for this Short Month.



February is the shortest month of the year, even with the extra day pushing it out at 29, in 2016. That why I am kind of surprised that I seem to have geeky things to do this month than normal.


To start off tomorrow there is some kind of football game. Proponents of said game say it isn’t just a good bowl, it isn’t just a great bowl, and it’s a Super Bowl. Quoth the great Matt Fewer “I am so anti-sports. I thought ESPN, was the telepathy channel.” And as for fantasy football, I got kicked of the league because I kept on trying to draft Gandalph. The only way I would be interested in this Super Bowl, was if the teams were DC vs Marvel. Now that would be awesome.


Though I am vaguely interested in the newly formed Chinese North American Football League, they have cool sounding team names like, The Combat Orcas and The Panda-Men. Now I would watch that all day. Especially if it was animated and had Killer Whales with lasers and anthropomorphized pandas with nun-chucks. Now I am not sure how much they know about the sport when I found the fallowing quote by one of the league members.


combat oras

Someone make an anime out of this.

“There are millions of people in China watching the championship game Super Bowl. People are having their favorite players, just like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. So I think there’s big market here,” said Memo Mate of the Nighthawks.


Even I know Kobe Bryant plays soccer.


So what am I going to do if I am not going to watch the big game? I go to Portland’s Pearl District. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE IS THERE. I can walk up to the counter of Voodoo Doughnuts without waiting in line and order a Memphis Mafia or a Portland Cream. I got Powell’s World of Books all to myself. Talk to the guy at my favorite shawarma food cart, with no rush. Play whatever game I want at Ground Kontrol. And sit in the park and write in my common place book without an interruption.

vd diughnuts

I kind of thought that Netflixs was going to keep Dr. Who until the middle of February, so I thought I was going to keep myself busy binge watching all the episodes I had missed somehow. Well that didn’t work the way I planned. So I get my time traveling fix with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. What’s not to love, Rory gets his own time-ship, superman shrinks down in armor, Black Canary wears a sexy white costume, Sydney Bristow’s papa is a scientist who shoots nuclear power form his fingers. And Chris Redfield is a villain/good guy with an ice cannon. Top it off with a bar fight in the 70’s to Captain and Tennill. Actually they had me at time traveling super heroes.


white canary

White is the new black.

I also found an old favorite on Youtube. It has all episodes of 2001’s Freaky Links. A show about a website team investigating, the paranormal. Brought to you by the people who did The Blair Witch Project, it was the right amount of Gen-xism, humor, characters you care about and horror. Check it out. Just be careful when you type in the words Freaky Link in to a search browser. I did that back in 2002 to see if the show was cancelled and stumbled across some Brazilian horse porn. Somethings that have been seen can’t be unseen.



On Saturday the 13th DCoTW favorite The Double Clicks will be doing a show in Portland at 2:00 Pm at Red Castle Games, on Foster Rd. It is a family friendly show and the admission is $10.00 an individual of $20.00 a family. I have seen them live twice and they are a great show at an intimate venue. They do nerd-centric songs about Wonder Woman, dinosaurs, and falling in love over a D&D table. Now they do some non-family friendly shows, like the Monday after that they are doing a sketch comedy/musical show about their experiences as musicians that the kids should be left home for. But this one is good clean fun for the whole family.

the dc

Then there is some kind of chick flick coming out on the 12th about a woman who stays with her man despite the fact his life and body is ravaged by an anti-cancer treatment, it is about love conquering all and that beauty is more than skin deep. It is called Dead Pool. OK, I joke, its not like I don’t know what Dead Pool is about. I mean I follow the Merc with the Mouth like I do Kobe Bryant’s soccer career. OK, ok, I really do know about DP, the best Dead Pool story for my money is the semi-alt universe of Wade Wilson’s War (Don’t take my geek card away). This mixture of humor, action and an R-Rating is what many think the super hero genre needs right now. Any ways it will keep me held over till Civil War and Suicide Squad.



Time to make the Chimi-F8ing-Chungas.

Then from February 19-21st is Portland’s Wizard World Comic Con. The only Stump Town comi-con I have ever attended is Rose City, so I am not sure what to expect. WW follows the SDCC style of being more about pop culture than comic books (I think it is, I will tell you after I get back) but I got the three days off work and my tickets for all the days. The big head liners are Mat Smith, and a bunch of other Dr. Who actors and William Shatner. When I go to Rose City I focus mainly writers, so I am looking forward to seeing what happens at WW. Besides there will be a bunch of girls dressed up in Cod-play that a good weekend by all my standards.


cos player

Uh…what…oh yeah…Writers…I go for the writers….

Then the 27th is both my sister’s birthday and the most important event in February. Northwest Oregon Dairy Goat Association, conference in Clackamas. What is so nerdy about that? Well you don’t know any goat geeks do you. Also my sister, niece and aunt will be going to the conference so it means it is my Nephew and my day out. We go do things like black mini-golfing and go to arcades. It an awesome nerd day. So have fun out there in this nerdy month, pace yourself and party like Alderan is about to explode.



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