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My Podcast is Out.



I have been pretty busy with work, living on a working farm, helping out on other’s podcast my new podcast. But I need to catch up on DCotU.


So, Dave’s Underground Goat Shenanigan is out. Wow we are even up to our second issue. For those of you who don’t know DUGS, the main character is Farmer Dave, a person lot like me, but not totally. Who lives on a goat farm. (Uncle Owen’s Farm not GetFooLA farms) But unlike me, he discovers a secret Illuminati base under his farm, and is broadcasting his podcast from his “Dave cave” the bases old communications center.

So where is the Illuminati while farmer Dave goes exploring in their abandoned base. He at first thought they left the planet on 2012. But as the series goes on, he will begin to question that, as well as maybe it wasn’t the Illuminati as the thought, he knew it.

Each episode will have a story part, the first episode has Farmer Dave discovering what he thought was a pool, only to discover the World War Two destroyer the USS Eldridge, the ship involved in the Philadelphia experiment.  In Episode two Dave talks about his goats and pranks that the Illuminati seemed to have played on the general public.

USS eldridge

in each episode farmer Dave will also share info about some aspect of geek life. In the first he talks about how Akrham Asylum went from the Lovecraft Mythos to an important mainstay in the world of DC’s best detective. In the second one, he talks about the RPG Cal of Cthulhu and its surprisingly popularity.


Hopefully we can keep up an Episode every Thursday deadline. But net week farmer Dave discovers a mysterious silver key that allows him to travel through dimensions and the heads-up on a hot new Indy RPG Maximum Apocalypse

So check it out, and I will try to keep up the writing here.









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