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Learning New Things Everyday December 2019

I try to learn a new thing each day and then write it down and share it with everyone at the end of the month.


1at Molly Ringwald was actually 16 when 16 Candles was released.

2 A sleeping octopus can change their color as they dream.

3 David Gerald who created the Star Trek TOS episode Trouble with Trebiles, was also the head writer for Sid and Marty Croft’s, Land of the Lost.

capt kirk and ts.jpg

What a Treibile situation Kirk finds himself in 

4 Live Pidgeon shooting was once an Olympic event

5th There is a Galapagos Island named after Guy Fawkes

6 though famed astronomer Tycho Brahe claimed is artificial nose that he received after his cousin shot it of in a dual over who was the better mathematician, was made of a combination of silve and gold, it was exhumed in 2010 and found out it was brass.

Eliza and michelle

Sometimes I sneak in pictures of Sarah Michelle Geller and Elissa Dushku, even if they don’t have anything to do with the list, for, reasons. 

7 Since instructions and modules writing in the International Space Station is in Russian all astronauts onboard it must speak Russian.

8 Isaac Asimov was a consultant on Andy Griffith’s TV show Salvage 1, about a junkman who builds his own spaceship that went to the moon.

9 It has never rained in Calama a desert town in Chile.

10 One in four Americans has appeared on TV.

11 More people visit France than any other country.

12 4 Babies are born per second

13 58% of students from England think that Sherlock Holmes was a real person.

14 Jousting is the official state sport of Maryland.


Can you go pro?

15th Members of Pink Floyd and Lead Zeppelin donated most of the money that was used to pay for the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

16th The Lady Juliana was an all-female prison ship filled with convicts sent from England to Australia The thought was that they would civilize the Australian colony

17th Until she died, Fred Roger’s mother made the sweaters he wore on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

18th All the numbers from 1 to 999 when spelled out do not contain the letter A n them.

19th Mulan has the highest kill count of any Disney character.


Deadly Princess

20th Chris Kristofferson was a Vietnam helicopter pilot who heard Johnny Cash on leave and decided to be musician and song writer.


Before he was famous

21st In the 1980’s the Teen Titians did a anti-drug commercial sponsored by Keebler cookies, in the hopes it would become a Saturday Morning TV series that never happened.

22nd Will Myers created Squirrel Girl and based her on an old girlfriend and squirrels that were running loose on his roof.

23rd The country of Belize has a 3% solve rate on murder cases.

24th in 1971 Stan Lee wrote a series of comics where Peter Parker takes a serum that gives him 4 extra arms

25th The first Robert E Howard story to be commercially published was The Fang and the Spear.

26th The last American ship sunk in World War Two was the USS Indianapolis

Uss Inianapolis

Made famous in the movie Jaws

27th Prince Henry and Prince William had a scene in The Last Jedi, as stormtrooper but it was cut.


Still can’t hit anything.

28th Despite Count Chocula being a vampire and Franlenberry being a monster, both their cereal looked like ghosts.

29th The first apple pie recipe did not come from America but England.

30th The speed of a computer mouse is measured in Mickeys

31st The only letter that doesn’t appear on the periodic chart is J.


3 comments on “Learning New Things Everyday December 2019

  1. beth
    January 3, 2020

    what a great idea

  2. Lolsy's Library
    January 3, 2020


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