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2019 Davie Awards Part I.



Favorite Video: ZZ Ward Sex and Stardust. I discovered ZZ Ward (Zsuzsaana Eva Ward) this year, but this Roseburg Oregon Native has been putting out albums for over seven years. She grew up an atheist but became interested in Judaism when she discovered her grandmother a Hungarian Jew was forced to become a Roman Catholic by the Nazis. She says this song’s style was inspired by that of Screaming JJ Hawkins, the story it tells was from a time that she felt someone had cast a spell on her and the video (Which she co-wrote) is based on Tarantino movies.


Love ZZ’s Hats

I love this story about a modern Bonnie and Clyde, and two punks that think they are all that, until they meet the real things. This is a great song and a fun watch.



Favorite Tinnie Bopper Grown Up: Tessa Violet. Another Oregon girl, I first saw Tessa Violet in an internet version of AWOL Nation’s Sail, at the time her video was getting more play that the bands official video. But she also developed her own musical style. I loved as the sweet girl next door phase, but she is turning into a musical force to be reckoned with. She recently moved to LA and I am hoping that she gets a chance to mature her talents, if she does, she may be the next big thing.


Tessa sees you




Favorite Celebrity Vanity Project.  Jeremy Renner The Main Attraction:  OK you think I am a poser and know nothing about music because I like Tessa Violet, I will fight you all the live long day, over that one.  You think I’m stupid because I like this vanity project. OK I don’t have much to defend it other than, Renner was smart enough to get a catchy toon and be the least obvious thing on this song. I just like it.


Hawkeye hits the mark


My Favorite Bad Girl Lake Bell as Poison Ivy. Lake Bell plays Poison Ivey in the new animated Harley Quinn, and she knocks it out of the park. This defiantly not a show for kids. It explores Poison Ivy in ways that I think all other video presentations of her have missed. Yes, she is sexy but it is not her defining characteristic, her independence, intelligence, and sardonic wit are not just after thoughts but what makes her sexy in this incarnation.


I want to go to Lake Bell on my next vacation

Lake Bell’s voice completely catches the frustration yet sincere love Ivy has for her best friend. So far, the story has focused on the platonic portion of the comic  book couple’s life, but that is Ok it gives both characters more of a background for both characters for now, and still hints at maybe something more coming down the road, of course as always Harley completely miss the signs.

posion and ivy.jpg


I love how an insane eco-terrorist murder is the ‘relatable” and “stable” one of the show, and it is completely due to Lake’s delivery that we accept this character and thus he kooky friend into our lives.

Favorite Bad Mammer Jammer: Pedro Pascal as The Mandalorian.  Oh, I don’t think anyone is surprised at this choice. I love that Mando is competent but not a Mary Stu. He has had to rely on his friends to survive battles (Especially his little green friend) but when he goes tow to tow again the New Republic prison droids you see that kilogram per kilogram he is the best fighter in the parsec.


This is the way.

In other hands his heal-face turn over the baby Yoda would seem forced and only there for the plot. But I totally bought Pedro’s rendition of a man who had to put his personal code (The Mandalorian Way) over his society’s (The Bounty Hunter’s Code.) it is even more remarkable he does it the whole time with his face covered.


Baby yoda.jpg

Baby Yoda for favorite Bad Mammer Jammer 2020


This may be a space wester saumari story, but Mando takes the best element of all three and turns them into a Mamer Jammer you don’t want to mess with.

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