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I am getting my Own Podcast.



So, this is a real thing. I am going to have my own Podcast.

The name of the show is going to be Dave’s Underground Goat Shenanigans.

The show will be built on the three F of geekdom. The First is Fiction. Where people will read their fiction stories, or public domain tales. The second is Fandom. This could be anything you fan out about, The Avengers, flying saucers, gamming, Star Wars anything you love. And the final F is for Facts. This could be trivia and cool history.

In between the segments we will have host segments. It is about a dude named Farmer Dave, who owns a goat farm, and discovers an abandoned underground illuminati base on his property. Kind of like MYST3K, Joel and Mike segments or classic 50’s monster movie host segments.

The fourth F is fun. I want this show to be all about having fun. I love and have participated in many “talk show style” podcast, but I am hopping that this will include some wacky fun. I want this to be different than anything else in the Pod-verse. The final F is for different (I am sure that in the binary language of moister evaporates different starts with a F.)

The plan is to have two episodes a month. In a perfect world we will launch on January 1st, but as November comes to an end that seems a bit ambitious.

I really could use some help, and if you listen to our “0” episode you can hear how you can help. Hope to hear form you soon.




5 comments on “I am getting my Own Podcast.

  1. Amanda
    November 24, 2019

    I’m interested in saying some lines for your podcast or discuss a topic over the phone with you. I’m in a process of writing a book anyways about growing up in the Amazon jungle. Other than FB, is there another way to email you? My contact is on my blog.

  2. Lolsy's Library
    November 24, 2019


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