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Learning New Things Everyday October 2019



Sorry about missing last month, but her is my new list of things I learned and the day I learned it on.


1st In 1977 Japanese Spiderman TV show had to use film taken from the first half of the season, because the suit for Spiderman’s giant flying robot was stolen.


Hail to the King

2nd Godzilla has fought King Ghidra in 8 different movies, more than any other Kaiju.

3rd Margret Hughes who was in Othello in 1660 was probably the first English actress.

4th Humans have about 24,000 genes.

5th Swashbucklers got their name because they used small shields called bucklers when boarding ships .

6th the first employee of Help! Magazine and adult version of mad Magazine was Gloria Steinem.

7th Fredric Wortham, anti-comic book author of The Seduction of the Innocent, was also an expert witness for Brown V Board of Education, testifying that segregation was harmful to the growth of all children despite their race.


Number One in out heart

8th Despite what Gene Rodenberry claimed, the reshot pilotfor Star Trek was not requested because the network didn’t want a female executive officer, but felt that Marjorie Barrett couldn’t pull off the role and was afraid the public would find out that she and Rodenberry were having an affair at the time.

9th No US president was an only child, though some only had half-siblings.

10th The first digital watch was named Pulsar and made in 1972.

11th The original Harry Potter book was rejected 12 times before being published.

12th The United Kingdom has not written constitution.

13Th Gone with the Wind was the first color film to win an academy award.


14Th An albatross can circumnavigate the world in 46 days.

15th Samuel L Chase is the only Supreme Court member to have ever been impeached.

16th The English Supreme Court was formed in 2009.


Bananana Banananana Banana Mobile

17Th The Longest vehicle shaped like a banana is owned by Steve Braithwait and was built on a Ford F150 truck Chassis.

18th The original uncensored version of The Portrait of Dorian Gray was not released until 2011.

19th Batman’s partner Robin, name came from Robin Hood.

20th Elvis has 18 number one hits.

21st   The sphygmomanometer is the real name of a blood pressure gage.

22nd Lighting is 5 times hotter than the sun.

23rd Captain America “The First Avenger” was not on the original Avengers lineup.


Suprema woman

24th Wonder Woman was originally be called Suprema The Wonder Woman, but the named sounded too much like Superman.

baking soda.png

25th Dr Vincent Price the Grandfather of the Actor Vincent Price invented Baking Powder.

26th Gayle Simone wrote a Loony Toon Tweedy and Sylvester comic book crossover with Cat Woman and Black Canary.

27th In a 2017 survey 60% of UBER users do not tip their drivers.

28th William Howard Taft, was the first president to throw out the first pitch in a major league game.


On occasion I just throw in random pictures of Michelle Geller and Eliza Dushku. You are welcome.

29th The world’s only ventriloquism museum. Is in Fort Mitchell Kentucky.

30th There is no DNA in red blood cells.

31st The Greek Mathematician Pythagoras started a cult that worshiped numbers.

2 comments on “Learning New Things Everyday October 2019

  1. Brian Bixby
    November 1, 2019

    Just to add a bit more information related to your new thing for October 15:

    There has also been only one member of Congress impeached, Senator William Blount, in 1797. Although it is legal to do so, we unlikely to see this ever happen again. You see, to impeach and convict a Congress member, both chambers would have to be involved: the House to impeach, the Senate to convict. But the Constitution gives each chamber the right, by itself, to expel its own members. It’s simpler for ONE chamber to expel its own members than to require BOTH chambers to do the job through the impeachment process. And in fact both chambers have expelled members.

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