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A Lovecraft Comic Bibliography

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Wow I finally completed one of my life goals with doing a presentation at the HP Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland. It was an honor and a pleasure. I spoke about Lovecraft in comics.

This is the bibliography that I headed out, plus some entries I forgot to mention in my presentation. I am sure I am missing ton’s of source material so please mention things I forgot in the comments and I will add them

Aguirre-Sacasa, Roberto Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Vol 1: The Crucible Archie Horror, 2001. Not your father’s teenage witch, with many Lovecraftian tropes sprinkled in.

 Broers, Joe & Wilson, Eddie, Seeking the Darkest Gods Volume 1, Issue 1
Miskatonic Valley Press. 2019 Awesome DIY Cthulhu related anthology.

Brubaker, Ed Fatale Vol 1: Death Chases Me. Image, 2012 A classic fem fatale turns out to un-aging and chased by an evil cult.

Carter, Marc The Strange Adventures of HP Lovecraft Image 2009 Lovecraft becomes a bad ass hero in this tale.

 Dorkin, Evan and Dyer Sarah, Calla Cthulhu TPB 1 Dark Horse, 2017 Hauster’s nice doesn’t want be part of the family’s world destroying business, in this YA comic.

Ellis, Warren Authority/Planetary Crossover Rule the World Wild Storm 2000. Jenny Sparks and Elijah combine forces to defend Providence after Lovecraft discovered Deep One eggs.

 Ellis, Warren Global Frequency TPB Wild Storm, 2005, Top notch techno thriller about a team of 1001 experts that often had Lovecraftian tropes thrown in.

 Ellis. Warren City of Silence Image 2000 Future police investigating weirdness.

Hill. Joe Locke and Key #1: Welcome to Lovecraft TPB. IDW, 1999. A family who just suffered the death of their father move to Lovecraft country and have strange supernatural experiences.

 Kamen, Jack. Weird Science # 12, Story #3 Experiment… in Death. Entertaining Comics, 1950, The first Mythos tale in comics, is based on Herbert West Reanimator.

 Lovecraft, HP, Graphic Classics #4, HP Lovecraft. Eureka Press, 2002 Lovecraft stories in a graphic format with the most amazing cover ever.

 MIgnola, Mike, Jenny Fin: Doom Meshiah Dark Horse, 2011, More eldritch horror from the creator of Hellboy.

 Mignola Mike, The Doom that Came to Gotham DC Comics 2000 An Elsewhere title where Bat Man lives in a Lovecraft universe.

 Moore, Allan, The Courtyard, Avatar Press, 2003 The First of a Lovecraft themed trilogy, in a world where the alien language Aklo is sold on the street like a drug.

Moore, Allan The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol III: Century 2009. Top Shelf Publication 2009 The league tries to stop a moon child, from turning into a giant Shogooth.

 Moore, Allan, The Invisibles: Vol 1 So You Want to Start a revolution, Vertigo 1999. Imagine Allan Moore made a cosmic themed Matrix, years before the Matrix.

 Moore, Allan The Watchmen DC, 1986, Invading space squid hoax.

Nelson, Michael Allan Fall of Cthulhu Vol 1 Fugue. Boom! Studio 2007 Humans caught in the crossfire in the war between The Elder Gods and The Great Old Ones.

Moore, Allan Yougoth Cultures and Other Growths Avatar Pres 2003 A Lovecraft comic anthology.

O’Neill, Denny. Batman, #258: The Curse of the Two Headed Coin. DC 1974 The first use of DC famous Arkham Asylum.

 Riley , John Harrold Tesla and Lovecraft -Vol 1 History in the Making Action Labs, 2014. The T & L saving the day.

Striker, Fritz, Lovecraft PI: A Shot in the Dark. Darkside Media, 2015, A mystery set in Innsmouth.

 Tanabe, Gau, HP Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness TPB 1. Dark Horse, 2019, Beautiful re-telling of Lovecraft’s novella, part 2 will be released in December 2019.

 Uncredited, Creepy #21 ‘The Rat’s in the Wall.” Warren Magazine, 1961, The first Lovecraft story to be published in a comic with its original title.

 Uncredited, Entertaining Comic # 30, “Whose Doughnut?” Entertaining Comics, 1953. The first comic mention of Cthulhu.

 Uncredited, Weird Fantasy #14, “The Black Arts” Entertaining Comics 1950, The first comic appearance of the Necronomicon.

 Van Lente, Fred Weird Detective: The Stars are Wrong TPB 1, Dark Horse 2014. A corrupt detective is possessed by a Yithian.

 Various Authors Dark Horse Presents # 142 Dark Horse Comics, 1999 A tribute to HPL including a story by Mike Mignola.

 Various Authors Heavy Metal October 1979 HM Communications 1978, A lovecraft dedicated issue with art by the French artist Mobius







3 comments on “A Lovecraft Comic Bibliography

  1. Jeff Japp
    October 11, 2019

    Chilling Adventures is amazing. Wish he would write more.

  2. Derek M. Koch
    October 23, 2019

    You knocked it out of the park, man . . . Well done!

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