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3 Real World Famous Women who disappeared as CoC 7e NPCs


amelia_earhart_electraHere are three real life famous women who disappeared in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and even though two of them returned alive, there is still considerable mystery concected to their disappearances. Perfect for a Call of Cthulhu RPG. scario

There are a lot of weird coincidences that a Keeper may want to paly up. Aimee Semple McPherson, Agatha Christie and Lovecraft, were all born on the same year. McPherson lived in Providence RI when HPL did. Earhart and Christie were both trained nurses, all three women’s names start with A. All three were had a non-common spiritual background (McPherson, Pentecostalism, Christie, spiritualism, and Earhart, Buddhism.) They are surely nothing but statistical coincidences but have fun with them.

A keeper may want to use their stats and change their names to make them a less famous NPC.

I did two versions of Amelia Earhart, both standard and pulp, because, of course I did.

Stats are att eh time of  their disappearances.


Name: Aimee Semple McPherson

Age: 36                                 Gender: Female                    Occupation: Missionary.

Birthplace: Salford Ontario Canada                                Residence: Los Angeles.

Place of disappearance:   Santa Monica Ca                 Date of disappearance: May 18th 1926

Campaign setting: Classic Cthulhu

Strength: 50                        Dex: 50                                 Intel: 75

Con: 50                                Appearance: 55                   Power: 85

Size: 40                               Education: 75                      Luck: 55

HP: 9      San:       Max San:           Move: 8

Skills: Accounting: 25%, Art (Preaching): 85%, Art (Writing): 60%, Charm: 65%, first aid: 35%, Natural world: 25%, Own language (English): 75%, Other language (Mandarin) 05% Psychology: 50%, Religion (Christianity) 80%, Swim: 30%

Credit rating: 75%

Note: Her enemies say she is hypnotizing her parishioners, if that is what the Keeper wants to play her add Hypnotism: 75%.

History: Born in a rural Canada, Amie fell in love with a minister named Robert McPherson, they had a son and went on a mission to China. Unfortunately, her husband died with in two months after arriving in China. She lived in Providence RI (at the same time as certain horror writer) She remarried and had a daughter, but felt she a calling ot the minstery.. Mixing Christianity and showmanship, she soon became a celebrity in Los Angles, broadcasting services across the country her band was soon as famous as Babe Ruth. Though she has a new style of Christianity, she is still very conservative and is a top crusader of Evolution not being taught in schools.

Psychology: She honestly believes that she is called to the ministry. She is a strong believer that all races should be treated equal, she even had her daughter baptized by an African America Minister. Though she believes the ministry is her destiny, she enjoys the attention she receives. She lost the one true love of her life in China while on a mission for God,, and probably never completely bonded with anyone else. Two other marriages lead to divorce. It is possible that despite her profession she had affairs but that is uncertain.

Disappearance: McPherson and her secretary went to the Santa Monica beach, where the secretary lost sight of her due to a crowd and she vanished. Originally it was thought she had drowned. She was discovered in the Arizona Town of Douglas Arizona. She said a man and a woman approached her on the beach asking her to come pray for their daughter, when they got to the couple’s car where the girl was supposed to be, they drug and drove her to Mexico.

McPherson said she was able to cut the ropes binding her hands with a tin can lid and escaped into Arizona. Where she eventually found. Though there were LA businessmen who were kidnapped and taken to Mexico at around that time Her kidnappers never requested ransom. The police felt it was a publicity stunt or an attempt to cover up an affair. The arrested her for faking the kidnapping but could not prove the charges. At least one reporter felt that the reason the police didn’t believe her story was because of her anti-evolution stance was making LA look bad.


Name: Agatha Christie

Age: 36                                                                Gender: Female                    Occupation: Writer

Birthplace: Torquay Devon UK                   Residence: Sunningdale, Berkshire UK.

Place of disappearance:   Newlands Corners        Date of disappearance: December 3rd 1926.

Strength: 50                        Dex: 55                                 Intel: 75

Con: 50                               Appearance: 55                    Power: 75

Size: 50                              Education: 70                        Luck: 55

HP:10    San: 75       Max San: 75        Move: 6

Skills: Art (Dancing): 35% Art (Writing): 85%, Archeology: 20%, Charm; 60%, Drive (automobile): 30% First aid: 55%, History: 35%, Library use: 65%, Litature:30%, Occultism: 30%, Own language (English): 85%, Other Language: (French): 21% Psychology: 50%, Science (Pharmaceuticals): 40%

Credit rating: 75%.

History: Agatha Christie’s mother claimed to be a psychic, and Agatha seemed to believe in the supernatural growing up. Her mother’s visions seem to have guided how the girl was raised, even barring her daughter from reading until she was eight years old. She spent a portion of her youth in a French Boarding school. She married a solider who was sent to the front during World War I. During the war she became a volunteer nurse, being so good at it she rose to a paid position of dispensing medicines.

Unfortunately, her marriage was not a happy one. Her husband flaunted his affair and she did not want to divorce because of their children. Though she had obtained the nick name the ‘The Queen of Crime” but is not yet at the panicle of her career. She is famous enough that her disappearance became front page news.

Psychology: She is a strong and independent woman. Before and after her success as a writer she traveled the world. Though she never studied archelogy officially, she was interested in artifacts and would often use it as a plot point ion her novels.

Disappearance: On December 3rd, 1926 after an argument with her husband, Agatha left a note for her secretary saying she was going to a hotel and spa in Yorkshire. Soon afterwards her abandoned car was found. The police originally suspected her husband Archibald hjad killed her, he had to confess that his alibi was that he was with his mistress. The police went as far as using an airplane to try to find her, the first time in England tha an airplane was used to try to locate  a missing person. . Arthur Conon Doyle (The creator of Sherlock Holmes) gave a well-known psychic one of Agatha’s gloves to help find her.

Eleven days after her disappearance she was found right where she said she was going a Yorkshire hotel. She had checked in using her husband’s mistress’ last name. She had claim to have been from South Africa, complete with the story she had just lost a pregnancy, and seemed to have assumed the identity of this character Tressa Neele. Many people thought it was a publicity stunt or an attempt to embarrass he is philandering husband. Though two doctors said she was suffering from a fugue state due to the combination that her husband was cheating, her mother’s recent death and the car accident. Publicly Christie chalked it up to amnesia brought on by the car crash.


Name: Amelia Earhart

Age:       39                                                           Gender: Female                    Occupation: Aviator

Birthplace: Atchison Kansass                      Residence: Toluca Lake California

Place of disappearance:   The Pacific Ocean                         Date of disappearance: July 2nd 1937

Strength: 55                        Dex: 80                                 Intel: 75

Con: 55                              Appearance: 55                     Power: 75

Size: 50                           Education: 70                           Luck: 55

HP:10    San: 75     Max San: 75        Move 8:

Skills: Charm; 45%, Driving (Auto): 45%, First aid: 60%,Electrical repair: 50% Library Use: 50%, Mechanical Re[pair:60%, Navigation (Air): 70%, Own language (English): 70%, Pilot (Airplane): 80%, Religion (Budish): 30%, Radio operation: 50%,Science (Aeronautical Engendering): 65%

Credit rating: 70%

History: Earhart, has always wanted to fly as a young girl. She was a tomboy who was drawn to the exotic (at that time) Buddhist teachings. She was homeschooled and loved learning new things in her families library. She was a nurse during the Spanish Flu epidemic. She gave up the medical profession to pursue her obsession of flying. She soon set several aviation records and became a celebrity. she married aeronautical engineer named George Puttman. She disappeared with her navigator Fred Noonan When attempting to travel around the world.

Psychology: She is strong willed and out to prove that women can do something just as well as men. She is an explorer in the true sense of the word. She lives for challenges.

Disappearance: Earhart disappeared with her navigator Fred Noonan when she tried to fly around the world, on a leg between Papua New Guinea to Howland Island. The US Navy launched a search and rescue mission but no sign of the plane or the famous aviator was found. There is a rumor that she was on a top-secret mission to get intelligence on the Japanese military in the Pacific, and was captured by the Imperial Navy and was either executed or escaped and moved back to America under an assumed name.


Pulp Amelia Earhart

This is the Amelia Earhart that would appear in a pulp magazine. In this version she is a well-trained agent for American Military Intelligence. She is not just a good pilot, she can dogfight, smaller fighters with her high-tech twin-engine cargo plane.

Name: Amelia Earhart

Age:       39                                                           Gender: Female                    Occupation: Aviator

Birthplace: Atchison Kansas                        Residence: Toluca Lake California

Place of disappearance:   The Pacific Ocean                         Date of disappearance: July 2nd, 1937

Strength: 55                        Dex: 90                                 Intel: 75

Con: 55                              Appearance: 65                    Power: 75

Size: 50                              Education: 70                          Luck: 75


HP: 20    San: 75     Max San: 75        Move 8:

Archetype: Thrill Seeker.

Traits: Handy, gadget (Weird science aircraft)

Skills: Charm; 45%, Driving (Auto): 45%, Electrical repair: 50% First aid: 60%, Library use: 50%, Heavy weapons (Machineguns): 55% Own language (English): 70% Fighting (Brawling): 50%, Fire arms (Pistols): 60%, Mechanical repair: 70% Navigation (Air): 80%, Pilot (Airplane): 95%, Radio operation: 50%, Religion (Budish): 30%, Science (Aeronautical Engendering): 65%, Spycraft: 65%m Stealth: 50%.

Credit rating: 70%


















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