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Who was Ambrose Bierce Part II

AB Pic


I owe an apology to our good friends at Black Clock Audio tales. We did a joint project on Ambrose Bierce, they finished up and I am still lagging behind. We talked about Bierce as a writer (and more to come) I also told you how Bierce might look as a Call of Cthulhu 7e.

BCAT even created a special post for me Dave’s Corner of Unibierce. Which is very cool.

So, here is what I have to say about Bierce as a human being. How the man’s life experiences, affected his writings. I am a big fan that the more we understand about an author we more insight we have on his works. But with Bierce it is almost imperative to understand his writings.

So, listen to me talk about the man, and the myth that is Ambrose Bierce.





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