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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Free RPG Day PC’s, Part II



Here are four more PC’s that I created for the my Edge of the Empire game, that I ran for Free RPG Day. They can be used as beginning PC’s or NPC’s.




Race: Droid   Age: Unknown Gender: None

Brawn: 3 AG: 3 Int: 2 Cun: 1 WP: 2 Pres: 1

Occupation: Bounty Hunter.

Specialty: Survivalist

Soak: 3 Wounds: 13 Strain: 11

Obligation: Enemy rival bounty hunters.

Motivation: To find lost crew.

Skills: Athletics: 1, Brawl: 1, Piloting (Planetary): 1, Piloting (Space): 1, Range (Heavy): 1, Survival: 1, Vigilance: 1, Perception: 1, Knowledge (Xeneology):1 Stealth: 1 Repair: 1 Gunnery: 1.

Gear: Blaster carbine, Extra ammo, Com unit.

Special ability:

Droid Non-living: Does not have to eat, drink or breath.

Talents: Stalker, Outdoorsmen.

Psychology: He wants to know what happened to his old crew. This is like an obsession to him. But he realizes, that he cannot continue his search without money, so he is working jobs until he can solve the mystery of the Universal Sovereign’s crew.

History: Ten years ago, XZ-03 was a droid aboard the scout ship The Universal Sovereign, it was on a mission to find a hyperspace route when the ship was attacked by an unknown enemy. Nine years later XZ-03 comes back online, half a galaxy away with not knowledge what happened to his crew. It turns out that he has been active during the missing years but has undergone a selective partial memory wipe. He needed money to investigate what happened to his missing crew and was unable to get hired on to another scout ship he became a bounty hunter.




Jessa Croy

Race: Zabrack Age: 27 Gender: Female.

Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Int: 2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 3 Pres: 2

Occupation: Smuggler

Specialty: Scoundrel.

Soak: 2(4) Wound: 12 Strain: 13

Obligation: Wanted criminal.

Motivations: Credits.

Skills: Survival: 1, Range (Light): 1, Deception: 1, Piloting (Space): 1, Skulldugery:1, Streetwise: 1 Gunnery: 1. Coordination: 1

 Special Ability: Fearsome appearance.

Talents: Convincing demeanor, Quick draw.

Gear: Padded Armor, Light blaster pistol, Com unit, Utility belt.

Credits: 100 Cr

Psychology: Jessa is laid back and easy going, except when she is in combat, then she is a disciplined fighting machine. She will take advantage of even kill beings, but only ones that she thinks deserve it. She is dangerous, not psychotic.

History: Jessa grew up in the slums of the Zabrak home world, as a member of a gang. She barely escaped off world when the Imperial storm troopers cracked down on her gang. She learned how to crew a space transport as well as how to break into closed shop and supply rooms on space stations. She helped out on different ships and bounced from crew to crew. Not all of her exploits turned out the way she wanted; she has a bounty on her head for breaking and entering into an imperial Tie fighter base in an attempt to steal proton missiles to sell on the black market.




Hairy the Wookie


Race: Wookie   Gender: Male. Age: 150

Brawn: 4 Agility: 2 Int: 3 Cun: 2 WP: 1 Pres: 2

Occupation: Technician

Specialty: Outlaw Tech

Soak: 4(5) Wound: 18 Strain: 9

Obligation: Ex-slave.

Motivation: Free other Wookies

Skills: Brawl: 1, Heavy (Ranged): 1, Mechanics: 2, Astrogation: 1, Computer: 1, Knowledge (Outer Rim): 1, Knowledge (Educational): 1,

Special ability: Wookie rage.

Talents: Utanni!, Speaks binary.

Gear: Slug thrower rifle, Tools, Blast vest, com unit.

Credits: 100 CR

Psychology: Hairy’s true name is Haww’aaahhaack’whoaa, he is called Hairy because of his long fur. He cannot stan the way his fellow Wookies are being treated. He hates the Empire but realizes that if he tries to take them on directly, he will be captured or killed. He takes pride in his work as a tech and insists on his repairs being done correctly even if that means taking a bit longer than others would like.

History: On his home world of Kashyyyk, he was a well-known tech. He had a good life even if it wasn’t one full of adventure. That changed when the Separatists attacked the Wookie home world. Like many other of his species, he fought alongside the Clone Army against the droid army. Hairy became politicized at that time and fought against the new Empires quarantine of Kashyyyk. He was captured as a slave and was going to be taken as a slave of a new super weapon project, where he escaped and has been living as an outlaw tech ever since.





Race: Quareen Age: 40 Gender: Male

Brawn: 2 Agl: 3 Int: 3 Willpower: 3 Cun: 2 Pres: 2

Occupation: Explorer

Specialty: Driver

Soak: 2 (3) Wounds: 12 Strain: 10

Obligation: Owes crime lord.

Motivation: To prover isn’t a has been.

Skills: Negotiation: 1, Gunnery: 1, Piloting (Planetary): 1, Mechanics: 1, Survival: 1, Astrogation: 1, Knowledge (Outer rim): 1 Cool: 1

Special ability: Amphibious, Spit ink.

Talents: Full throttle. Gearhead.

Gear: Heavy Clothing, Blaster pistol, Com unit, backpack tools.

Credits: 100

Psychology: Twenty years ago, he was an up and coming pod racer. Now he is no longer as skilled or dexterous as he had been. His true name is forgotten by all but him (And may he doesn’t know it anymore) He is called tri, because he only has three mouth tentacles, having lost his fourth in an accident.

History: Two decades ago, he landed on Tatoonie, and started on a life of a pod racer. He was pretty good and won a few tournaments. When the Empire came to power, they outlawed pod racing and Tri was forced to make a living driving less glamourous vehicle. During this time, he had gotten himself in debt with a Hutt and barley makes a living as a freelance driver. Recently he has been thinking about his glory days. He is not as fast or brave as he was once, but still he wants to show the planet that he is not the has been that they think he is.



















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