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Are You sick of my voice yet? Because I am on another Podcast.



903So just in case you haven’t gotten tired of my voice here I am once again as a guest in a pod cast, and this time I am talking about my favorite Lovecraft creature, the Mi-go AKA the Fungi from Yougoth. These creatures are aliens with the spirts and mind set of demons. In ways they are the most human and inhuman creatures HPL made.


I consider myself lucky because I am on the same podcast as Rodney Anonymous, the front man for the iconic punk rock band The Dead Milkman, author Zak Ferguson, and game creator Adam Scott Glancy.


A mi-Go

It is especially an honor to be on the same show as ASG since he was a panelist at the first Cthulhu convention, and I love the game he helped create Delta Green. In ways I see him as the expert, and I am still just an exalted fan boy. I am particularly grateful that he and I pretty much agreed on what we found in our research about the Mi-Gos, considering he has written a lot about them.


I also want to thank Daniel and Sara for the nice things that they said about my rantings, it means a lot.


Here is the pod cast




And here is where you can see what I have written about the Fungi in the past.





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