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Listen to Me Wax Poetic About ED Wood.


It is out! Now the whole universe can listen to me talk in deep about what The Golden Turkey Awards called “The worst movie ever made.”

There was a bit of delay to a technical glitch, but to be honest, Honestly with my uncultured  palette, I can’t detect the problem.

I really want to thank Dereck Koch and Scott Morris, for letting me part of this project. Especially for giving me the plumb position of the first guest on the first show.  For those of you haven’t heard me talk on and on about it for the last six months.


Dereck Koch project

If you have not heard of Plan Nine from Outer Space, it is this terrible ode to joy of sci fi movies,  by a man who had a lot more love for movies than talent. It is the ultimate “so bad it is good movie.” And in this project Dereck and Scoot will be dissecting it by each nine minute segment, for a total nine shows. Each episode will have a different guest.


Scott Morris’ show

Like everything else I do, I go in way to deep. This is probably more than what a healthy person should know and think about such a turkey of a movie. This is probably the deepest anyone ever goes with the exception of the official history Flying Saucers Over Hollywood.

palm tree

Metal sombrero, over a graveyard with palm trees.


I am the only one who probably compared Plan Nine to Bladerunner and Shakespeare and bring in real UFO stories as possible sources of inspiration.

airpolane set

High tech sets

During the show I mention “the Baptists” I kind of assume that everyone knows about this , but Ed Wood ran out of money and so a local Baptist church kicked in some money, on condition that the cast would get baptized.

I sometimes forget how much a niche picture it is. This is the ultimate cult movie, where many people know about it (If for no other reason  the Disney movie Ed Wood) but few people go this deep in to it.

I hope you enjoy it. And check out Plan 2 -9. I believe they are released one at a time each week.




If you like your podcast on YouTube.

The movie if you haven’t seen it.




One comment on “Listen to Me Wax Poetic About ED Wood.

  1. Dave Ryan
    July 31, 2019

    I love LOVE the movie “Ed Wood” by Tim Burton, with Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi (who won an Academy Award for the role). I’m amazed that this great movie bombed horribly in the theatre (only earning about 6 million, against an 18 million proiduction budget), and that it didn’t generate interest and make it a box office hit after Landau won an Academy Award for his part in it. The movie also won a second Academy award for makeup.

    It’s especially fun to watch around Halloween, about a guy who as director loves telling stories and creating atmoshere, even though he is less than sucessful at it. Quirky and funny as well as atmospheric.

    A number of Ed Wood-directed films are public domain, and I’ve watched them on either Youtube, or some of them even viewable in their entirety on Wikipedia.

    I first watched “Plan 9 From Outer Space” around 1975 on TV, and a few years later they came up with the annual Golden Turkey awards and immortalized Ed Wood as “the worst director in film history.”
    For me, that only made it even more enjoyable.

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