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Goat Crossing 2019



So far in 2019, we have had two mama goats give birth.  Claes and Leia, both had a girl and a boy.  The one good thing about Cleas loosing her babies early last year, is the knowledge that the goats do not have to be bread every year to produce milk. You would think we would know that, but the truth is their is shockingly low amount of scientific studies on goats. What happens is they take cow statistics and make just divide the statistics by the weight ratio of the goats to cows.

So this year we have selected four mama goats to bread this year. Cleas and Leia have had babies already. Beatrix it looks like didn’t take this year. And Hit Grrl is pregnant and will have her babies in about three weeks.

So, lets look at some pictures of this years babies goats.





Tura meets Tura

Cleas had twins, since they were born on Saint Patrick’s day the boy is named Shamrock (Short for Shamrock Shake) and a girl Named Tura Santana after the all time bad girl and star of the Chick-spoltaion movie Faster Pussycat Kill, Kill.


Tura and Shamrock at day one.



Tura investigating some boxes


Tura on my nephew’s lap

Leia had tow babies also. The girl’s name is Carrie and the boy is named fisher.


Carrie trying to see if the Goat X-sing sign can produce milk




So far these babies all seem to be healthy and happy, they are probbaly the most rancbuntious of the little goats that we ever had.


2 comments on “Goat Crossing 2019

  1. Robert M. Blevins
    April 24, 2019

    Most people are not goat-educated. You should educate them. For example, most people don’t know that goat’s milk is consumed worldwide far more than cow’s milk, and their milk is much better for you.

    • davekheath
      April 24, 2019

      thanks sometimes I am so used to goats I forget what it is like not having them as part of your life.

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