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Farmer’s Log.




We interrupt your regular diet of comic books, sci fi and Lovecraft to bring you things I learned living on  a goat farm (With cute pictures)


Farmer’s log: Goats are going to crap in their water bucket, it is my sacred job not to judge.


Farmer’s log: A smart goat can be a dangerous goat.



Farmer’s log: Baby goats have all the best aspects of kittens and puppies, when they grow up they can however be stinkers.


Farmer’s log: Goats blame you for all changes in the weather.

Jessie and Hit Gurrl

Jessie and Hit Gurrl

Farmer’s log: If you are twenty minutes late with dinner, it seems like forever to a goat.


Farmer’s log: To a goat the best thing to eat is food being eaten by another goat.


Farmer’s log: It is hard to be a sheep on a goat farm.

sheep and cat.jpg

Un-named sheep and Helios the barn cat.

Farmer’s log: After a mama goat has two babies, she often likes to hold on to the third for a few minutes, so she can you surprise you when its born, and you didn’t know she had triplets. . They are thoughtful that way.


Farmer’s log: Everyone in the family wants to name the new goat something deferent than the rest of the family does. .


Farmer’s log: Goats may act like they don’t appreciate it when you sing to them, but secretly they do.

Quatermass II

Quatermass II

Farmer’s log: Alfalfa and hay are not the same thing.


Farmers log: An adult goat will always be disappointed with you, it is a farmer’s job to make it as less disappointed as possible.


Farmer’s log: Weaponized goats are a bad idea.

Farmer’s log: All goats are born with an amazing sense of rhythm.

Dr asoka and dash.jpg

Dr Aphra, Asoka Tano and Dash Randar.

Farmer’s log: To a goat no matter when you take them breakfast, it is ten minutes late.


Farmer log: Goats will find the only thing on a farm that could make them sick and immediately eat it.

babies in a tub.jpg

Luke, Obie wan and Darth 


Farmer’s log: Head buts are a goat’s way of saying I love you.


Farmer’s Log: All goats are born with the innate knowledge of the tactical importance of high ground.

babies on an igloo

Diva and Leelo

4 comments on “Farmer’s Log.

  1. cindy knoke
    March 8, 2019

    They are soooo cute!

  2. James Viscosi
    March 11, 2019

    My cousin raises goats that she uses in her petting zoo and I’m pretty sure she would back you up on all of this!

    • davekheath
      March 12, 2019

      that is the thing most goat farmers experience the same reality.

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