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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Characters Part 6B: Cthulhu Now.



These characters are all made to be PC’s or NPC’s in a modern game. They are meant ot be a  different than the regular options of academic characters we often see in a CoC game. They are all made using the quick fire rules. None are based on Pulp rules, but there is no reason they cannot be converted into Pulp characters.

 Randy would defiantly qualify as an experienced police character as explained on PG 61 CoC: Investigator Handbook, and La Voy could qualify as a war experience character also on pg 61. John would qualify for either one but not both.


Name: Martin Wiese

Occupation: Vloger

Age:   26  Sex:  Male

Residence: Portland OR

Birthplace: Salem OR.

 Campaign: Cthulhu Now.

 Str: 50                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 70

 Con: 60                                 App: 80                                 Pow: 40

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: 7                     Magic points: 4                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 40                   Current san: 40                  Hit points: 11

 Skills: Area Knowledge (Portland): 50%, Art/craft (Acting): 50%, Art/craft (Acting): 50%, Brawl: 45%, Charm: 70%,  Computer use: 60%, Driver (Motorcycle): 40%, Electronic repair: 40%, Fast talk: 60%,  Literature: 21%  Occult: 25% Psychology: 40%

 Credit rating: 40%.

 Personal description: A tall good looking man, with a well-groomed beard,  who wears immaculate popular clothing.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: YOLO.

 Meaningful location: Portland OR.

 Favored possession: Vintage motorcycle.

 Gear: Lap top, cell phone, video camera.

 Injuries/Scars: None.

 History: Martin is in many ways your typical millennial. He grew up in Salem OR, and went to college at Portland State University. He was majoring in psychology, but his heart just wasn’t in it. He enjoyed the student lifestyle but not being a student. He quit school in his first semester of his Junior year. Now he had to find a way to support himself. He did this by working a bunch of temp jobs, barista, office clerk, and retail, keeping no gig for very long, while producing his own video blog about the hipster culture of Portland, called PDX on 2Wheels. Where he travels around town exploring the hipster portion and weird side of Portland.

 This has allowed him to make enough money to have a cheep apartment in the Old Town section of Portland. He has made a modest living of his part time gig and monetizing his vlog.  But there is now more competition for the type of entertainment that he provides. So to try to keep the money coming in he has been focusing on bizarre and strange, even covering some occultbased stories that have come out of PDX.

 Playing Martin: He loves what he does and hates the idea of going back to school or back to a more traditional job. He is willing to do anything not to go back to his old mundane way of life. Originally the supernatural was just an angle to get more viewers, but he is slowly but surely beginning to believe some of the stories he has heard and pasted on.



Name: Randall “Randy” Jamarion.

Occupation: Crime Scène Investigator.

Age:  Male  Sex: 30

Residence: Arkham MA

Birthplace: Lynn MA

 Campaign: Cthulhu Now.

 Str: 50                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 60

 Con: 40                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 80

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 70                                 Luck: 55

 Movement:  7                    Magic points: 8                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 80                   Current san: 80                  Hit points: 9

 Skills: Arts/craft (Photography): 60%, Criminology: 70%, Computer use: 40%, dodge: 50%, Drive: 40%, Firearms (Handguns): 40%, Law: 25%, Listen: 50%, Occult: 25%, Persuade: 30%, Science (Biology): 50%, Spot hidden: 90%,

 Credit rating: 50%.

 Personal description: Tal lanky man with a crewcut.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Truth can always be found if you look hard enough.

 Meaningful location: Crime scenes (As a chance to solve a mystery)

 Favored Possession: Crime scene investigation kit.

 Gear: Digital camera, economy car, cell phone, Glock 17.

 Injuries/Scars: None

 History: Randy grew up watching CSI on TV and wanted to be like the characters in that show. He went to Miskatonic University and got a bachelor’s degree in biology and then a master’s degree in criminology. He was hired on at the Arkham PD as criminologist and crime scene investigator. In the last six years he has gotten married and had a daughter and has a acquired a reputation as a solid and dedicated investigator.

 Arkham is a jurisdiction that allows its CSI to carry handguns. Randy has chosen to do so, for if no reason other than to help protect his family. He has recently been getting strange cases that science doesn’t seem to have an explanation for.

 Playing Randy: He will protect his family at all costs. He loves being a CSI, it is not as exciting as it is shown on TV, but still interesting. He loves to try to solve mysteries. He is now a little nervous that a few of his cases seem to defy conventional science.



Name: Sheba Jones

Occupation: Extreme sportsmen

Age: 23       Sex: Female

Residence: Humboldt CA

Birthplace: Los Angeles CA

 Campaign: Cthulhu Now

 Str: 60                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 50

 Con: 80                                 App: 70                                 Pow: 50

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 40                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: 8                     Magic points: 5                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 50                   Current san: 50                  Hit points: 13

 Skills: Arts/craft (dance): 40%, Climbing: 60%, Drive (Automobile): 70%, Drive (Motorcycle): 30%, Dive: 60%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%, Jump: 50%, Lore (Martial arts): 21%, Parachuting: 40%, Survival (Mountains): 40%, Swimming: 50%, Survival (Beach/ocean): 30%.

 Credit rating: 50%.

 Personal description: An attractive dark skin woman, with well-defined leg and arm muscles. 

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: If you try hard enough you can do anything you want.

 Meaningful location: The outdoors.

 Favored Possession: Jeep 4×4.

 Gear: Dirt bike, mountain climbing gear, SCUBA gear and wet suit, parachute.  Martial arts clothes and wilderness clothing.

 Injuries/Scars: A few scrapes and scares from her sports.

 History: Sheba’s favorite class in high school was always PE. She lettered in soft ball, track and field and basketball. This led to her taking on more dangerous and exciting sports after graduation, scuba diving, parachuting, motocross, martial arts, road rallies and rock climbing. Though she is not great at any of them she is good enough at all of them, that she is able to get enough sponsorship that she doesn’t have to work a nine to five job.

 Playing Sheba: She loves the outdoors and sports, and lives to show off how good she is at them. She is the happiest when she is competing. She has a zest for life and does everything that she can to live life to the fullest.



Name: Heidi Lake

Occupation: Urban explorer.

Age:   21 Sex: Female.

Residence: Portland OR

Birthplace: Ventura CA

 Campaign: Cthulhu Now.

 Str:  50                                  Dex: 60                                  Int: 60

 Con: 50                                 App: 80                                 Pow: 70

 Size: 40                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

 Movement:   9                   Magic points: 7                  Damage Bonus: 0

Max san: 70                 Current San: 70            Hit points; 9

Skills: Climb: 40%, Charm: 60%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%, First aid: 50% Listen: 70%, Jump: 45% Locksmith: 50%, Lore (Ghosts): 50%,  Navigation: 40%, Other language (Spanish): 21%, Own language (English): 50%, Spot hidden: 50%, Stealth: 60%. 

Credit rating: 40%

 Personal description: An attractive petite blonde woman who likes to wear leather jackets and sun glasses.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: You can go anywhere you want to.

 Meaningful location: Any abandoned building.

 Favored Possession: Black leather spiked jacket (Armor:1)

 Gear: Cell phone, first aid kit, lockpick kit, knife.

 Injuries/Scars: A few bruises form getting into small  confined areas.

 History: Like many people living in Portland, Heidi was born in California, she moved up north when she couldn’t afford the rent down south. Her first Portland roommate exposed her to urban exploring. She fell in love with it and has spent the last three years exploring Portland’s underground and its abandoned building. She has taken a low-level job at a call center, but to help pay the bills, she also gives tours in the areas of Portland that most people never see. She has always loved ghost stories, and often sharedsthem with the people she takes on tours. 

 Playing Heidi: A no trespassing or private property sign is like a welcome mat to Heidi. She loves going places where she is not supposed to. She is however not a thief and would never think of using her lock picking skills to get into someplace to steal something.




Name: La Voy Rankin

Occupation: Survivalist

Age:  35  Sex: Male.

Residence: Estacada OR

Birthplace: Statesville NC

 Campaign: Cthulhu Now.

 Str: 60                                   Dex: 50                                 Int: 50

Con: 80                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 70

Size: 60                                 Edu: 40                                 Luck: 55

Movement: 7                     Magic points: 7                  Damage Bonus: +1d4

Max Sanity: 70                   Current san: 70                Hit points: 14

Skills: Animal handling: 60%, Arts/Craft (canning): 40%, Conspiracy theory: 60%, Drive (Automobile): 40%, First aid: 50%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%, Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun): 70%, Listen: 40%, Mechanical repair: 50%, Natural world: 50%, Operate heavy machinery: 21%, Survival (Forests): 50%.

 Credit rating: 40%.

 Personal description: A tall well-built African-American with short cut hair and a goatee.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: I will survive even if the rest of the world won’t

 Meaningful location: Goat farm in Estacada OR.

 Trusted Possession: Double-barreled sawed-off shotgun.

 Gears: 30-06 Hunting rifle, camping equipment, survival kit, large hunting knife. Beat up old truck.

 Injuries/Scars: Some scares from his time in the military.

 History: La Voy joined the military at the age of 18 and spent 12 years in the army. He was a good solider, but never exceptional at any one thing. he learned and matured beyond who he was as a teenager, but never went beyond a buck sergeant. It was in the Military where he first came in to contact with outlandish conspiracy theories. He began to believe the world is controlled by Illuminati, and that the government is ran by a shadow conspiracy. This may have been why he left the service.

 When he left the army, he set up a farm in rural Oregon. He is as close to self-sufficient as he can be.   He has solar panels for power and a well for water. He raises as much of his own food as he can. His belief in conspiracy theories has led him to believe that there is something super natural that wants to destroy the world, though he knows little about whatever that is, he plans on surviving their attack on mankind.

 Playing La Voy: He is a survivor, he will survive whatever life or the universe throws at him. He is not a coward however and he would not run away if there is the slightest chance,




Name: John Clay

Occupation: SWAT Officer

Age: 32   Sex: Male

Residence: Arkham MA

Birthplace: Boston MA

 Campaign: Cthulhu Now.

 Str: 60                                   De: 80                                   Int: 50

 Con: 70                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 40

 Size: 60                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

 Movement:  8                    Magic points:     4              Damage Bonus: +1d4

Max Sanity: 40                   Current san: 40                  Hit points: 13

 Skills: Climb: 40%, Close quarters combat techniques: 70%, Drive (Automobile): 40%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%, Firearms (Handguns): 40%, Firearms (Shotgun/rifle): 60%, First aid: 50%, Intimidate: 50%, Law: 25%,  Spot hidden: 50%, Stealth: 60%, Throw: 40%.

Credit rating: 50%.

 Personal description: Well-muscled Caucasian who wears uniforms on duty and jeans and polo shirts off duty.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Justice for all.

 Meaningful location: The city of Arkham.

 Favorite Possession: Family home.

 Greer: Glock 17, M-4 Assault rifle, tactical armor.

 Injuries/Scars: A few scared from being a solider and a cop.

 History: John Clay spent 8 years in the Army, the last four years in the Air Born Rangers. With two tours in Afghanistan. When he came back to the states, he needed a new job, so he decided to become a cop. He joined the Arkham PD, and became a beat cop. Four years later he qualified for Arkham’s SWAT team. Arkham has a part time SWAT team which means that officers spend ¾ of their time as a normal cop, and the rest in intense training and SWAT operations.

 Playing John: In ways he has never stop being in the war. Even though he has a wife and child now, he is still living in a state of constant preparedness for war, that is why he has joined the SWAT team.
























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