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2018 Davie Awards Part 6



Normally the farm animals portion of The Davies. This year however every part of this post is tinged with some degree of sadness. Fortunately, many of the stories have a positive ending.


Favorite Goat: Claes. Well this is probably no surprise to anyone who follows DCotU, Claes is my personal goat, and she is the smartest goat in history, as proven by science. She is the goat who figured out how to climb on the roof, she hijacked the farm’s tractor. and many other smart goat events. She has always had the smartest and cutest baby goats, however this year she miscarried and lost her babies.


Claes the world’s smartest goat, as proven by Science!

As tragic as that is we did not dry her off and she was able to go an entire two year producing milk with out having babies. Her production did fall some, but it was still pretty good compared to the farm average. This is a major event for GetFooLA farms. It means that we only have to breed half the milking goats each year. And the good news is Claes is expecting next month, so she seems to be healthy and we are excited about her new batch of babies.


Favorite New goat: Lenny Cornflakes Busker. Daughter of Jessie and Peanut, the same parentage that produced Claes. This was an attempt at creating Claes 2.0 And it seemed to work. She was smart and outgoing, and beautiful. I even did a post as if she had written it. Unfortunately, she dies at the age of six weeks form a stomach infection. She was an awesome goat and we were lucky to have her for the time we did.


Lenny Cornflakes Busker

Best farm animal, non-mammal: The ruptured Duck. The ruptured duck is a Muscovy, who was born on the farm this year. Of the eight baby Muscovy’s she was the only one who survived of the original babies ducks. She however did not get out unscathed. She damaged her foot as a child and has had to live in the barn. Despite this handicap she has grown to full size. And is now a part of the vibrant barn society. She hangs out with Helios and Theodore our barn cats and often watches us as we prepare the goats food.

ruptured duck.jpg

The term Ruptured Duck comes form the World War Two Bomber of the same name and a pin that was given to WWII veterans who were honorable discharged but had not yet reached their final discharge location.



Doolittle Bomber the Ruptured Duck 

In Memoriam: Denis the Vizsla  Dog. It is with great remorse we announce the loss of one of DCotU closest and dearest friends Denis The Vizsla Dog.  Much like our dear cornflakes Dennis was the animal personification of a blog. He would often write messages on my blog letting me know h0ow his humans liked and enjoyed our posts. His phenetic spelling and keen sense of humor always had me in stitches. We at DCotU understand how much the lost of animal companion can affect one.


RIP my friend

However Dennis legacy is in good hands. His blog has been taken over by ‘The Two Hipster Kittens” Charlie and Chaplin. These two hip cats have Dennis’ writing skills and his sense of humor. Though Dennis is gone his legacy is in god hands.

C and C

Charlie and Chaplin the new gen of animal bloggers 







2 comments on “2018 Davie Awards Part 6

  1. The Hipster Kitties
    February 3, 2019

    Charlee: “Thank you for including this remembrance of our brother Dennis. He was a very good dog and my most favorite brother in the world.”
    Chaplin: “And he was my most favorite brother in the world as w — hey, wait a minute, Charlee, how come I’m not your most favorite brother in the world?”
    Charlee: “Stop jumping on me and biting me when I don’t want to play and you might move up in the rankings.”
    Chaplin: “Hmph. We are very sorry about Claes’s miscarriage and the loss of your little goat Cornflakes, but glad that the Ruptured Duck is living a good life in the barn despite her injured foot. I bet we would like barn life. Lots of things to climb on and play with.”
    Charlee: “Maybe then you would stop jumping on me, Chaplin.”
    Chaplin: “Maybe. But probably not.”

    • davekheath
      February 3, 2019

      We have two sibling barn cats named Helios and Theodore, they still jump on each other.

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