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Learning New Things Everyday January 2019



Here are he new things I learned in January and the day I learned them on.

1st Trees admit enough heat that they can melt snow.
2nd The Republic House in Romania is the second largest building in the world. Second only to the Pentagon, 10,000 homes were destroyed to build it.
3rd Two female contestants in the Vietnamese version of The bachelor fell in love and became a lesbian couple.
4th HP Lovecraft despite being an atheist and his wife Sonya Green being Jewish, had an Anglican Wedding ceremony.
5th Cats cannot taste sweet.


I wantz sweet stuff

6th Stan Lee received The National Medal of the Arts Award, in 2008, the only comic book writer to win the award.
7th Unlike the character in the 1980 movie, in the 1930’s comic books Flash Gordon was not a football player but a professional polo player.
8th The Beatles wanted to appear on the DDC show Doctor Who, but the idea was rejected by their manager.
9th The average human being has 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day.
10th A comets average speed is 60,000 Kilometers an hour.

11th Bella Lugosi was the first movie star to go public with his issues of addiction.
12th North Korean dictator Kim Jung Il had a shrine to Michael Jordon added to his presidential palace.
13th The Forbes family, of the magazine of the same name got its money form investments in cliper ships to Asia from the 184 0’s to the 1860’s
14th Selma Hayck who played most of her part a the vampire queen in From Dust to Dawn with a python wrapped around her is deathly afraid of snakes.

15th Quinton Terrintino directed the ER episode Motherhood.
16th Ex-Superman star Christopher Reeve was originally casted in the lead for the Movie Running Man.
17th The keyboard scene in the movie Big was choregraphed by Paula Abdul
18th King Henry VIII had a suit of armor made for his cat.

19th The first star in the Hollywood walk of fame was laid in 1960, for director Stanley Kramer.
20th A group of frogs are called a charm.

21st Harry Connick Sr, the father of the singer Harry Conic Jr was the DA of New Orleans for 30 years.
22nd Actor Director Shane Black also wrote, the scripts for Monster Squad, Lethal Weapon and The Hunt for Red October.
23rd It is illegal to walk down the street of Portland with your shoes untied. (But you are not legally required to wear clothes if it is not to stimulate)
24th 90% of the Earth’s population is right handed
25th Lincoln first appeared on the penny in 1909.
26th Snow White was the first movie to release a sound track.
27th 12 millions letters where mail to the front every week during World war one.
28th HP Lovecraft nicked named Hugo Gernsback Hugo the rat because he paid writers so little.
29th Ray Bradbury claimed he never drove a card.
30th With 39 missions Discovery had the most missions of any space shuttle.

31st Oregon has more ghost towns than any other states.

2 comments on “Learning New Things Everyday January 2019

  1. Lolsy's Library
    February 2, 2019

    Love these! I always learn something!

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