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The 2018 Davie Award Part 5



For the penultimate 2018 Davies lets talk about comic books.


Favorite Batman series. Batman: White Knight. The whole idea behind this series is, what if The Joker Went sane? In this Jack Naiper becomes sane and begins to rectify the damage he did as The Joker. Batman how ever is sinking deeper into the darkness. Though released in 2017 I didn’t read it until 2018, so it gets mention in this years awards.


Sean  Murphy does an amazing job of story telling in this tale. It would be easy to make bad man the crazy bad guy in this run, but instead it reveals him as a hero who stared into the abyss for to long. But like this world’s Joker he is not beyond redemption. Nor is the Joker give up his illegal activities, now however he is willing to commit crimes to make society better. The big twist is who is actually pulling the strings the whole time.


Favorite one other universe one shot: The Rat Queens:Neon static. This one shot is like the DM you have been playing D&D with over the last five years, breaking out Shadow Run, for a one-night game and telling you that it is OK to keep your original characters just cyber them up. The Queens are of course based on a Dungeons and Dragons crew, and their stories are based on all sorts of RPG fantasy tropes. The cyberpunk issue nails brilliantly the techno-fantasy world of Shadow Run.

rat queen.jpg

The ladies of sorcery and sass are still the same girls we love, but with a high-tech gloss. How easily they do this shows how much an architypes the girls are, that their personas blend in to the role of runners as they do adventures. The issue is based on a pun, that is not revealed until t he last [page, the fact that the joke doesn’t fall flat is evidence of how well written it is.


Favorite Comic book, that seems to be just a playful romp but it is really deep: Kim and Kim: This Glamorous High Flying Rock Star Life. On the surface this is the story of two time and space traveling bounty hunters. Who travel the galaxy looking for criminals they could arrest for a paycheck. The title has been called Blade Runner meets Jem and the Holograms. How ever the more you read this graphic novel,  the deeper the story becomes. Both the Kims have left their families, one is lesbian the other is transgender. We discover that despite living in this universe of whimsy the have faced a life of not being understood and abuse. The writer Magdalena Visaggio is transgender herself, and she understands how terrible people can be to someone who is not like them, but she never looses the magic and fun that is in the universe.

369157_2016kim and kim .jpg

Favorite comic book return:  United States of Murder Inc. I loved the original United States of Murder, and was disappointed when Marvel’s imprint Icon canceled a three arc story line after the first arc Truth. Now that Brian Michael Bendis had his own Implant JinxWorld that It tells the story of a semi-autonomous area of New York, which is ruled by the mafia after the assentation of JFK.  Since then there has been a cold war between the US and NYC.


Not only well Bendis now be able to tell us the three arc story but told me at last years Rose City Comi-con that he now has many more stories.  This is an awesome universe that I am excited we get to explore more.


Favorite failed movie script, that got turned in to a comic book: William Gibson’s Aliens 3. Back in the 80’s the godfather of cyberpunk was tagged to write the script of the new aliens movie. It was rejected by the studio, but became a smash hit on line. The story took the xenomorph mythos is different scary ways than it went, in a much better story than what we got when  the movie was finial made.


In  it Ripley is knocked out most t he story (Sigourney Weaver was holding out for more money so the studio wasn’t sure she’d be in the movie) and Hicks and Newt basically crash into a mall in space. The government still wants to make weapons out of the aliens, but some find out that they cannot control them. There is an added aspect as a space cold war goes hot. A great story and a movie that could have been, well worth checking out.

3 comments on “The 2018 Davie Award Part 5

  1. Cassidy Frazee
    January 15, 2019

    I remember reading a long time back that Fox rejected the Gibson script because (grab on to something) it was too “science fiction-y”. Gee, what a surprise! I think they didn’t dig the political stuff happening in it as well.

    I’d also read once that Clive Barker turned in a treatment for an Alien3 story. Can you imagine how strange that would have become?

    • davekheath
      January 17, 2019

      Wow I hadn’t heard about Clive Barker I wonder if it is floating around on the net

      • Cassidy Frazee
        January 17, 2019

        I’ve looked and never found anything. It’s probably one of those rumors that was said back in the day and wasn’t actually true. I mean, based upon what I’d read in the run up to getting “Alien3” off the ground, just about EVERYONE had some kind of story submitted.

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