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The 2018 Davie Award Part 4



Continuing with my favorite things last year.

Favorite Ska Song:  She’s Kerosene by the Interrupters. Who doesn’t love a good ska song? And this is ska at its best. Amiee Allen (under the name Amiee Interrupter) is the awesome front woman for this LA based Ska band. The rest of the band is made up of three brothers which gives The Interrupters a close and familiar sound. Even in this song about an evil woman makes you want to swing your arms and dance.

Amiee interupter.jpg

Don’t interrupt Aimee


Favorite New Song By Old Friends:  Army of Clay by Belly. I feel in love with Tanya Donnelly when I was at school in UCLA in the early 90’s. 23 years after the release of their Album King, Belly shows that not only do they still have it, they still know how to roc with their new album Dove. Though great musicians the heart of Belly has always been Tanya lyrics and they shine in Army of Clay, at 52 she still rocks like she did during the 20th century.


In the 90’s we were all that cute, trust me.

Belly live.



The studio cut with better sound.



Favorite Entertainer: Kurt Kubart AKA The Tambourine Guy . I love Post Modern Jukebox, and one of the reasons is KK AKA TG. If I could only love something half as much as he loves playing the tambourine I would be a happy man. He has so much energy and enthusiasm he steals the show from the talent Tara Louise. Viva the Tambourine Guy.

spirit animal

Makes sense.




Favorite Post Modern Jukebox Song: Gennie in a Bottle sung by Brielle Von Hugel. I love PMJ, they make covers cool. And strangely my favorite one doesn’t have Tambourine Guy in it. I think the only time I heard Aguilera do GiaB, was on New years eve 1999, when she sang it on the Dick Clark show and I had to explain to a room of my friends that she was “You know one of those Mouskateer girls who are all in to pop now.” To me it was a generic pop song and the live performance seemed plagued with audio issues. But this version by BVH is pure musical alchemy. Top of that despite looking like an experience musician Brielle was only 21 when she did it.


Better than Xtina

Favorite Album: Joan Beaz Whistle Down the Wind. Where are all the protest songs? Well let’s the maven of protest songs bring them back. At 77 she has more spine and understanding of music than anyone else on the scene. Not only is she giving us a rally point, she is sharing  her story and l9ife, with a voice like an angel.

joan baez

Better than ever

Favorite Video: Starcrawler I  love LA. OK this came out in 2017, but I first saw it in 2018 so it counts. I think you must know the greater LA area and love donuts to fully appreciate this one, but I love it more than Randy Newman’s song of the same title. It reminds me of the  DIY  ethic that made so many people fall in love with punk rock in the first place. Arrow de Wilde and the boys are showing the world that punk isn’t dead.





Favorite Comedy Podcast: A Very Fatal Murder. This is the Onion’s hilarious take on true crime podcasts. A mysterious murder of a young girl in a rural town, sends an Onion reporter to investigate. He immediately knows why the police can’t solve the mystery, they have no podcaster or people form New York on the force. Loving tribute and brutal satire of the true crime podcast genre.




Favorite Podcast Drama: BBC’s The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward. If the true crime podcast genre seemed a stretch for a comedy, wait tell you see it cover Lovecraft. Some how the BBC manages to not only take it on make it work but add to the story. If some one “War of the Worlds’d” and I listened to it not knowing it was fiction me and I I didn’t know the story, I would have been really creeped out. You do not need ot know the HPL story to enjoy it, but if you do there are plenty of Easter eggs (A trailer park called Devil’s Reef) and changed to keep your interest.







4 comments on “The 2018 Davie Award Part 4

  1. The Hinoeuma
    January 9, 2019

    I love the ‘Bye, Bye, Bye’ 60s surf music version. That was cool.

    The chick with Starcrawler looks like a Auschwitz victim. Good God.

    • davekheath
      January 9, 2019

      Bye Bye is way better than the original. A lot has been said about Arrow de Wilde’s appearance, but it does seem to be genetics and that she seems to
      be healthy.

      • The Hinoeuma
        January 9, 2019

        I’m not much of a boy band fan but, I do like the original, too. I also happen to have a thing for Surf & Drag music. The other piece was good, too. And, I love tambourine guy!

        Ever heard of The Surfragettes?

      • davekheath
        January 9, 2019

        I need to check them out

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