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Learning New Things Everyday December 2018



For those of you who are new to my blog, every day I try to learn something new and then write it down with the day I learned it and share it with you.


1st The first President to recognize Hanukkah as a holiday was Jimmy Carter in 1976.


After this let’s build a house for a poor family. 

2nd A Megamouth sharks have up to 50 rows of teeth but only first 3 are functal

3rd The largest animal eye comes from the Colossal squid and can be up to 16” 

4th in 1920’s the largest export of the nation of Chillie was salt Peter used as fertilizer.

5th The ZIP code for Centralia PA 17921 was striped when the city was abandoned.

6th There are more bodies in the Paris catacombs than there are people living in Paris.

7th The Florida Everglades are the only place crocodiles and alligators live together.

8th Some scientist feel that an iron dagger was found in King Tutt’s tomb came from a meteorite.

king tuts knife.jpg

But is 9it Kryptonite 

9th The original entrance fee to Disneyland was one dollar per person.

10th Joan of Arc was probably not a peasant; her family is believed to owned 200 acers of farm land making her comfortably middle class.

11th There are no wild kangaroos in New Zeeland

12th Walt Disney’s children loved the Mary Poppins books, so he spent 20 years trying to get the movie rights.  

13th John Lennon was once on a boat in the Bermuda Triangle during a storm where everyone else got sea sick and the captain had been at the wheel for 30 hours, so he piloted it to safety.


Imagine that 

14th Ebay’s name comes from the Echo Bay Technology Group.

15th the first movie to mention the Necronomicon and mention Cthulhu is The Haunted Place, whose title comes form an Edgar Allan Poe movie.

16th Krampus the Christmas demon was created by Jesuit monks in the 16th century to be a character in Morality Plays.


Talk about a bad actor 

17th Green Days original tour bus was a converted bookmobile that was changed into a tour bus by the drummer’s father.

green day.jpg

Read so you won’t be an American Idiot! 

18th Genghis Khan’s Granddaughter was the warrior princess Khutulun. Her father agreed that she would not have to marry anyone until her suitor could beat her in wrestling. We have no record that she ever got married.

19th When Hitler visited occupied Paris, the Resistance cut the cables to the elevator on the Eiffel Tower forcing him to walk to the top.

20th Danitra Vance was Saturday Night Live’s first black female regular cast member and their first openly lesbian one, suffered from dyslexia  so bad she couldn’t read cue cards.  

21st Crusading journalist Roan farrow, is Mia farrows son, with Woody Allen but it has been hinted by his mother that he might be the Child of Frank Sinatra. 


Great journalist, awkward family reunions. 

22nd Switzerland is the only country to have a square flag, all others are rectangles.

23rd The definition of a hog is a pig that weight over 120 lbs.

24th The difference between stuffing and dressing, is that stuffing is cooked inside the turkey and dressing is cooked outside it.

25th The Bicycle card company got permission to give playing cards to American POWs in German prisons during World War Two0 These cards if soaked in water revealed escape routes.

26th St Apollonia is the patron Saint of dentists.

st appollonia

Open wide 

27th Pineapple and ham pizza often called Hawaiian pizza was invented in Ontario Canada.

28th The E in Chuck E Cheese’s name stands for Entertainment.

chuck e cheese

Or my middle name isn’t entertaiment

29th Dogs like humans have two sets of teeth. They lose their baby teeth then get their permeant ones.

30th Rogue one a Star Wars Story is the first Star Wars movie that doesn’t mention the word Skywalker in it.

31st If a movie wins every Oscar it is nominated for it is called a perfect score 


2 comments on “Learning New Things Everyday December 2018

  1. Brian Bixby
    January 2, 2019

    Although with respect to 22, Dave, there is the flag of Nepal, that is neither square nor rectangular.

    • davekheath
      January 3, 2019

      Oh cool I should have said that it is the only square and most others are rectangular.

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