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Ode to The Joy Cinema, Or Listen to what I Think About the Gone With the Wind of Mummy Movies that Change into a Werewolf Movie.



Last night I saw the movie, The face of the Screaming Werewolf, a movie when I was asked if it was any good? My reply was that “No, but it was enjoyable.” Jokingly it has been called ‘There Gone with the Wind, of mummy movie that turn into w werewolf movie.”  It one of those so bad it is good movie, as long as you are watching it with someone who has the same sense of humor. It stars Lon Chaney Jr, and is actually two Mexican horror movies, one is a Mayan/Aztec/Incaish mummy movie and the other s was werewolf movie, that was thrown in to a blender with reshot Chaney footage and made into a one new weirdly edited movie.

scottie dog

Were Scottie dog

 So instead of telling you more about the movie, you can listen to what I think about it below let me tell you about the theater I saw it in. The Joy Cinema is a huge one screen theater in Tigard Oregon. Every Wednesday they have what they call Weird Wednesday. Where they show strange B movies for free! This is such a Portland thing. With the announcement that they are shutting down the 10th Ave food carts, I am afraid that Portland will lose its awesome quirky Identity, and become just another generic large city. As an extra bonus for the 30 minutes before the movie they show classic late 70’s an early 80’s horror movie trailers.


 This place is geek nirvana. The bathroom is wall papered with old movie posters. Classic B movies posters hang in the lobby for movies like Bigfoot, Valley of Gwangi. And the likes. It also has awesome pizza. There are no requirements to but anything on Weird Wednesday, but since it free, I felt that I should hold off eating all the way until 9 PM to eat dinner and the sausage pizza was well worth of wait.

 Jeff “Punk Rock” Martin is the man behind the current irradiation of Weird Wednesday. He is doing his job in keeping Portland Weird. He makes sure that he talks to people asking them what they think of the show.  Joking that “You get what you paid for.” With any comments on how bad the movie might be.   After an introduction he turned over the MCing duties to Derek Koch.

 Since I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I have met a lot of awesome and interesting people and Derek is one of them. He is the creator and host of Monster Kid Radio.   A podcast that delves into the history of monster movies. I am arrogant enough to say that in 8 out 10 times that when I am talking about my specialties (HP Lovecraft, goats, old school RPGing) I am the most knowledgeable person at the table. Even if I spent the rest of my life studying monster movies, I will never come up to Derek’s knowledge level.


In addition to having edict and encyclopedia knowledge about B movies, Derek is a cool guy who has always extended the hand of friendship to me and everyone else at cons and gatherings. I would defiantly recommend his podcast to anyone who is interested in monster movies.  

 So instead of me writing what I felt about the movie I will let you hear what I have to say in this special edition of Monster Kid radio. (I am in the last half)




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