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2018 Davie Awards Part 3



Favorite Returning TV Show: Marvels, The Runaways. Last year I loved this TV show but as a guilty pleasure, I liked the group dynamics between the teenage cast and their parents. Season two is so far better on every level. The plot twists, the core cast of the runaways, the evil, yet human parents, the powers and of course much better CGI dinosaur. Still the producers are judicious in showing Old Lace on screen, but when you see her now it’s, that looks cool, not gee, that effect is kind of cheap.


The kids (and dino) are all right.

The family relationship between the titular runaways is still as strong as ever. Part of this is due to a fantastic young cast, part is writing. They were betrayed by their original family, now they are learning to trust and love each otter as their new family. Each in their own way is an A-type personality, so they often clash. They all come from families of privilege and now they are on the streets. They did however find this cool underground mansion lair, (which is actually kind of neat). The second season doesn’t skimp on their parents story. You see both the good and the bad in sliding degrees in all the couples. So far it’s been a good sophomore season.

old lace.png

Is the aviator helmet a tribute to the one worn by Mr Yorkes in the comic book?

Favorite Documentary, seen in a movie theater. Won’t You Be my Neighbor. What did this documentary do for me? In there year of terrible cynicism, for 90 minutes I honestly felt food about human beings. This is the story of Fred Rodgers and how he changed not only children television but how we look at children. This movie only works if you believe its central thesis, that what you see on the screen is exactly what you get when you when you meet of screen. There is enough archival footage to back that up, that it not a hard pill to swallow.


When I was a child, I had a Daniel the Lion puppet, it was my favorite toy.  I told him things I wouldn’t dare tell another human being, I loved it and thought it loved me. It was the only toy that survived me growing up and that I gave to my children. When I gave it to them, I still loved it but, in a way, that only a parent passing something on to their children can. That story is the best way I can describe watching Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood as a child and watching Won’t You be my Neighbor as a grownup.

fred and dan

Fred and Dan

Favorite Documentary one shot: Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story. So technically this show was first released in the movie theaters in 2017, I saw for the first time last year on Netflix’s’, so it goes into this category. This tells the story of Heady Lamarr, the woman whose incredible brain was cursed with an incredible body. Besides being one of the first person to appear naked in a major movie she is now credited with the invention of the frequency hopping torpedo, which eventually lead to the technology that was used to create the internet.


Icon, Immigrant, Inventor

It tells her story from an Austrian Jew fleeing pre-Nazi Germany to the most sought out woman in Hollywood to a recluse. Heady Lamarr may have gamed the system better than any woman in he generation, but she lived in a society that tried to dominate and control women.  A world where everyone wanted her body but missed the incredible mind that was inside that body. A fascinating look at not just a woman, but science and culture. (Warning for those bothered by it,there are some nude portions when it talks about how she was forced to poses nude in Germany to rise to stardom)

heady lamarr

Beauty and Brains

Favorite Documentary multiple episode: Wild Wild Country. This is a 6 part docu-series about the effect of the followers of the Bhagwan Shree Rajnees on Wasco County Oregon, during the 80’s. The part I and most know the most is the when the Bhagwan followers released a biological attack in The Dalles Oregon. The first terrorist bio-terrorism attack on US soil. In the entire the six-part documentary this only get scant mention. Instead focus on the life’s of people on both sides of the conflict.


Wild wild story

In most cases I am live and let live, let people express themselves and their religion in any way they want, when they are on their own property, type of guy. But in this case the fears and bluntly prejudices of the people Antelope were justified when the Rajesshees released salmonella in several restaurants. This documentary shows us that the real world can be complicated and messy, such as stanch Second Amendment supporters begin to get nervous at the stock pile of automatic weapons the cultists were accumulating. Slow at points, it does cover a lot of perspectives of the incident.


Favorite Journalist: Rowan Farrow. Rowan Farrow gets all awards. The lead journalist for The New Yorker is the son of Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, but he has made a name for himself as the last of the crusading journalists. He is the strength behind the Me Too movement. Not only was he the one who brought to public light the terrible actions of Harvey Weinstein, in 2018 alone he has found evidence of sexual misconduct against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, CBS CEO Les Moonvese, and Supreme Court justice Bret Kavanaugh. It doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle you are on, if you are a man in power who abuses women, then you better look over your shoulder for Rowan Farrow, cause he is out to get you. All awards to Rowan Farrow.

ronan farrow.jpg

Rowan farrow


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  1. ksbeth
    December 26, 2018

    great choices!

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