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2018 Davie Awards Part 2

award 2


Favorite Movie Actor: David Tenant as Cale Erndreich in Bad Samaritan. How good is David Tenant in this movie? I watched him on screen for 30 minutes waiting for Tennant to show up in the movie, then I realized that I had been watching him the whole time. His American accent is spot on until the last 15 minutes of the movie where it begins to slip. But in that part of the movie Tenant’s chameleon sadistic serial killer is creating a new persona for himself so that may be intentional.


David is that you?

The movie takes place in Portland Oregon, where two valets rob the people’s  whose cars they parked, homes. When one is rummaging through his house, he discovers a tied-up woman. He isn’t able to rescue her, and the movie tells the events that procced from that night, as David’s character now focus on the would-be robber. It is a classic noir yarn updated for the 21st century.

David Tennant

Take that Dalek.

We all know Tenant can play a good villain form his work on Jessica Jones as Killgrave. As amazing as he was in that role, you sense he was playing evil Dr. Who. In Bad Samaritan he was something completely different. As an added bonus, Tenant got to write the villain’s back story, which the film makers added into the movie.

Favorite movie actress: Letitia Wright as Shuri in Black Panther. Smarter than Tony Stark and Bruce banner, and willing to take up the mantle and fight for her country and world, T’Challa’s younger sister is the definition of intellectual bad ass.  And the MCU found a perfect actress to play her in wright. The young actress has quite a few credits to her name, including parts on Dr Who and Black Mirror, but it is her role as the tech wiz young noble that has made her a superstar.


The real black panther

She balances Shuri’s genius, humor, youthful side and warrior heritage in to what can only be described as the perfect role model for bit only African American girls but for youth all over the world. She loves old memes, she has a sense of history and fashion but she also isn’t beyond throwing out a joke during her people’s most sacred ceremony.  You feel form  Miss Wright’s performance that Shuri is a real person in a world of Norse,= gods, space racoons and large than life heroes. Shuri is now my favorite princess (Along with Liea of course.)


Shuri in the comics.

Most important pop culture event: Killmonger’s “burry me in the ocean” speech in Black Panther. Here we go along watching the action and effects in Black Panther, then right when the villain dies, he gives a speech that, maybe he was the hero the whole time. I love BP and I get that it didn’t want to be preachy but in one soliloquy it turns from good super hero fun to socially poignant. Here it is in its entirety.



Erik Killmonger is not just talking to T’Challa there he is talking to us the audience. The fact that the writers and director of Black Panther decided to use a precise strike at the viewers heart, shows what a masterful work this movie is.


Is the bad guy right?

Favorite bad Girl: Ruby Hale, the Destroyer of Worlds. Played by Dove Cameron in Marvels Agents of Shield. She is the last surviving Hydra weapon of war and she is going to fulfill her destiny even if it means cracking the earth like an egg. Much like other powered female characters on this list she is split between normal teenage girl things and great power. But unlike Shuri and Sabrina Spellman she is totally corrupted by upbringing. She has a poster of her hero the superhero Quake on her wall, but she doesn’t want to get daisy Johnson’s autograph she wants to kill the SHILED agent to prover to her mother that she is worthy of her love.


Hale, Hydra

Ruby is the genetically enhanced daughter of general Hale, a ranking Hydra official and USAF General, she was destined to lead Hydra, but rebelled against what she saw as useless traditions. Eventually she even rebels against her own mother. It is Ruby who inadeptly destroys the Earth that’s shattered remnants are scene in an alternative universe in the first part of MAoS season 5.  Unlike some Marvel villains she is a fully fleshed out character, who is driven to prove to her mother that she can fulfill her destiny. However she ends up destroying herself when she gets the power that she wished for, when she is killed by Yo-Yo whose arms she had cut off..

cross fit tinker bell

Destroying the world and looking good doing it.

Favorite bad mamerjamer: Master Li. The Master is played by Benedict Wong in Syfy’s adaptation of the comic book Deadly class. Technically the series doesn’t come out until January of 2019, but I saw the first episode on Youtube this week, so I am going to let it count for 2018.

Deadly Class - Pilot

Do not pass notes in master Li’s Class

Master Li is the head of a school for killers. Think Hogwarts for assassins rather than wizards. Master Li is the schools murderous Dumbledorf. He started the school when a freak traffic accident killed his wife and child, and he murdered a drug addled truck driver and bribed safety inspector who let it go out with bad breaks.  This might be a big change for viewers who know Benedict Wong as Dr. Strange’s manservant Wong.  We first see Mast li smashing the nose of a blonde girl passing a note in class. Though we lose sympathy for her when we discover 1) She likes it 2) She is a neo-Nazi 3) that the note was a swastika covered death threat to a kid form South America.

love like blood.jpg

From the Comic to SyFy

Set in 1987 just like the comic book, DC follows The Walking dead in part of the story line being faithful to the source material and part totally new. I ma expecting big things from Deadly class and Master Li.

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