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The 2018 Davie Awards Part 1.



So, the year is almost over, and it is time for me to award DCotU’s yearly awards the Davies. We did a change things a little this year in that instead of saying the “Best, this or that” I have chosen to say,  “my favorite, this or that” because when it comes downs to it, that what it is my favorite. These may not be the best, but they are the things I enjoyed the most through out the year.

So here we got with the2 018 Davies Part I

Favorite TV show: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I loved this show, it was the perfect blending of horror comedy with a sprinkling of H.P. Lovecraft on top. With Satanism, zombies, and cannibalism, this is defiantly not your father’s Teenage Witch. It is set in the same macabre universe with no set time, as Riverdale. This especially works for this show as if it is in a place beyond time and space.

chilling s

Goat horns become her.

Its based on the edgy and dark CAoS comic book, so to much of the audience it is new. It however doesn’t completely abandon its past, as can be seen in the infinitely awesome open sequence. Which combines highlights form the CAoS comic book with retro incarnations of the titular teenage with. Including one of her form the 70’s comic books with white bob haircut watching the animated Archie show she appeared in.

sabrina cartoon

You’ve come a long way baby

With a solid cast, strong scripts and some quinine horrific moments this show did to Sabiana’s  old sitcom and comic book past, what Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s TV show did to her movie, by giving it a serious yet humorous at times, mythology of its own, with more time to generate realistic characters in fantastic situations.

f an db

You honestly thought I would let the year go by without sneaking in one last Sarah Michelle Geller and Elishah Dushku picture

Favorite TV Actress: Kierman Shipka as Sabina Spellman in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. One of the reasons CAoS works so well is the star Kierman Shippka. A talented actress who before her current gig was in Mad Men, She disappears seemingly effortlessly into the part. She seems nonpuased by strange things such as dream invading demons, black masses and evil ghosts set on revenge, but has a righteous anger when bullies attack a gender questioning friend.  This is the first time the titular witch has been played by a real teenager, and Kiermen doesn’t sacrifice the youthful story lines for the eerie ones.


What a magical smile.

Cute, perky even attractive however she never takes her character in to sexualized territory. Even allowing her boyfriend Harvey to inspect her body for a witches mark is done with feeling of innocence, balanced by fear and first time love. ‘Brina is rebelling from her families Satanism. Captures the struggle of many youths, who want to choose their destiny, but feel pressured by their families traditions.

And if you watch interviews of Miss Shipka you pretty much get what you see when she playse Sabrina (Minus the magic, {I think.})  A sweet and cool girl, who doesn’t seem to be full of herself. That doesn’t mean she isn’t acting in CAoS. The character gives her quite a few emotions for the actress to play with, fear, righteous anger, compassion, confusion, pride, love and even on occasion pettiness. To the risk being cliché here, Kierman is magic in this roll.

Favorite TV actor: Chris Conner as Poe in Alter Carbon.  In the book Altered Carbon the Hotel was called the Experience and the AI called Jimmi took on the personality and appearance of Jimi Hendrix. But since the Hendrix estate is opposed to licensing  the guitar god’s image to anything that is violent, the TV show changed the hotel into the Raven and the Ai’s appearance to that of Edgar Allen Poe and in my opinion  it works for the better.


Quoth the rave “Duck!”

Conner does a superb job of portraying a character whose mental DNA is from both the past and the future, and a man who can be quite emotional but in will aware that he is not really a man.  With Chain guns mounted on the roof (Guided by him aiming an old Winchester rifle) he is the master of his domain and very protective of his guests. Despite his inhume origins as an AI, Poe is in ways the most humane of the cast. He truly bonds with Kovacs and teaches himself psychology to help Lizzie. Conner dominates every scene he is in, but never goes over the top.

Favorite Animated show: Dallas & Robo. I absolutely love this far future space trucking animated comedy. The Youtube Reb show even beat out the Netflix’s Matt Groining fantasy Disenchanted on my favorite list.  It stars Kat Dennings as ex-race car driver turned space trucker Dallas Moonshiner and John Cena as an AI named Robo. This is an imperfect universe filled with imperfect people, but still has this incredible humanity to it. Robo who is artificial may be the most humane, but even he has his faults, like a prejudice against none sentient machines.  Dallas is way to human at times, her idea of a good time is starting a bar fight, and then drinking a beer and flirting with a guy at a bar, while Robo does all the fighting.

Rand D.jpg

Breaker One-Nine good buddy.

Part of what makes this show work is the chemistry that Dennings and Cena share. This is a unique relationship since one is biological and the other is machine, it a rare male/female relationship on the small screen that does not revolve around sex. (With the exception of the occasional off colored joke by Dallas to embarrass her best friend) This allows the writers to focus on other parts of their relationship, like when Robo (sometimes) brings out the best in the otherwise self-centered Dallas. It cumulates in a rather positive season finale. Or as positive as you can have on an episode that is focused on Mars being overrun by cannibal space bikers.

georgia over drive.png

The Georgia Overdrive

Favorite Movie: Overlord. This is an example of where the word “favorite “ is probably better than ‘best” This movie is surely not best of anything, but it is the movie I enjoyed the most this year.  I admit that you have to be a horror movie, war movie and B movie fan, to dig this one, but if you are like me, and that is your holy trinity,  then this movie is a hoot and a half.  This movie is not subtle, there is no sympathetic Germans in it and all the Germans are Nazis.  The Americans are here to restore democracy to war torn Europe. When they torture a German officer it is reluctantly and to save lives. But this takes place in a universe where America does have the moral high ground. African American soldiers not only serve with their white counterparts, they lead them. But it is this other universe that the story takes place in that allows you to think that maybe this movie could be real.

overlord poster

The movie is a cross between Saving Private Ryan and HP Lovecraft’s Herbert West; Reanimator, with the super soldier from Captain America: First Avenger in the Nazi hands and turning the recipient into a zombie. One thing this movie gets right is the feel of cosmic horror. This is the Normandy invasion where  humans are the worst that they have ever been to each other, but the movie shows you that their are things in the cosmos that are more evil than even the Nazi’s can aspire too.

overlord group shot

Let’s kick some Nazi zombie butt!

Favorite short: Zygote. This is Neil Blomkamp’s awesome short movie, that he hopes to make into a full length movie. If he does then it will be the heir apparent to Alien. This movie has the most awesome eldritch terror to ever come to life on the screen. Now I saw it at the HP Lovecraft film festival so it may lose something on a computer screen, But you won’t believe the monster until you see it for yourself. but you can watch it here for free.


And Dakota fanning just rocks her part in it. Imagine if Newt was about ten years older and half way through the film discovered her inner butt-kicker and became a final girl. I really hope they make this into a full feature film.


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