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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Occupations Part 6A: Cthulhu Now.

cthulhu now


After the original 1920’s setting  for Call of Cthulhu the first new official setting was placed in modern times. Originally called Cthulhu Now, it was published in 1987. In the original version occupations were primarily  modern versions of the already printed 1920’s occupations. The only additions were minor ones. Updating entertainer to include The Pharmacy skill (it was the 80’s after all.)  adding computer use for professors, electronics for soldiers as well as adding Computer programmer and truck driver to the  occupation lists. New supplements have added more morden occupations, but I wanted to present six occupations that didn’t exist during Lovecraft’s time. At least not in the way they do now.

The Urban explorer is based on a concept in the Agent Handbook for the most current edition of Delta Green. I have updated it to CoC 7th ed rules.



Blogger/Vlogger/Podcaster: The internet revolution has given many more people the opportunity to express their opinions and share their experiences. A high percentage of these bloggers/vloggers/podcasters have an unrelated day job and make little or no money form their creative endeavors. Some cover the local new story of the day, others might have a niche specialty, be it music, pop culture, science fiction, occultism or anything else. Some garner large number of followers, others have a small but faithful fanbase. Some B/V/P’s portray themselves as who they really are, others adopt a persona for their works.

Skills: One of Arts/craft (Acting), or Arts/craft (Public speaking),  or Arts/craft (Writing) or Arts/craft (Video editing), One other Arts/craft (Any), Two interpersonal skills (Charm, fast talk, Intimidate, or Persuasion), Computer use, Electronic repair, and any two personal skills.

Credit Rating: 20%-50%.

Starting occupation skills: Education x2, and Charisma x2 or Intelligence x2.

Special: Must have or had a blog, vlog or podcast.

Example: I would love to say the wonderful people here at Dave’s Corner of the Universe, but Kennedy Fisher and Matt Haewood of BBC’s The Case of Dexter Ward are great in universe versions.

Other settings: this occupation will not exsist until the 90’s, might be very common in near future campaigns.



Crime Scene Investigator: These are men and women who examine the physical location where a crime has been committed. They are a key component of the investigation. Unlike what we see in TV shows the CSI do not interview suspects or witness. They only deal with the physical evidence. They look for facts and let others determine the conclusions. They are usually not sworn police officers, but in a few jurisdictions they are.  Some CSI’s do forensic lab work but that is the exception, rather than the rule. In some jurisdictions CSIs are authorized to carry firearms.

Skills: Criminology, Science (Any), Drive, Spot hidden, chose two of the following Firearms (Handguns), or Science (Forensics), or Medicine, or Computer Use or Psychology, or Ars/crafts (Photography). And any two-other personal skills.

Credit rating: 20%-60%

Starting occupation skills: Education x4.

Special: None

Example: Gil Grissom or any of the characters form the many CSI TV shows.

Other settings: This occupation becomes playable around the 70’s before that their job t would be handled by detectives. In the near future this may be a standard for a high-tech police officer.

extreme sports.jpg

Extreme Sportsman: These are adrenaline junkies who will risk life and limb for the possibility of the ultimate thrill. They may have a day job or a sponsor, but the money is always secondary to the thrill. This could include people who dive with sharks, jump off cliffs or skyscrapers with parachutes, motorcycle stuntmen and many more. An E-sportsmen doesn’t have to select one type sport in fact most are in to at least two or more.

Skills: Arts/craft (Any), Drive (Automobile),  any two personal skills. Then chose two of these two skill combinations, for a total of four more. Swim and Dive or Jump and Parachute, or Climbing and Survival (Mountain), or Drive (Motorcycle) and Mechanics, or Fighting (Brawling) and Lore (Martial arts) or Drive (Skateboard) and Skate culture.

Credit rating: 10% to 50%.

Starting occupation skills: Education x2, and either Dexterity x2 or Strength x2.

Special: None.

Example: Xander Cage in the movie XXX.

Other settings:  Can be used in any campaign after the 1970’s.


Urban Explorer: Urban explores are a new bread of adventurer. Unlike explores in the past the UE seeks to discover a world hidden in a highly populated area, sometimes in their own backyard. They investigate manmade structures, many seemingly abandoned. They are often trespassing so their hobby may be illegal and the poorly maintained buildings might lead to injury. Among the places they explore are abandoned buildings, service tunnels, and drain tunnels.  Besides having a love for adventure and exploration many UE’s are also ghost hunters or amateur historians.

Skills: Climb, One interpersonal skill (Charm or Fast talk, or Intimidate or Persuade)  Listen, Navigation, Spot Hidden, Stealth, chose one of the following jump, or Lore (Ghosts) or History or First aid, and any one personal skill.

Credit rating: 10%-40%.

Starting occupations skills: Education x2 and Dexterity x2 or Strength x2.

Special: None

Example. Margo Roth Spiegelman in Paper Towns.

Other settings: Only campaigns set in the 1980’s or later.

survialist f

Survivalist/Prepper: These people believe that civilization is doomed and those who are living in large metropolitan areas are bound to be killed off in a great apocalypse. Only “they and theirs” will be able to survive. They see themselves as a rugged generation of new heroes who will outlive modern civilization.   They live in rural environments and are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. This is partly because they think it will give them a better chance of surviving, but also because they do not trust the government, and want to live off the grid as much as they can. Some people become survivors because they believe that their religious teaching tell them this is the end of times. Others see the end of the world as an inevitable result of what they see on the news. Yet, others believe in the supernatural and paranormal and are trying to escape forces beyond their comprehension.

Skills: Arts/craft (any), Drive (auto), Firearms (Rifle/shotguns), Natural world, Mechanical repair, Survival (Any) One of the following Theology (any), or Conspiracy theory, or Occult or World events. And any one personal skill.

Credit rating: 10% -40%.

Starting occupation skills: Education x2, and Intelligence x2 or Strength x2.

Special: None other than thinking that civilization will come to an end.

Example: Sara Conner after the events of The Terminator.


SWAT Team Member: These are specially trained police officers, that are called in on cases that cannot be handled by regular cops. In addition to regular police training they have received paramilitary training focusing on weapons and closed quarters combat. SWAT teams were developed originally after a serries of bank robberies in Philadelphia and the Watts riots in Los Angeles. They became popularized by the 1970’s TV show of the same name. Their special training and weapons allow them to engage in hostage and stand off situations, that might be difficult for regular law enforcement. Some large cities like LA have a full-time dedicated SWAT team, other cities have regular police officers who fulfill their SWAT duties on an as needed bases. SWAT teams are no longer found just in municipal police forces and can be seen in the FBI, ATF and even a Hostage Rescue team for the US state department. This occupation could be used for riot police anywhere in the world.

Skills: Climb, Close quarters combat tactics, Drive (Auto) Firearms (Rifle/shotgun), Intimidate, Spot hidden, Stealth, Throw,

Credit rating: 20%-50%.

Starting skills: Education x2, and Dexterity x2 or Strength x2.

Special: Must be or have been a member of a SWAT team.

Example: The cast of the TV show and movie SWAT.

Other sittings: Can be in any campaign that have police investigators in it after the 1970’s. SWAT team members  might be a standard cop in a future setting.

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