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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Characters Part 5B: World War Cthulhu: Cold War.

COC Cold war cover

Here are six new characters that can be used in a World war Cthulhu: Cold War Scenario. They can be used in either a 1960’s or 70’s campaign. They were all made using the 7th edition CoC quick fire rules. If playing WWC:CW they undergo additional training which amounts to over two hundred extra points of skills, plus some other bonuses. I have not done that with the characters, but they can easily be adjusted following the rules in the Cubicle 7 main book.

 Chuy would qualify for the War Experience rules in the7th edition of the Investigator Handbook, if OK’d by the Keeper. So, could Zoltan, especially if the player wanted the Investigator to have been an ex-partisan, when Romania was occupied by the Nazis. Arron could be a candidate for the experienced police bonus. Clara and possibly Sabine could qualify for experienced criminal. I would caution Keepers against giving the Investigators the experience advantage and intelligence agency training, that might make a to powerful starting character.

 I have not made age adjustment’s on the characters Investigates and keepers may want to before they use these characters.

  Body guard

Name: Aaron Smith

Occupation: Bodyguard

Age:  40  Sex: male

Residence: Bethesda MD

Birthplace: Washington DC

 Campaign: Cold War Cthulhu.

 Str: 60                                   Dex: 80                                 Int: 50

 Con: 50                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 70

 Size:60                                  Edu: 40                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: 8                     Magic points: 7                  Damage Bonus: +1d4

Max Sanity: 70                 current san: 70                 Hit Points: 11

 Skills: Dodge: 60%, Drive (Automobile): 60%, fighting (Brawling): 40%, fighting (Firearms): 60%, First Aid: 40%, Intimidate: 40%, Law: 25%. Listen: 50% Own language (English): 40%, Mechanical repair: 30%,  Psychology: 30%, Spot hidden: 70%, Sleight of hand: 50%,

Credit rating: 50%

 Personal description: Average looking man with a crew cut and wears nice but not expensive suits.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Protect others at all cost.

 Meaningful location: Home

 Favored possession: Picture of wife and kids.

 Injuries/Scars: Nonr

 Gear: Bullet proof vest, brass knuckles, .38 Revolver, speed loader.

 History: Growing up all Aaron wanted to be was a cop. He was average intelligence just not a good student, fortunately he lived in a time where bit having a lot of book learning was a hindrance to be a police officer. So he just barely graduated high school, then did two years in the army as a draftee came back home got married and fulfilled his dream of joining the police force.

 After nearly a decade on the force he found out the pay was a lot better as a private bodyguard. He quit the force and went to business for a private bodyguard agency. He protects the rich and powerful from the growing threats that are in America, like commies, anti-war protesters, and hippies. But every once in a while, he hears of rumors of even bigger threats. Threats that are not quite human.

 Playing Aaron: He believes in the American way. The Reds are evil incarnate and want to take what honest American’s have earned. He sees good and evil as black and white issues. He is also very protective of people, his family and those he is paid to protect especially.


Name: James Colloquist

Occupation: Diplomat

Age: 33   Sex: male

Residence: Bangkok Thailand 

Birthplace: London UK

 Campaign: Cold War Cthulhu

 Str: 50                                   Dex: 40                                 Int: 80

 Con: 50                                 App: 60                                 Pow: 60

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 70                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: 6                     Magic points: 6                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 60                 Current san: 60                  Hit points: 10

 Skills: Art/craft (Photography): 25%, Dodge: 40%, Fast talk: 50%, History: 60% Law: 50%, Other language (Korean): 21%,, Other language (Russian): 40%, Other Language (Thai) 21%, Own language (English): 70%, Persuade; 60%, Psychology: 40%, Spot hidden: 40%, 

Credit rating: 50%

 Personal description: A good looking man who dark short hair who wears dapper suits.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Capitalism, democracy and the Brutish way.

 Meaningful location: London

 Favored possession: his books.

 Injuries/Scars: None.

 Gera: Sun shades, Nice suits, collection of books form popular novels to political trusties.

 History: Colloquist was born in to a upper middle class family in England. His mother was a traditional house wife and his father worked for the home office. He went to Oxford and got a degree in Political Science. He immediately got a job with the Foreign Ministry. He has been assigned to the volatile South east Asian sector.

 He is often on the ground gathering information in what is essentially ground zero of the Cold War. He is busy meeting with politicians, guerillas, business executives, and people who are in the front of the war between the West and East.  With his good looks suave ways and thick English accent, he is the poster boy for his side.

 Playing James: He believes strongly Western ways and values, as demonstrated by the English. In ways he is a throwback to the colonial error, however he is willing to admit that time periods excesses lead to its fall, though he is more respectful of other cultures and their history than his predecessors were.


coc emigre.png

Name: Zoltan Adamescu PhD

Occupation: Eastern European emigre  

Age:  50  Sex: Male

Residence: London UK

Birthplace: Bucharest Romania

 Campaign: Cold War Cuthlhu

 Str: 50                                   Dex: 50                                 Int: 70

 Con: 40                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 60

 Size: 60                                 Edu: 80                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: 7                     Magic points: 6                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 60                   Current san: 60                 Hit points: 10

 Skills: Anthropology: 50%, Arts/craft (Writing) 50%, Charm; 35%, Intimidate: 35%, Lore (Romanian myths and legends):  60%. History (Romanian): 70%, Occultism: 50%, Other language (English) 40%, Other language (Russian): 40%, Own language (Romanian): 80%, Persuade: 40%,  Psychology: 35%, Spot hidden: 35%. Use Library: 50%

Credit rating: 60%.

 Personal description: A large Eastern European man who has a deep laugh and thick acent.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Live life to the fullest.

 Meaningful location: Any Library.

 favored possession: His favorite cane.

 Injuries/Scars: None.

 Gear: Nice clothes, reading mangnafing glass. Books on several things.

 History: Zoltan was born in pre-war Romania where he got a PhD in Romanian history and the legends of that country. He was there when the Nazis occupied the country. He was relieved when they were kicked out, but soon became concerned when the Communist took over.   In a harrowing escape he fled his homeland to England. There he took a job teaching European history at Oxford.  

 He is a popular teacher, and a widow, who is known for dating younger women. He has written two books about one the history of vampire legends and one about werewolves lore.  He has recently been approached by a government agency in possibly of investigating London murders that may have a taint of Romanian mysticism.

 Playing Zoltan: He hates Communism and that it made him flee his country. He is suspicious of other emigres that they might be eastern agents.  He is by nature a jolly fellow and plays that up around pretty women.




Name: Clara Marie Couture

Occupation: Urban Guerilla

Age:  26  Sex: Female

Residence: Mobile in Europe

Birthplace: Cannes France

 Campaign: Cold War Cthulhu


Str:  50                                  Dex: 50                                 Int: 60

 Con:  40                                App: 70                                 Pow: 80

 Size:  50                                Edu: 60                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: 8                     Magic points: 8                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 80                   Current san: 80                  Hit points: 9

 Skills:  Charm: 60%, Fighting (Brawling): 60%, Firearms (Submachine guns): 60%, Intimidate: 35%, Occult: 25%, Other language:(English) 21%, Other Language (German) 21%, Own Language (French); 60%, Navigation: 40%, Spot hidden: 60%, Stealth: 70%, Survival (Urban): 40%, Thrown: 50%,

Credit rating: 25%

 Personal description: Attractive blonde French woman, who wears everyday clothing when trying to blend in but a drab khaki uniform of the revolution, when on  a mission. 

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: The elite control the masses and need to be taken down

Meaningful location: Her safe house, the only places she can relax.

 Favored Possession: MP-40 SMG

 Injuries/Scars: None

 Equipment: Cigarettes, lighter, Knife, MP-40 submachine gun, WWII surplus grenade.

 History: Called “The French Patty Hurst” she is a child of a rich French family who has turned into an urban radical. She had the best that Parisian society could give her, she rubbed elbows with whose who of the French elite, went to the best finishing school.  There is no doubt that she willingly joined the terrorist group called The Red Star of France. There are some questions why she joined it though. Some say she was a spoiled rich bourgeois girl who was radicalized to the left. Others say she discovered that her family and many other of France’s top families are actually occultist, and she is trying to wage a war against that evil.

 She and her small group of comrades travel though out Europe attacking capitalists, factories and other sites of industry. But often targets have nothing to do with the war between the left and right, she will attack occult bookstores, new age churches or cult members.      

 Playing Clara: She is driven to wage a war against capitalism and the occult. She sees European elite as being aligned with the forces of dark magic. She sees herself as freeing the people from the chains of bondage. She realizes that the odds are that she would will die in a gunfight, so she has become a hedonist, rewarding herself with any pleasure she can as a reward for her fight, knowing that she will probably not live very long..


Name: Sabine Patel

Occupation: Punk (Rocker)

Age: 24   Sex: Female

Residence: London UK

Birthplace: London UK

 Campaign: Cold War Cthulhu


Str: 60                                   Dex: 80                                 Int: 50

Con: 60                                 App: 70                                 Pow: 40

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: +9                                  Magic points: 4                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 40                                   Current san: 40                 Hit points: 11

Skills: Arts/craft (Base guitar): 50%, Arts/craft (Dance); 50%, Arts/craft (Singing): 50%, Charm: 70%, Dodge: 60%, Fighting (Brawl): 60%, Intimidate: 40%, Listen: 60%,  Other language (German): 21%, Other language (Hindi): 21%, Own language (English); 50%, Punk Culture: 50%, Stealth: 40%

Credit rating: 20%

 Personal description: Slightly darker skin than the average Londoner, she wears leather jackets and punk tee-shirts.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: DIY, baby, its all up to you.

 Meaningful location: Any stage she sings on.

 Favored Possession: Leather jackets.

 Injuries/Scars: A few scars and bruises form the mosh pit.

 Gear: leather jacker, electric base guitar, and strait razor.

 History: Sabine mother was a German au pair in London and her father was a Indian math teacher, she lived a pretty normal life until she got out of high school. She was never a great student (though not bad either, it was just boring to her) So when she graduated, she instead got a job at department store. It wasn’t long until this bored her to. She met some punks at a party and knew what she wanted to do from that day on.

 She learned to sing and play the base and  recently joined a band called Union Jacked. She moved out of her parents flat and now lives in a old warehouse with he bandmates and a few other hanger ons. She is a descent musician but isn’t good enough or lucky enough to rise above having a steady stream of local gigs.

 Playing Sabine: She is more than just a punk rocker, she had embraced the punk DIY ethos. She trusts no one but herself and her compatriots. She is quick to defend them from any threat, even to the point of drawing blood.



Name: Cpl. Jesus “Chuy” Gomez.

Occupation: Tunnel Rat

Age:  21  Sex: M

Residence: Corpus Christi TX

Birthplace: Corpus Christi TX

 Campaign: Cold War Cthulhu.

 Str: 60                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 50

 Con: 80                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 70

 Size: 40                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

 Movement:  9                    Magic points:     7              Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity:  70                  Current san: 70                  Hit points: 12

 Skills: Combat engineering: 6o%,  Climbing: 60%, Demolitions: 50%,Dodge: 50%,  Fighting (Brawling): 70%, Firearms (Handguns): 60%, Military science: 50%, Other language (Spanish): 21%, Other language (Vietnamese) 21%. Own language (English) 50% Stealth: 60%< Survival (Jungle): 40%.

Credit rating; 20%

 Personal description: dark skinned short Hispanic (5’ 4”) with a large bushy mustache. 

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Stealth before brawn.

 Meaningful location: St Maria church in Corpus Christi TX.

 favored Possession: His  dog tags.

 Injuries/Scars: Multiple minor scars from the war.

 Gear: .38 revolver with a flash suppressor on it. Fatigues, combat knife, rope, “L” shaped flashlight.

 History: Jesus goes by the name Chuy a common nickname for Hispanic boys named Jesus. Though around his neighborhood growing up, he was called shorty due to his small size. He was drafted a year out of high school and trained as a combat engineer. Due to his size he was made a tunnel rat. It was his job to enter Viet Cong tunnels and flush the enemy out. After his tour of duty he actually volunteered for a second one because he thought what he was doing was so important.

 During his second tour he discovered strange alien writing on the tunnels walls. He gave a report and all the pictures to a strange CIA case officer he had never meant before.  On his last mission the tunnels collapsed and he could hear something loud moving in the darkness, that was human size but did not sound like a human. Eventually he extraverted form his entrapment. Soon after he ended his second ture of duty and did not re-enlist. Back in Texas he is looking for a job, the CIA officer he met before offered his a position in a group that tracked things not quite of this earth. 

 Playing Chuy: Normally laid back and easy going, he now has moments of intense stress from the war and the time he was trapped in the tunnels.  He thinks the best way to eliminate a target is silently and quickly avoiding a face to face battle if you can.







































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