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Learning New Things Everyday, November 2018

NovemberHere is the new things I learned last month and when I learned them.


1st Lucile Ball claimed to have seen the ghost of carol Lombard several times.

 2nd The modern concept of what the Illuminati is was created by fake letters published in Playboy by Robert Anton Wilson who would later be co-writer of the science fiction book The Illuminati Trilogy.

Illuminati Playboy

I thought the letters to Playboy were completely true0

 3rd Robert Muller’s middle name is Swan.

 4th After leaving office Ronald Regan was offered the role of the mayor in Back to the Future III.

 5th.  The Kazoo was invented by an African American named Alabama Vest.

 6th. There are 750 different type of trees in North America and over 10,000 in the world.

 7th During World War One, The English Home Office felt newspapers when they told how bad things were at the front , were giving aid and comfort to the enemy and threaten to kill reporters.

 8th By 2014 there had been 44 missions to Mars, only 18 where successful.


 9th. Scott Smith founding member of the band Loverboy was lost at sea when he was swept of his boat by a wave.

 10th The average adult has 3 lbs. of microprobes in their stomach.

 11th Alfred the Butler was added to Batman comics after, Robin, Joker and Commissioner Gordon.


Cleaning crime for over seven decades

 12th Tupac Shekur’s first movie was Dan Ackroyd’s horror comedy Nothing but Trouble.

 13th The state with the highest ratio of humans to horses is New Jersey.

 14th The largest library in the Arizona Territory was in the Yuma Arizona prison.

 15th Donald Trump won a Razzie for his bad acting in 1991 Bo Derek movie Ghost Cannot Do it.

Ghost cannot do it

Not a good movie?

 16th King Tut was berried with a lock of his grandmother’s hair.

 17th David Ben-Gurrion the first prime minister of Israel was born in Poland.

 18th Bette Davis was inspired to be an actress after seeing a play with Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide at the Hollywood sign, because she thought she was a failure as an actress.


A tragic beauty 

 19th The longest moon walking session was 9 hours and 17 minutes.  

 20 Kill Bill Vol. 1 was the Quinton Terintino movie not to have the F Word said over a 100 times. It was only said 17 times.

 21st The Statue of Liberty was erected in 1886, by 1920 it had turned entirely green.

 22nd McDonald’s first served the Egg McMuffin in 1972.

23rd all the genes in a human genome was stacked on top of each other it would reach 6 feet

 24th Jaws was rated PG.

 25th Kangaroos can’t walk backwards.


Always moving forward

 26th Aretha Franklin was the first women to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.

 27th Moon dust smells like spent gunpowder

 28th Saint Lucia is the only country named after a woman.

 29th A heard of 60 female cows can produce a ton of milk a day.

 30th On Christmas Day 1964 a strange high frequency sound was heard by the entire city of Warminster UK. To this date no one has been able to identify what it was.








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