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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Occupations Part 4B: Atomic-Age Cthulhu

atomic c


Here are six characters that can be used in an Atomic-Age Cthulhu campaign. They are designed to be uses as is, right out of the box as PC’s or can be used by a Keeper as NPCs.

They are all made using the 7th ed Call of Cthulhu RPG quick fire rules. None of them were constructed with Pulp Cthulhu rules, but can easily be upgraded using the Pulp Cthulhu. The post-War setting can be an excellent sand box for Pulp stories. The 50’s were the last hurrah for many pulp publications, so it is fitting that they be honored in an A-A C game.

planet stories.jpg

A 1951 pulp magazine

It would be appropriate to give Abraham a -5 Sanity and the advantage that he is not affected by human on human violence, or give him the war experience on page 61 of the Investigator’s Handbook.

Luck was set at the statistical average of 11 x5 for 55.

Hope you enjoy them.


Beat girlNatalie “Natty” Gorman

Name: Natalie “Natty” Gorman
Occupation: Beatnik
Age: 25 Sex: Female.
Residence: San Francisco CA
Birthplace: Barstow CA

Campaign: Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Str: 50 Dex: 50 Int: 60

Con: 50 App: 70 Pow: 80

Size: 40 Edu: 60 Luck: 55

Movement: 9 Magic points: 8 Damage Bonus: +0
Max Sanity: 80 Current san: 80 Hit points; 9

Skills: Art/craft (Cooking): 60%, Art/craft (Poetry): 25%, Beatnik culture: 40%, Charm: 70%, Drive (automobile): 55%, Fast talk: 60%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%, First aid: 45%, Literature: 50%, Own Language (English): 60%, Science (Biology): 21%, Science (Pharmacology): 50%,
Credit rating: 25%.

Personal description: Petit woman with short dark hair. She wears black beatnik clothing.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Freedom at all costs.

Meaningful location: San Francisco CA, The place she escaped to, and gained her freedom.

Trusted Possession: Her journal that she has been keeping since she left her husband.

Injuries/Scars: None.

Gear: Journal, first aid kit, nurses outfit and beatnik clothing. Switchblade.

History: Natalie Gorman was an average girl growing up in Barstow CA. She came form a conseritives family, attended a local church and got a nursing degree. She married a local boy who worked construction. She thought he was perfect but found out shortly after they said “I do” that he had a dark side. He made her quit her job because she made more money than him. He started drinking and began to hit her. She told her parents and her minister who just told her to try to be a better wife. She had a false pregnancy scare and he beat her again. Natalie was afraid what he would do to a child if she really did have one, so she packed her bags and fled to San Francisco.

Once there she joined a group of beatniks and adopted their lifestyle. For the first time she felt free. She occasionally makes money as a substitute nurse at a local hospital. She contributes rent and food to the group who lives in an old run-down hotel. She has met friends of different races and sexual orientation and has decided that everything she believed growing up was a lie. For the first time in her life she truly cares about and loves herself.. She enjoys being with her friends singing folk songs and writing in her journal.

Recently members of the Beatnik community have been disappearing. The police refuse to do anything about it. She has quietly begun snooping around trying to find her missing friends.

Playing Natty: She will not go back to the hell that was her pre-beatnik life. She has found a family, that cares for her like the old one didn’t. She will help her fellow beatniks, with emotional support, medical assistance and money.


Hot rodder
Name: Jerry Beach
Occupation: hotrodder
Age: 21 Sex: Male.
Residence: Modesto CA
Birthplace: Modesto CA

Campaign: Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Str: 70 Dex; 80 Int: 50

Con: 60 App: 60 Pow: 50

Size: 50 Edu: 40 Luck: 55

Movement: 9 Magic points: 5 Damage Bonus: +1D4
Max Sanity: 50 Current san: 50 Hit points: 12

Skills: Art/craft (Bodywork): 50%, Charm: 40%. Drive (Automobile): 70%, Dodge: 50%, Fast talk: 50%. Fighting (Brawl): 60%, Intimidate; 40%, Locksmith: 21%, Mechanical repair: 60%, Sleight of hand; 30% Stealth: 30%, Swim: 40%.
Credit rating: 40%

Personal description: A good looking young man with light brown hair, who wears tee-shirts and leather jackets and mechanics clothing.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Go fast, don’t let anyone get in your way.

Meaningful location: The roads outside his town

Trusted Possession: ’32 Ford Duce coupe.

Injuries/Scars: A few cuts on his fingers and hands from working on his car.

Gear: Duce coup, repair tools, comb, switch blade.

History: Jerry was a so-so student who really had no goals or desires in his life. When he turned 16 he got his first car and he fell in love. He dropped out of school and spent all his time driving or tuning up his car. He got a job working at a local automobile repair shop. Still that was not enough money to get the improvements on his car that he thinks he needs, so he has taken to breaking and entry of local homes when the owners are not there.

Playing Jerry: He loves his car and car culture. He will do anything to maintain that lifestyle, even if it is illegal. He is obsessed with his car and becomes violent if anyone threatens it.



Name: Olesya Mikhailov (Olivia Michaels)
Occupation: Illegal
Age: 28 Sex: female
Residence: Washington DC
Birthplace: Leningrad USSR

Campaign: Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Str: 40 Dex: 50 Int: 60

Con: 60 App: 80 Pow: 70

Size: 50 Edu: 50 Luck: 55

Movement: 8 Magic points: 7 Damage Bonus: +0
Max Sanity: 70 Current san: 70 Hit points: 11

Skills: American Culture: 40%, Charm: 70%, Disguise: 40%, Fast talk: 60%, Fighting (Brawl): 45%, Fire arms (Handguns): 40%, Lockpick: 40%, Other language (English): 60%, Own language (Russian): 50%, Persuade: 60%, Sleight of hand: 30% Stealth: 40%,
Credit rating: 50%

Personal description: Attractive voluptuous blonde woman who wears tasteful and attractive clothing.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: American’s especially men are so naïve.

Meaningful location: Her apartment in Suburban Washington DC.

Favored Possession: Her clothing.

Equipment: Shortwave radio, nice clothes and jewelry, Walther PPK (with sound suppressor)

Injuries/Scars: None.

History: Olesya’s parents were killed in the battle Leningrad and grew up in a state sponsored orphanage. She was selected by the KBG to be raised as a spy who could pass as an American living in the United States. She was trained both in the lethal arts and in deception. Two years ago, she was smuggled into America to live as an illegal agent in a hostile country.

Unlike most illegals she was not teamed up with another agent to act as her husband. She has a job as a secretary at George Town University, to try to recruit future diplomats and gather information about American science and technology research. It was deemed that she could do this better as a single woman as opposed to part of a married couple. This gives her a larger degree of autonomy than most her fellow spies.

Playing Olesya: She loves pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. She especially likes how she can trick a man to betray his country and he might not even know it. She is devoted to the USSR and communism in general, but she is beginning to really enjoy her life in America, and secretly dreads going back to the Soviet Union.

Name: Edward Edwards (AKA Count Eddie)
Occupation: Late night monster movie host.
Age: 51 Sex: Male
Residence: Arkham MA
Birthplace: Boston MA

Campaign: Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Str: 50 Dex: 40 Int: 80

Con: 50 App: 60 Pow: 50

Size: 60 Edu: 70 Luck: 55

Movement: 7 Magic points: 5 Damage Bonus: +0
Max Sanity: 50 Current san: 50 Hit point: 11

Skills: Art/craft (Acting): 60%, Charm: 50%, Drive Track: 30%, Disguise: 40%, Firearms (Rifle/shotgun): 40%, Intimidate: 40%, Library: 40%, Listen:40%, Lore (Movies): 50%, Natural world: 40%, Occult: 50%, Own language (English): 70%, Science (Meteorology): 70%
Credit rating: 60%.

Personal description: A middle aged man with a pleasant face, when he is on his show, he wears a vampire costume.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Its good to be a big fish in a little pond.

Meaningful location: The outdoors, he loves hunting in the woods.

favored Possession: The cape he wears when playing Count Ernie.

Injuries/Scars: None.

Gear: Meteorology books, a tweed jacket for forecasting the weather. Vampire cape and tuxedo for his hosting duties. Hunting clothes and a 30-06 for hunting.

History: Edward grew up in Boston and the first time he came to Arkham was as a freshman when he attended Miskatonic University, to study Meteorology. He started out as a meteorologist at a local radio show. During World War Two he volunteered and was a meteorologist in the Army Air Corp and came back he became a weatherman for the local TV station WARK. Two years ago, he took a job as the stations late night monster movie host. He dressed up as a shlocky vampire and introduces the does comedy bits before the commercials.

Edward is an avid hunter and loves deer hunting season. He is also gained a lot of fans who are students at Miskatonic University. Recently he has been getting strange calls late at night by a fan who claims some of the things in the movies he shows are real.

Playing Edward: He has never been more popular, and he is loving it. He really likes that so many teen and young twentish students love his show. Now that he has had his second divorce, he really likes the company of his female fans. He is always telling people how famous he is. Despite his ego though he is good at his jobs and is an excellent meteorologist. He has spent time to make himself knowledgeable of both movies and the occult.

Nazi hunter.png
Name: Abraham Czeriakow
Occupation: Nazi Hunter
Age: 33 Sex: Male.
Residence: London UK
Birthplace: Warsaw Poland

Campaign: Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Str: 60 Dex: 50 Int: 70

Con: 60 App: 50 Pow: 80

Size: 40 Edu: 50 Luck: 55

Movement: 9 Magic points: 8 Damage Bonus: +0
Max Sanity: 80 Current san: 80

Skills: Art/craft (Photography): 50%, Library use: 60%, History: 40%, Fighting (Brawling): 50%, Firearms (Handguns): 50%, Lore; (Jewish myths and legends): 21%, Other languages (English): 21%, Other Languages (German): 21%, Other Languages (Yiddish): 40%, Own languages (Polish): 50%. Persuade: 70%, Spot hidden: 60%, Stealth: 40%.
Credit rating: 40%.

Personal description: A strong and healthy man, who is surprisingly thin due to his time in the concentration camps.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Never forget.

Meaningful location: Warsaw.

Favored possession; Photographs of his family.

Injuries/Scars: Many from the abuse at the hands of the Nazis.

History: Abraham Czeriakow grew up in the ghetto of Warsaw, and his younger years were actually happy. Though never rich his family was close, and he had a nice but not easy youth. The Nazis invaded and took his family to the camps. He survived by luck, but his whole family was killed. After the war he left Poland, because he saw the Soviets as the second coming of Nazis. There he joined up with some people who were dedicated to finding Nazi war criminals.

So far, he has located two notorious concentration guards, one in Germany and one in South America. He also discovered high ranking Gestapo officer hiding in France. The first two he was able to get local authorities to take action by apealing to the press. For the officer he had to take actions in his own hand, and he killed the man. He is disappointed by how most western governments seem to want to put the horrors of the war behind them.

Recently talking to other survivors of the Nazis he has heard stories of strange and alien creatures that seem more evil than the Nazis. Not only that they seem to have to much more power.

Playing Abraham: He wants to punish the Nazis for what they did. He also is upset that more people aren’t out demanding vengeance. The press seems less interested and treat the holocaust like old news. Government don’t seem to care. Even Israel is afraid that except in certain cases that would not actively peruse Nazis because of fear of reprisal to Jews. So he is more than willing to take things into his own hands.

Ufo researcher
Name: Dr. Reginald Jones
Occupation: UFO Researcher
Age: 33 Sex: Male.
Residence: Arkham MA
Birthplace: Leeds UK

Campaign: Atomic-Age Cthulhu

Str: 40 Dex; 60 Int: 70

Con: 50 App: 50 Pow: 60

Size: 50 Edu: 80 Luck: 55

Movement: 8 Magic points: 6 Damage Bonus: +0
Max Sanity: 60 Current san: 60% Hit point: 10

Skills: Art/craft (Writing): 40%, Charm: 60%, Electrical repair: 40%, History: 25%, Listen: 50%, Lore (UFOology): 70%. Navigation: 30%, Other language (Latin): 21%, Own language (English): 80%, Persuade: 40%, Science (Astronomy): 80%, Science (Physics): 21%, Spot hidden: 60%,
Credit rating: 50%

Personal description: Youthful face, with slicked backed hair, wears glasses, tweed jackets and bow ties.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: The universe is bigger than all of us.

Meaningful location: Space.

Favored Possession: Pocket watch given to him by his father.

Injuries/Scars: None

Gear: Astronomy, science and UFO books. Slide rule, telescope. .22 revolver.

History: Reginald recived his PhD in astronomy at Oxford. even as a child hs had been fascinated with outerspace. He would look up at the stars at night and try to imagine what it would be like if he could see them and the planets up close. He has concluded that with the millions of planets out there their has to be some kind of life in the galaxy other than humans. This has led him to study stories of unidentified flying objects. He became obsessed with the subject, and eventually had to leave England if he wanted to keep his carrier and hobby.

He has moved to America and has taken a minor assistant professorship of astronomy at Miskatonic University. He has researched UFO through the American North east. He has talked to farmers, pilots, police, house wives and others about their encounters. He wrote a book called “American Saucers” telling these people’s stories. He had to publish it under a false name Roger Jenkins, so it won’t hurt his academic career. Since he has been traveling thorough out America, a country he sees as much more dangerous than his home, England, so he purchased a .22 revolver, though he only shot it at a gun range the day he bought it, so he is not a very experienced shot.
Recently people have been telling his stories about seeing strange things in the skies that are not the traditional buts and bolts UFOs that he is used to. Strange glowing and flying insect like creatures.

Playing Reginald: The good doctor feels superior to his American cousins but has an affection towards them as one might have a simple relative. He believes that science has answers to everything. He believes that because there is so many planets in space, they have to have other life on some of them. However, the recent stories witness have told him make him began to change what he thinks the aliens might look like.

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