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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Occupations Part 3B: Spycraft 1.0 Conversions

shadow foce archer


I just called the campaign for these characters Spycraft of Cthulhu, that’s my generic nickname for any intelligence themed cosmic horror setting. There are several espionage themed Call of  Cthulhu settings that they can be used in. Delta Green, The Laundry, and World War Cthulhu: Cold War. BRGP has a Berlin 61 Setting, so intelligence occupations would be a no brainer for those games. They should be playable for any game where the generic spy is allowable.  I marked for location Washington DC, because, well why not?

 These characters where designed for any scenario where the Keeper wanted a team of investigators with an intelligence background and are designed to be used out of the box as a team. They were all made using the quick fire 7ede CoC rules. If a keeper wants to capture the cinematic scope, they are encouraged to upgrade the players use the Cthulhu Pulp rules, or the rules form WWC:CW..

For a more experience team the keeper may want to allow the wWr, Police, Criminal or even the Mythos experience packages found in pages 61 and 62 in Call of Cthulhu Investigators Handbook, 7th ed. I have included a new example of a experienced character The Experienced Intelligence Operative. It has not been added to any of the examples but can easily be done if OK’d by the Keeper.


 Chose a starting age above 24.

Deduct: 1D10 from sanity

Add Phobia/Mania or scar to character.

Add 60 from the fallowing skills: Charm, Cryptography,  Computer use Demolitions, Diving, Drive (any), Fast talk,  Fighting (any), Firearms (any), Psychology, Spot hidden,  Stealth, Swim.

Note on character sheet: “Immune to seeing corpses or humans committing violence on another human.”

agent 4


Name: Javier Ramos

Codename: Montezuma.

Occupation: Faceman

Age: 25   Sex: Male

Residence: Washington DC

Birthplace: Juarez Mexico

 Campaign: Spycraft of Cthulhu.

Str: 50                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 70

 Con: 60                                 App: 80                                 Pow: 40

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

 Movement: 9                     Magic points: 4                  Damage Bonus: +1D4

Max Sanity: 40                 Current san: 40                  Hit points: 11

 Skills: Appraise: 25%, Charm: 70%, Disguise: 50%. Drive (auto): 45%, Fast talk: 60%, Firearms: (Handguns): 50%, Intimidate: 40%, Listen: 40%, Other languages (English): 40%. Own language (Spanish): 50%, Psychology: 60%, Sleight of hand: 40% Stealth: 40%.

Credit rating: 50%.

 Personal description: An attractive Hispanic man with youthful looks and soulful eyes.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Take what you need, but also take care your friends.

 Meaningful location: Where ever the money is.

 Favored Possession: Lucky rabbit’s foot.

 Injuries/Scars: None

Gear: Cell phone, Chic clothing, disguise kit, cosmetic jewelry,.357 Revolver.

 History: A grifter and a confidence man Javier moved to Mexico City where he joined a gang of scammers and hucksters.  He made a decent living by conning people who could afford it, but eventually was caught by the Federalies. He was offered a reduced sentence if he became a prosecution witness against his former gang members. He declined and spent a year in jail, but was suddenly released by a mysterious organization on the condition that he would help then combat the supernatural.

 Playing Javier: He is greedy and loves playing the rich and elite for fools. Though he is also extremely loyal to those who are loyal to him, and if someone is loyal to him he will defend and protect them against everything that might try to hurt them.


agent 5 

Name: Bothild Jeanneret

Codename: Artemis

Occupation: Fixer

Age: 36   Sex: Female

Residence: Washington DC

Birthplace: Bren Switzerland.

 Campaign: Spycraft of Cthulhu.

 Str: 80                                   Dex: 50                                 Int: 50

 Con: 70                                 App: 60                                 Pow: 60

 Size: 60                                 Edu: 40                                 Luck: 55

 Movement:7                      Magic points: 6                  Damage Bonus: +1D4

Max Sanity: 60                 Current san: 60                  Hit points:13

 Skills: Charm: 60%, Drive (Automobile): 40%, Fighting (Brawl): 70%, Firearms (Handguns): 60%, Firearms (Shotguns/rifle): 45%, First aid: 50%, Intimidate: 50%, Occultism: 25%,  Other language (English): 40%, Other language (French): 21%, Own language (German): 40%,  Lockpick: 50%, Stealth: 50%,

Credit rating: 40%.

 Personal description: Tall Blonde woman with large muscles and a pretty face.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: If it gets in your way, hit it.

 Meaningful location: The gym.

 favored Possession: Beat up German translation of The Day of Magicians.

 Injuries/Scars: Some scars form scuffles but nothing major.

 Gear: Workout clothes. Cellphone, a few occult trade paperbacks, first aid kit. Glock 17. 

 History: A large strong yet attractive woman Bothild, got a sports scholarship but hated school and dropped out in her first semester. She was kicked out of her home by her parents (Both college teachers) and lived on the street. She made money as a bouncer, bodyguard and leg breaker for petty criminals. Somehow, she was able to stay one step ahead of the law. She was not much of a reader in general but she has always entertained herself with books about the occult. Recently she was recruited by a shadow organization to put her muscle to use against supernatural forces.

 Playing Bothild: She believes in conspiracy theories and the supernatural. She also believes that enough force can solve any problems.


agent 9


Name: Dieter Wagner

Codename: Viking.

Occupation: Piontman

Age:  33  Sex: Male.

Residence: Washington DC.

Birthplace: Bonn Germany.

 Campaign: Call of Spycraft.

 Str: 50                                   Dex: 60                                 Int:70

 Con: 50                                 App: 40                                 Pow: 80

 Size: 50                                 Edu 60                                   Luck: 55

 Movement:  8                    Magic points: 8                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 80                   Current san: 80                 Hit points: 10

 Skills: Computer use: 40%, Drive (Auto): 40%,  Firearms (Handguns): 60%, Intimidate; 50%, Law: 40%, Occult: 60%, Other language: (English): 50%, Other language; (French): 21%, Own Language (German): 60%, Science (Forensics): 70%, Spot hidden: 45%, Spycraft: 50%,

Credit rating: 40%.

 Personal description: Average size man, with a beard, often wears an unkempt suit.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: The team comes before the individual, don’t give up.

 Meaningful location: Mountain cabin in Bavaria.

 Favorite Possession: Photographs of his team.

 Injuries/Scars: None.

 History: Dieter joined the Munich police force after graduating collage, and with in a few years he made detective. Soon after that he was moved to a secret department called The Basement. He investigated crimes that didn’t seem to have a rational explanation or were politically hot potatoes. Though he never personally encountered the supernatural, he saw enough to make him a believer. He recently quit the force and joined a team of international investigators.

 Playing Dieter: He can be gruff and short with people outside his team, but he sees his fellow team members as family. He is a born leader and realizes he will need to ask his team to put their life in jeopardy, but he will never do it frivolously and without serious thought.


agent 6


Name: Helena Sage

Codename: Lioness.

Occupation: High Roller

Age:  30  Sex: Female

Residence: Washington DC.

Birthplace: Hong Kong.

 Campaign: Call of Spycraft.

 Str: 40                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 70

 Con: 50                                 App: 80                                 Pow: 60

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck:

 Movement: 8                     Magic points: 6                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 60                   Current san: 60                  Hit points: 10

 Skills: Charm: 80%, Computer use: 50%, Drive (Automobile): 40%, Firearms (Handguns): 50%, Fighting (Brawl): 45%, Gamble: 60%, Other Language (Cantonese): 40%,  Own Language (English): 50%. Persuade: 50%, Pilot (Powerboats): 21%, Psychology: 30%, Stealth: 40%.

Credit rating: 70%.

 Personal description: Thin attractive blonde woman who usually wears expensive white clothing. Has a faint English accent. 

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Always make your own luck.

 Meaningful location: Hong Kong.

 Treasured possession: Lucky diamond ring.

 Gear: Cell phone, Lap top, dice, deck of cards, expensive clothes, Walther PPK .380 automatic.

 Injuries/Scars: None.

 History: Born in English Hong Kong, her mother was a diplomat and her father an MI-6 Agent. Helena Sage has spent most of her adult life as a professional gambler and industrial spy. Unlike many spies who keep a low profile, Helena lives large and loves the high life. Though she can be very deadly she is most the most dangerous when she is smiling and charming.

 Playing Helena: Take chances but make sure the odds are in your favor first. To her poker, baccarat and other card games are more games of skill than games of chance. You may need to cheat to win but it isn’t really cheating if you don’t get caught. She is always smiling and charming even when it is a façade.

agent 1

Name: Donald “Donnie” Truffaut

Codename: Tesla.

Occupation: Snoop

Age:  30  Sex: Male

Residence: Washington DC

Birthplace: Detroit MI

 Campaign: Spycraft of Cthulhu

 Str: 50                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 80

 Con: 40                                 App: 60                                 Pow: 60

 Size: 50                                 Edu: 70                                 Luck: 55

Movement: 8                     Magic points: 6                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 60                 Current san: 60                  Hit points: 9

Skills: Arts/Craft (Photography): 50%, Computer use: 70%, Cryptology: 60%. Diving: 21% Electronics Repair: 60%,  Fast talk: 40%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%,  Firearms (Handguns): 40%, Own language (English): 70%, Persuade: 50%, Spycraft: 50%, Swimming: 40%

Credit rating: 40%.

 Personal description: African American with a crewcut, often wears sunglasses.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Technology can conquer anything.

 Meaningful location: Cyberspace.

 Favored Possession: Sunglasses.

 Gear: Computer, cell phone, diving gear and scuba tanks, electronic tools. Diving knife, .48 M1911.

 Injuries/Scars: None.

 History: Donnie used his intelligence to escape his roots in poor urban Detroit and got an Master’s degree from MIT in computer science. After he graduated instead of taking a job at Silicon Valley, he became a private investigator, specializing in high tech investigations. He was a good investigator but not such a good businessman so his company flounder despite their success in the cases they were investigating.  He was approached by a mysterious organization that would clear out his debts if he helped them investigate certain mysteries.

 Playing Donnie: He thinks technology gives him an advantage in any situation. If he has two choices and all other things are equal, then he will go with the most high-tech possibility. This reliance of technology can also be his Achilles heel it isn’t working perfectly. So, he is always checking and trying to improve his techs. He can also be a bit arrogant because of intelligence, and judges others on their knowledge and education.


agent 3

Name: Dawn Foose

Codename: Titan

Occupation: Wheelman

Age:   27  Sex: Female.

Residence: Washington DC

Birthplace: Tacoma WA

 Campaign: Spycraft of Cthulhu.

 Str: 40                                   Dex; 80                                 Int: 60

Con: 50                                 App: 70                                 Pow: 60

Size: 50                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

Movement: 8                     Magic points: 6                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 60                 Current san: 60                  Hit points: 10

Skills: Arts/craft (Weaponsmith): 50%, Drive (automobile): 60%, Fighting (Brawl): 45%, Firearms (Vehicle weapons): 60%, Firearms (Handguns): 40%, Firearms (Submachineguns): 40% Mechanical repair; 50%, Navigate: 40%, Other language; (Spanish): 21%, Own language (English): 50%, Pilot (Helicopter): 70% Science (Aeronautical engineering): 40%, Survival (Jungle): 30%

Credit rating: 40%.

Personal description: An attractive woman with pale hair and a clam look on her face.

 Ideology/Personal beliefs: Do right and do it right.

 Meaningful location: south America

 favored Possession: Any helicopter she has access too.

 Injuries/Scars: None.

 Gear: Jump suit, cellphone, 2 km radio x6, Combat knife, MP 5, Beretta 92.

 History: Dawn always wanted to be a pilot She got a bachelor’s degree aeronautical engineering and became a warrant officer in US Army. She was given the assignment of flying covert helicopters in a secret war in South America. Her helicopter was shot down once by rebels and spent the night surviving in the jungle. In the night she thought she could see strange figures in the darkness, but they weren’t quite humans. She was rescued but then drummed out of the service. She was then approached by a private company to fly a team around and maybe find out more about what she saw that night in the jungle.

 Playing Dawn: She is cool and calm in the field and loves flying above anything else.

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