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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Occupations: Part 2B The 1920’s & 30’s

1920 giode



The 1920’s and to a lesser extent the 1930’s are the prime-time period for The Call of Cthulhu Role Playing Game. It is the time that Lovecraft himself was actively writing.  As well as other writers like Clark Ashton Smith, and Robert E Howard. This was the original setting for the game, and the period of time that the largest amount of pre-written scenarios are placed.

Here are 6 characters that are suitable for both PCs and NPCs. They are all based on the quick fire rules.


Four Bessie, Thaddeus, Annie, and Marius, are based on the standard games.

Two, The Nocturnal The Uncanny Constantine are based on Cthulhu Pulp rules. The Nocturnal because the occupation just screams to be played in a pulp setting and Constantine because he was my character in a friend’s Pulp game.


Hope you enjoy them.


African flaper

Being a flapper transcends color


Name: Elizabeth “Bessie” Johnson

Occupation: Flapper

Age:  26   Sex: Female

Residence: Harlem NY

Birthplace: Slidell LA

Campaign: Classic call of Cthulhu or Harlem Unbound.

Str: 40                                   Dex; 50                                 Int: 60

Con: 50                                 App: 70                                 Pow: 80

Size: 50                                 Edu: 60                                 Luck:

Movement:  7                    Magic points: 8                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 80                   Current san: 80                 HP: 9

Skills: Accounting: 60%, Art/craft: (Dance): 70%. Arts craft (Sewing): 40%, Charm: 60%, Drive (Automobile): 40%, Fast talk: 50%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%, Jaz Culture: 50%, Occultism: 25%, Other language (Creole French): 21% Own language (English):60%, Swim: 50%.

Credit rating: 40%.

Personal description: Young dark-skinned woman of African descent. During the day she wears conseritives work clothing, at night she wares traditional flapper attire.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: She believes that being a flapper and having the same experiences as thousands of other girls across America makes her truly equal for the first time in he life. She is unfortunately aware white pers do not believe this.

Meaningful location: The Candy Club in downtown Harlem.

Favored Possessions: Her flapper clothing.

Injuries/Scars: None.

Gear: Work clothes, flapper clothes, purse, Model A, knife.

History: Bessie was born in Slidell Louisiana. Her grandmother who was part Cajon, would often tell her stories of voodoo doctors and monsters when she was a child. Her mother taught her to be a lady all the time, but on occasion she would have to defend herself and has learn to fight, when she had to. After high school she got a job as a seamstress.

When she got a chance to move to New York with a cousin who had moved north she jumped at. She was original a seamstress after she moved but she saved up her money and went to night school and studied accounting and now works as a teller in the First National Credit Bank of Harlem, a much better job than she would have ever gotten south of the mason Dixon line.

She has embraced the new flapper movement, she finds this empowering both as a black person and as a woman. This allows her to share with the world a confident, empowered and sexy version that she has hid all her life, and still hides during the day at the bank.

Recently some of the women of Harlem have begun to disappear. Oddly enough these disappearances are similar to some of the old stories that her grandmother used to tell her.

Playing: Bessie has to be conservative and dull at work but can be the real her for her first time with her peers as a flapper. She loves the empowerment that the movement gives her. She considers herself an urbane citizen of New York, but always remembers where she is form. This is why she is so concern about the recent disappearances of women that seem close to her grandmother’s stories.


Life guard

Thaddeus is on the job


Name: Thaddeus Moreland

Occupation: Lifeguard

Age:  27   Sex: Male.

Residence: Kingsport MA.

Birthplace: Arkham MA.

Campaign: classic call of Cuthlhu.

Str: 70                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 40

Con: 80                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 50

Size: 60                                 Edu 50                                   Luck: 55

Movement:   8                   Magic points:     5              Damage Bonus: +1d4.

Max Sanity: 50                   Current san: 50                 HP: 14


Skills: Art/Craft (whittling): 50%, Intimidate: 50%, Fighting (Brawling): 45%, Fire Arms (Handguns): 40% First aid: 60%, Natural world: 70%k, Pilot (Power boat): 21%, Own language (English): 50%, Pilot (Row boat): 60%, Spot hidden: 50%, Survival (Ocean/beach): 40%, Swim: 70%,

Credit rating: 40%.

Personal description: A well-muscled man with a large mustache.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: If its drowning save it, if it is dangerous punch it.

Meaningful location: The beach

favored Possession: Whittling knife.

Injuries/Scars: A few scratches from being tossed by waves.

Gear: Flotation device, ropes swinging gear, wooden dinghy, First aid kit. whittling knife, .32 revolver.

History: Thaddeus not be the smartest guy in the state, but he his heart is in the right place. He really does care about people, that and the fact that he is such a good swimmer made him choose to be a lifeguard. He loves the ocean and the beach and ocean. He has a shack on the beach where he lives and in general is pretty content with his life.

Recently he discovered large strange web-towed footprints coming out and going back into the water, he is unable to identify them.

Playing Thaddeus: He really does take pride in the fact that people’s lives are in his hand. He enjoys trying to save people, and though not suicidal he is willing to risk his life to save others. If something attacks him his response is to punch it or shoot at it.

artic explorer

I would like baocn and a side order of Skjeggstad


Name: Marius Skjeggstad

Occupation: Antarctic explorer

Age: 39   Sex: male.

Residence: Bergen Norway.

Birthplace: Oslo Norway

Campaign: Beyond the Mountains of Madness or Classic Call of Cthulhu.

Str: 50                                   Dex; 40                                 Int: 80

Con: 60                                 App: 50                                 Pow: 50

Size: 60                                 Edu 70                                   Luck: 55

Movement: 7                     Magic points: 5                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 50                   Current san: 50

Skills: Art/craft (Shelter building): 40, Climb: 40%, Drive (Dogsled): 50%, Firearms (Rifle): 40%, First aid: 40%, Natural world: 60%, Navigation: 50%, Own language (Norwegian): 70% (Science (Geology): 60%, Survival (Artic): 70%,

Credit rating: 50%

Physical description: At 6’ he is a tall man with reddish-blond hair and beard.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Brave men will discover new worlds.

Meaningful location: The Antarctic

favored Possession:

Injuries/Scars: None.

Gear: Arctic clothing, dogsled, survival kit, .303 Lee Enfield rifle.

History: Born in the land of the midnight sun, Marius Skjeggstad ha always wanted to explore lands, and now has the chance to discover a place where there no man has been before, the Antarctic. He attended the University of Oslo and obtained a degree in Geology, as well as trained for years in survival in such a inhospitable area.

He has been in many expiration=s in the Antarctic and hopes to lead one to the South Pole soon. He has met many fellow explores and has shared experiences and theories about the pole. Recently he has heard about strange things happening and being sighted by other Antarctic explores.

Playing Marius: Anything can be done if you put the full force of your will into it. He thrills at the prospect of exploring new lands and being the first human to set foot in an unexplored lace.


Wing walker

Annie are you OK?


Name: Annie Kincade

Occupation: Wing walker

Age: 24    Sex: Female.

Residence: Travels the American Midwest.

Birthplace: St. Peters MO.

Campaign: Classic Call of Cthulhu.

Str: 50                                   Dex; 80                                 Int: 60

Con: 50                                 App: 60                                 Pow 70

Size: 50                                 Edu 40                                   Luck: 55

Movement: 8                     Magic points: 7                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 70                   Current san: 70                  HP: 10

Skills: Arts/craft (painting): 40%, Climbing: 70%, Dodge: 75%, Fast talk: 60%, Firearms: (Handguns): 45%,Mechanical repair: 50%, Navigation: 80% Parachuting: 50%, Pilot (Airplane): 60%, Science (Aeronautical engineering): 40%,  Science (Meteorology): 21%,

Physical description: A medium sized white woman who has a tom boyish look ot her.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: She is only truly free when she is in the air.

Meaningful location: the sky.

favored Possession: Her crashed airplane.

Injuries/Scars: A few small scars on her leg form the plane crash.

History: Annie fell in love the first time she saw an airplane, not with the pilot but the plane itself. From that day at a county fair at age 10 she knew she was supposed to be up in the air with the birds. She ran away from home at the age of 14 to follow a ‘flying circus’. She started out taking tickets and painting and washing the planes until she finial got a biplane of her own.

Unfortunately last year she crashed her plane, luckily she survived only slightly injured., but it destroyed her plane. She took the job of doing parachuting and wing walking shows so she could stay with the flying circus and not have to go back to doing the planes’ upkeep again. She has been trying to encourage her pilot to take more risks, so she can get more money to get a new plane faster.

Recently however she has had the strangest feeling that when she is in the air that there is something else with her, something she cannot see and no one else can sense.

Playing: Annie wants to fly more than she wants to breath. It is her passion and reason to live. Doing wing waking acts and parachuting is enjoyable but doesn’t give her the thrill that she gets from controlling the plane. She is very brave almost to foolish level.


Uncanny Constintine

The Uncanny Constantine

Name: Konstanz Zilberfarb (AKA Constantine Silver AKA The Uncanny Constantine)

Occupation: Stage magician.

Age:  32  Sex: Male.

Residence: Boston MA

Birthplace: Bronx NY

Campaign: Pulp Cthulhu

Str: 40                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 90

Con: 50                                 App: 70                                 Pow 80

Size: 50                                 Edu: 60                                 Luck: 65

Template: Seeker.

Talent: Keen sight and Keen hearing.

Movement: 7                     Magic points: 8                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity: 80                   Current san: 80                  Hit points: 20

Skills: Sleight of hand: 80%, lockpick: 70%, Charm; 60% listen: 85%, Craft (Magic props) 50%, Persuade: 50%, Psychology: 50%, Occultism: 50%, Disguise: 40%, Stealth: 40%, Science (Physics): 21%, Read lips: 21%, Spot hidden: 50%, Fighting (Sword): 40% Dodge: 30%, Yiddish: 21%.

Credit rating: 70%,

Physical description: A well-manicured man, who wares expensive suits.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: The truth can always be found, never take anything on it face value.

Meaningful location: His theater in Boston, The Miracle.

Favorite Possession:  Well-thumbed deck of cards.

Injuries/Scars: None.

Gear: Bespoke suit with hidden pockets, lock pick set, 4 smoke pellets, 2 decks of cards. Silk scarfs, and other magic props. Sword cane

History: Born from eastern European Jewish refugees, his grandmother would often tell him the scary folk stories of the old country. He was both fascinated with them, but also had at an early age a desire to disprove them. By high school he learned magic tricks and escape arts feats, soon made a descent amount of money by becoming a stage magician. One of the things that allows him to expose fakes is his incredible senses of hearing and sight.

He added to his fame by disproving fake occultist. He thinks that 95% of the paranormal is just crap. He thinks that no matter what there is a scientific explanation behind the rare example of the occult that are true. He is willing to accept that there must be life on some of the many worlds in the galaxy, but they will be very alien, and he is not sure how they travel the distance of space. He thinks that psychic powers are possible but very rare.

Playing Constantine: He is almost always putting on an act of the flashy entertainer and rarely lets his guard down. Science and logic must always prevail. There may be things out there that seem ‘magical’ but they are just a science we do not understand.




I am The Nocturnal


Name: Dr. Gordon Smith (AKA Nocturnal)

Occupation: Masked Vigilante

Age: 32   Sex: Male.

Residence: New York NY.

Birthplace: Albany Ny.

Campaign: Pulp Cthulhu.

Str: 60                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 90

Con: 70                                 App: 50                                 Pow 40

Size: 50                                 Edu: 80                                 Luck:65

Movement: 9                     Magic points: 4                  Damage Bonus: +1d4

Max Sanity: 40                 Current san: 40                HP: 26

Template: Hardened.

Traits: Harden, Fleet footed.

Skills:  Disguise: 55%, Dodge: 70% Drive (Automobile): 40%, Fighting (Brawl): 80%, Firearms (Handguns): 75%, First aid; 50%,  Intimidate: 75%, Law: 30$ Persuade: 50% Psychology: 80%, Other language; (German) 21%, Own language (English): 80%,  Spot hidden: 45%, Science (Biology): 21% Stealth: 60%,

Personal description: By day an average looking professional in a suit, at night he wears a dark suit with a mask.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: IF someone has to be the sinner it might as well be him.

Meaningful location: His Alma matter Brown University.

Favorite Possession: His trusty M1911 .45

Injuries/Scars: He gets bruises form his fights but nothing that lasts.

History: Brilliant Gordon (Gord to his friends) Smith went to Brown University to study the new science of psychology, and after graduation moved to New York City to work for that city’s police department. He began helping and working with the police offers with their problems. At first, they were very weary of this outsider and his new ways, but soon found that he was on their side and opened up to him. Though the use of excessive force by the police is allowed it takes a toll on them. Seeing how much it was hurting the officers, Dr. Smith decided to do something about it.

He developed an alter ego The Nocturnal, a masked vigilante who attacks criminals at night. So far, he has been relatively effective with it. Ironically the police see that The Nocturnal as just another criminal. Recently he has come across some cannibal murders that defy description.

Playing The Nocturnal: Gordon is much closer to losing it than he realizes. Hence the low Pow, He psychoanalyzes everyone but himself. He knows if he fights crime harder, the police will see that he is helping them. He uses his knowledge of psychology as a weapon n is war with the syndicates.

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