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7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Occupations: Part 1B The 1800’s


Down darker trails


My last post I introduced six new Call of Cthulhu occupations, for there 1800’s settings, the American west Down Darker trails and The Victorian Age Cthulhu by gaslight. Here are examples of the occupations. They should be suitable for keeper NPC’s or investigator’s PC.


The first four, Adventuress, Black Smith, Buffalo Solider and the Chinese Immigrant are based on 7th ed CoC quick fire character creation rules. Standard. The last two, The Consulting Detective and the Steampunk are based on 7th edition Pulp Cthulhu rules. It should be easy enough for keepers and investigators to switch them out to the other rules. If a keeper is running a standard rule 1800’s game, they may want to use The Steampunk or consulting detective as a patron, to give missions to a team of investigators, in that case it shouldn’t matter that they are a bit more powerful.


I arbitrarily set Luck for standard characters at 55 (The statistical average) and Pulp at 65 (A tad higher) that can be replaced by a role of 3D6x5 or set by the keeper.


As a pulp character Juliana Pentecost gets some kind of salvaged weird science device, that should be agreed on by the Keeper and the investigator it could be anything from a Yithian lighting gun to a steam power jetpack.


Hope this is useful.


the adventeress

Abagail Frost


Name: Abagail Frost

Occupation: Adventuress

Age:  26  Sex: Female

Residence: Travels throughout Europe not one set location.

Birthplace: A country village outside of London.


Campaign: Cthulhu by gaslight.


Str: 50                                   Dex: 60                                 Int: 70

Con: 50                                 App: 80                                 Pow: 60

Size: 40                                 Edu 50                                   Luck: 55

Movement:  9                    Magic points: 9                  Damage Bonus: +0

Max Sanity:  60                 Current san: 60                  HP: 9


Skills: Art/Craft (Acting) 70%, Art/Craft (Sinning) 60%. Charm: 60%, Disguise: 50%  Fast talk: 50% Fighting (Brawling): 45%, Firearms(Handguns) 40% Occultism 25%, Other Language (Italian): 40% Own language (English): 50% Ride: 50%. Stealth: 40%

Credit rating: 40%

Physical description: Attractive but shot (5’ 1”) she has shoulder length curly black hair and greenish hazel eyes. As an actress she is very good at disguises and uses makeup and wigs to change her appearance.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Women are just as good as men, and anyone who says otherwise can go to hell.

Meaningful location: The Stage on the Broadspire Theater in London where she first started her acting career.


Favored Possession: A locket with a lock he her lost love’s hair.

Injuries/Scars: None.

Gear: A .22 Sharpes No 1A Repeater Derringer, Several wigs of different length and color, makeup kit.

History: The woman who calls herself Abigail Frost was born Mildred Ghastinghouse in a farm about a 100 miles from London. All she ever wanted to be was a famous actress her father a local priest with the CoE felt it was a sin and would lock her in room without supper when he found her pretending to be a thespian. At 16 she realized if she stayed in her village she would become a farmer’s wife and never live her dreams, so she ran away and changed her name once she got to London. Partly to forget her past and partly because she thought it was too long to fit on a theater’s market.


Theater life was not easy, and she would often go hungry due to the lack of attendance, but she thoroughly enjoyed her life. One day she received a red rose after a performance, it was from Earl Godfrey McGuire, the two fell in love and took her across Europe showing her his passion, Europe’s sacred sights. He believed in all kinds of superstitions and occult beliefs. One day in France they were attacked by masked men, and he was mortally wounded. Before he died he told her that he believed that they were attacked by someone trying to keep the secrets of supernatural from him.


She received an inheritance from the earl, the rest went to his estranged and possibly mad wife. She now travels Europe as an actress looking for likeminded people who can help her continue her Lover’s crusade against the darkness.


Playing Abigail: Stubborn but only when she knows she is right. She really believes a woman is as good as a man. However, she isn’t against using her feminine whiles and a man’s arrogance to her betterment. Since the earl’s death she knows how deadly her new path can be, but his memory keeps her crusading against the darkness.



Amos Baldwin



Name: Amos Baldwin

Occupation: Blacksmith

Age:  29  Sex: Male

Residence: Toadstool  TX

Birthplace: Toadstool TX


Campaign: Down Darker Trails


Str: 80                                   Dex; 60                                 Int: 40

Con: 60                                 App: 60                                 Pow: 50

Size: 70                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

Movement: 7                     Magic points:                     Damage Bonus: +1D4.

Max Sanity:  50               Current san: 50                 HP: 13

Skills: Appraise: 40%, Art/Craft (Blacksmith) 70%, Arts/Craft (Barrel making) 25%, Fighting (Brawl): 60%, Firearms (Rifle): 45%, Intimidate: 50%, Mechanical repair: 60%, Own language (English): 50%, Pilot (Wagon): 50%, Ride: 40%, Rope Use: 50%, Spot hidden; 45%, Thrown: 40%

Credit rating: 40%

Personal description: A large man with many muscles and dark hair. A lot of the local girls find him attractive.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Hard work brings results.

Meaningful location: His forge.

Favored possession:  His hammer and anvil.

Gear: Large hammer, anvil, and forge, horse and a .44 Henry Rifle.

Injuries/Scars: None

History: Amos comes from a long line of blacksmiths, in the town of Toadstool Texas. He went to school because his pappy made him, but once he got past reading writing and simple math, he was apprenticed to his father as a blacksmith.  Most of his education score comes form his training as a blacksmith. His father died a few years ago from a heart attack working his forage and then Amos took over the family business.

Though probably the most eligible bachelor in all of Toadstool he is not married, and the fact that Toadstool is an overnight stop for the coach to seduce women traveling. Many men of the town would find this behavior scandalous but don’t say anything because he is the only blacksmith they have and at least he doesn’t seem to be interested in their wives and daughters.

Recently he has noticed that coach passengers seem to be traveling through Toadstool but never seem to pass this way on their way back. Especially women who seem excited to see him again on their way back.  The rest of the town doesn’t seem to be interested in this, so he has taken on himself to find out what is happening.

Playing Amos: He is strong and skilled if not the most sophisticated and educated individual. He has special skill that the town needs and he knows it. There is nothing he feels he can’t do with enough muscle and hard work. He is flirtatious but prefers women traveling through rather than local women. This allows him to have more partners.



Cpl Jefferson

Cpl. Fredrick Jefferson


Name: Cpl. Fredrick Jefferson

Occupation: Buffalo Solider

Age: 39   Sex: M

Residence: Any where in the American West

Birthplace: Natchez MS


Campaign: Down Darker Trails


Str: 60                                   Dex: 70                                 Int: 50

Con: 80                                 App: 40                                 Pow: 60

Size: 50                                 Edu: 50                                 Luck: 55

Movement:  9                    Magic points:6                   Damage Bonus: +1D4

Max Sanity: 60                 Current san: 60                  HP: 12.

Skills: Arts/Craft (Bugle): 50%. Fighting (Brawl): 50 Firearms (Handgun): 45%, Firearms (Rifle): 60%, First aid: 40%, Gambling; 30%, Intimidate: 40%. Own Language (English): 50%, Other Language (Navajo): 20%, Natural World: 40%, Navigate: 30%, Survival (Desert): 70%, Track: 50%.

Credit rating: 20%

Personal description: Well-muscled dark-skinned man of African descent. Spending his life on the desert has make him look older than he is.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Be free and respect nature.

Meaningful location: the dessert.

Trusted Possession: Lucky bugle.

Injuries/Scars: Scar on his back from when he was whipped as a slave.

Gear: Horse, saddle and tack, canteens, bed roll, saddlebags. Deck of cards, .44 Colt Army revolver. 45-70 Trapdoor rifle, a beat-up buffalo.

History: Born and raised a slave on a Mississippi plantation, he received his freedom at the end of the Civil War. He saw the blue clad federal troops as the source of his freedom. And joined the army as soon as he could. The reality of being a solider of African and descent in the American cavalry was did not bring the opportunities he thought it would, but Fredrick cannot say that it is all bad. He enjoys the comradery he has with his fellow buffalo soldiers, he loves the American western desert, and respects his Native American adversaries.

After over twenty years of services he has retired from the military and become a drifter. He travels throughout the southwest, taking day jobs (and an occasional poker game) to feed himself and allow him travel on to discover more of the western US. Recently he has been hearing more stories about strange things in the desert than he had in the past. Somehow these stories seem to ring truer than the superstition old wives’ tales he had heard in the past.

Playing Fredrick: Personal freedom and freedom of others is of the utmost importance. He knows personally how destructive slavery can be. He respects Native Americans and their beliefs. The years he spent in the military have made him a team player. He can be a leader if called upon to be but is more than willing to follow well thought out orders.


Yu Chan

Yu chan


Name: Yu Chan

Occupation: Chinese immigrant

Age:  30   Sex: male

Residence: San Francisco CA.

Birthplace: Small village in rural China.


Campaign: Down Darker Trails.


Str: 50                                   Dex: 50                                 Int: 60

Con: 50                                 App: 60                                 Pow: 80

Size: 40                                 Edu: 70                                 Luck: 55

Movement:  9                    Magic points: 5                  Damage Bonus: 0

Max Sanity: 80                   Current san: 80                  HP: 9

Skills: Art/ Craft (Calligraphy): 40%, Arts/Craft (Chinese herbalism)”: 70%, Fighting: (Ax): 50, Fighting (Brawl): 50%, Fast talk: 50%, First aid: 60%, Lore (Chinese myths and legends): 50%, Medicine: 60%, Other language (English) 50% Own language (Mandarin): 70%, Spot hidden: 45%, Swim: 40%.

Credit rating: 25%.

Personal description: A dark skinned Chinese man who wears traditional clothes.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: Respect new ways but keep the old way close to your hearts.

Meaningful location: The village he grew up in.

Favored Possession: Silver set of acupuncture needles.

Gear: Silver acupuncture needles and acupuncture charts, traditional clothing, a mortar and pistil and traditional herbs.  a hatchet.

Injuries/Scars: none.

History: Yu Chan came was trained in the traditional arts of healing in his native China and traveled to America with a wave of Chinese immigrants five years ago. He respects much about this new land but is surprised by the way that many American’s treat immigrants here. Though a respected healer he doesn’t make a lot of money, because his patients don’t have much to give.

It has bene clear to Yu Chan that some supernatural dangers have followed the Chinese to the new world. That and that there are creatures native to the Americas that the Europeans chose not to see. This makes them an easy victim to the things that live in the dark. As a healer he has taken upon himself to protect his people and anyone else who comes to him to defend them from the things man was not meant to know about.

Playing: He doesn’t want to cause problems, but he will not let anyone hurt or take advantage of his people and is willing to use force for self-defense. He tries to be respectful of the ways of the American but demand the same respect for his beliefs too.  By nature, he is a healer and a protector, but that doesn’t mean throwing his life away for no reason.



Bertram St. John-Whyte


Name: Bertram St. John-Whyte

Occupation: Consulting Detective

Age: 32   Sex: Male

Residence: London

Birthplace: Bristol England


Campaign: Cthulhu by Gaslight (Pulp).


Str: 50                                   Dex: 60                                Int: 90

Con: 40                                 App: 60                                 Pow: 70

Size: 50                                 Edu: 80                                 Luck: 65


Movement: 8                     Magic points: 7                  Damage Bonus: 0

Max Sanity:  70                 Current san: 70                  HP: 10

Pulp Archetype: Scholar.

Talents: Sharp witted, Keen Vision.

Skills: Anthropology: 70%, Law: 50%, Library use: 85%, Listen: 50%, Fighting (Brawling) 45%, Firearms (Handguns): 45%, Other language: French): 21%, Other language (Latin): 25%, Other language (German): 21%, Own language (English): 80%, Persuade: 40% Psychology: 60%, Science (Biology): 60%, Science (Forensics): 21%, Science (Chemistry): 90%, Spot hidden: 80%,

Personal description: An attractive man with a beard, who has fiercely brilliant eyes.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: The truth and the law are above all.

Meaningful location: His study in his apartment.

Favored Possession: His freshman college chemistry text books. Webley Mk II revolver.

Injuries/Scars: None.

Gear: Microscope, magnifying glass, chemical compounds,

History: Bertram was a prodigy graduating college with a PhD in chemistry from Oxford at 22. In the decade since he has established himself as a top consulting detective. Police and Inquiry agents throughout the content come to him with their hardest cases. He often is able to crack nearly impossible cases without leaving his sitting room.

Though recently he is getting more and more cases that can only be explained with a supernatural answer. It is not that he is beginning to believe that superstitions are real, rather that they are made human explanations for sciences that humanity does not have a firm grasp on. Invisible monster is magical, it just that Earthlings are only beginning to discover basic of optics. He finds these cases intriguing and is forcing him to leave his apartment more and more to find the answers to the questions his cases bring to him.

Playing Bertram: Truth and science is everything. If something cannot be explained by science, it is the human race’s lack of knowledge. Magic is just advance science. Always challenge your belief and science. He is obviously brilliant and at times it may make him feel and act a bit superior.



Juliana “Jet” Pentecost



Name: Juliana “Jet” Pentecost

Occupation: Steampunk.

Age:  26  Sex: Female.

Residence: Huston TX

Birthplace: Dallas Texas, Republic of Texas (another dimension)




Str: 40                                   Dex; 90                                 Int: 70

Con: 50                                 App: 80                                 Pow 60

Size: 50                                 Edu 60                                   Luck: 65


Movement: 9                     Magic points: 6                  Damage Bonus: 0

Max Sanity:  50   Current san:  50

Talent: Gadget, Mythos knowledge.

Pulp Archetype: Adventurer.

Skills: Art/craft (Blacksmithing): 50% Climb; 40%, First aid: 80%Fighting (Brawling): 60 Firearms (Handguns): 70% Jump; 40%, Mechanical Repair: 80%, Own language (English): 60%, Navigate: 30%, Persuade: 70%, Pilot (Dirigible): 60%, Science (Physics): 60%, Stealth: 60%, Swim: 40%

Credit rating: 40%

Mythos knowledge: 10%

Personal description: An attractive woman with sandy blonde hair, who wears clothing slightly different than the current trend.

Ideology/Personal beliefs: The world needs to know what danger’s hide in the dark.

Meaningful location: Her old dimension

Favored possession: A treasured relic from her dimension that she salvaged from the wreck of The Reliable.

Injuries/Scars: A few scared from the derailable crash but fortunately they can normally be concealed by clothing.

History: Juliana Pentecost (jet to her friends) was traveling on her Uncle Wilson’s dirigible The Reliable across the Republic of Texas, to fight an alien horror when a freak storm appeared and caused the airship to crash. She was the only survivor and when she found civilization she soon discovered she was no longer in her dimension.

This world is close to the one she was born in but there are some significant differences. For one Texas did not stay a republic and is part of the United States. This world is nowhere as progressive on women’s rights as her home was. They also lack some of the marvelous tech of her world. And most importantly, they are oblivious to the alien monstrosities trying to destroy the planet.

While she is trying to find a way back to her home dimension, she has set up base in Houston Texas and acting as a patron to people have had some kind of experience with the alien entities that she crusaded against on her home world.

Playing Jet: Though she tried=s not show it, she feels superior to the people on this world. She scoffs at their quaint and horrendous view of women and minorities. She tries to do things that will help women here, but that is seconded to her desire to fight the mythos and recruit people who are willing to believe her and stand alongside her in that fight.























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