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Playing Vincent Price Tag.

VP 2


So, this morning I got tagged by friend my Dominique Lamssies, in a game of Vincent Price tag. Where you answer 10 questions about the great Vincent Price, and I thought why should I just share this with Facebook (and Cambridge Analytica) when I could share it on DCotU. So here it is.

I was afraid at first that Dominique and my answers would over lap and in reality, we only  matched on two out of ten times, and even then our reasoning was different. I guess in the end this tells you more about me than Mr. Price, but hope you enjoy and maybe you will learn something new.



1.)    What is your favorite Vincent Price horror film?


The Raven. I know that it is a shlocky Corman movie but I like it for personal reasons. I grey up in the greater LA area, and every weekend we would watch Family Film Festival with  Tom Hatten that is where I first saw Space Battleship Yamato, and Frankenstein Vs Werewolf , It is also where I first saw The Raven, with my cousins on my grandparents couch. So, when I think of the movie I think about family and how much fun my sister and I had with our cousins. That movie will always be something that triggers and emotional response.

No saving throws

Quoth the DM “No saving throws for Magic Missiles.”

Also, I had to be about thirteen during the time and really into Dungeons and Dragons at the time and when Prices character shoots darts out of his hand at the bad guy, I thought oh that is what a magic missile spell looks like.


2.)   What is your favorite Vincent Price non-horror film?

The Ten Commandments, where he plays slave driver Bakka, and gets strangled by Charlton Heston. Even in the Bible he gets type casted as the baddie.

Holly moses

Holly Mosses

For best going against type, Mr. Price played Joseph Smith in the movie Brigham Young.


3.)   Who would win in a fight between Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee?

In their prime? Well Duh, Christopher Lee was a WWII commando of course he would win. But Then I got to thinking about this question and I envisioned them all as old dudes hitting each other in the shins with their canes, in which case maybe the guy with the biggest cane and least leg issues would win.

4.)   What was the better Vincent Price contribution to a musical album – his work on Michael Jackson’s Thriller or his participation on Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare?

So, lets rephrase this do I like the stuff that Vincent Price did With Michael Jackson or Alice Cooper more? The Answer to that is I think Welcome To my Nightmare is a better song.

Now let’s discus this ad nauseum. Both MJ and AC are mixed bags for me. Intellectually I get that they are great artist, but a large percentage of their work just doesn’t move me (Please address all hate mail to DCotU Complaint Department Estacada OR 97023) with the exception of Jackson’s Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal and also I absolutely love  Cooper’s I’m Eighteen.


vpac and a gs

Vincent Price, Alice Cooper, and a German shepherded kicking it in a hot tub, your argument is moot!

However, I don’t think, this is a fair question. We all know what Thriller is so I am not going re-explain the wheel and tell you what that song is here. However, I didn’t remember Price being in Welcome to My Nightmare. That’s because I had only heard the studio version of the song. It turns out that the Price voice overs are from a 1976 ABC TV special that is kind of a rock opera that connects all the songs form the WtMN album, Cooper plays Stevie, his little boy persona, and Price is the Spirt of the Nightmare. So, comparing Thriller to Welcome to My Nightmare is like comparing a short story to a novel.

5.)   If you could replace one actor in any horror film with Vincent Price, which role would you choose?

This question was the hardest for me and the one that took me longest to write. The problem is when we think of Vinney we think of later campy version where he is playing a caricature of himself. I first tried to picture him as Dallas in Alien or Quint and Jaws an in my mind it came off as a Saturday Night Live Parody.

So, I cheated and asked my sister who suggested that he could replace Donald Sutherland as Merrick the Watcher in the original Buffy the Vampire film. I agree with that. The show is campy enough and comedic enough that Mr. Price would add to the show not take away from it.

b and faith

We here at DCotU will take any chance we can to post a picture of Sarah Michelle Geller and Eliza Dusku


6.)   If you met Vincent Price in a movie, he would probably kill you. How would you want to be killed by Vincent Price?

I would want him to give me a lot of money which causes me to live a decant lifestyle and eat too many eclairs and cause me to have fatty arteries and have a heart attack at 98 (Instead of living to the 99 which I had planned on) Then VP would stand over my grave and laugh maniacally “ Hahaha David, it took some time but I knew I would get you some day.” But then again if anyone is going to kill me that is the way I want to go out.

death by eclair

The horror that is Death By Éclairs!

7.)   Vincent Price guest-starred in several classic TV shows.   What is your favorite appearance?

The Muppets Show, hanging out with a bunch of puppet monsters is perfect for VP. It had great lines like “My horse got a flat tire.”  VP turning into a wear-Jack Parnell, he gets bit by a vampire Kermit the Frog, and he sang James Taylor songs. What is there not to love. But again, the thing I like the most about this is the memories of Saturday night watching it with my family on a 11 inch black and white TV, when I was a kid.

vp and fk

8.)  Vincent Price starred in 8 films with the word “house” included in the title. Which one of those in your favorite?

The House of Wax, bonus points for Charles Bronson playing a mute sculptor.  I love that whole mad artist turned murder concept. I have this concept for a female assassin who draws pictures of her victims with their blood, now if I could only come up with a story to go with it.


9.)   If Vincent Price would read you a bedtime story, which one would it be?

Could you imagine how awesome Vincent Price reading Where the Wild Things Are, would be?



10.)   Vincent Price lent his voice to several animated shows and films. Which voice over is your favorite?

In 1980 he tells the Brothers Grim story The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, best non Mickey Mouse animated version of the tale.

4 comments on “Playing Vincent Price Tag.

  1. danielwalldammit
    October 13, 2018

    Ha! I almost forgot about the intro to the Black Widow. Thank you for reminding me to get that song onto my playlist ASAP.

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  3. Noellie
    February 11, 2019

    anything Vincent Price is priceless. Love his voice, demeanor and ability to adapt into any role. https://noelliesplace.com/2019/02/11/irony-vs-funny/

    • davekheath
      February 14, 2019

      Absolutely, his voice is horror for generations

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