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HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos Timeline




The idea of making a Lovecraft/Cthulhu Mythos time line came from my friend Derek M. Koch, and I would like to thank him for his suggestion. I know there are some other ones out there on the internet, but I deliberately avoided those. I had seen one in The haosium Call of Cthulhu Role Playing Game 4th Edition, but I couldn’t find my copy when I started this.

I always just assumed that unless stated the story took place the year HPL wrote it. Not when it was published which could be years or decades later.

I only used Lovecraft stories in this timeline, not other writers works, except for Robert E Howard’s The Black Stone, because Lovecraft mentioned the events with dates in The Thing at the Doorstep.

Lovecraft said Randolph Carter is wounded at Belloy-en-Santerre, in 1916, I added the July 4th date because that is when the French Foreign Legion Fought the Germans there in real life.

Though the date of Harley Warrens disappearance is not mentioned in the story it happens in, The Statement of Randolph Carter, the year is mentioned in the story Through the gates with the Silver Key.

This is a work in progress and I will occasionally update it, when I find new things.

All dates are AD.


The Mad Arab Abdul Alhazarad is attacked by an invisible monster in Damascus. (The History of the Nicronomicon)


Olaus Wormus translated the Nicronomicon in to Latin (The History of the Nicornomicon)


Nicronomicon is banned by Pope Gregory IX (The History of the Nicornomicon)


Epidemic kills half the citizens in Innsmouth MA (The Shadow Over Innsmouth)


Eliza Orne is  born (The shadow over Innsmouth)


 Nathaniel Wingate Peasle enters Miskatonic University at the age of 18. (Shadow Out of Time)


Alfred Delapore is born (Rat’s in the Wall)


 Nathaniel Wingate Peasle Begins to teach Economics at Miskatonic University (Shadow Out of Time)


A young Randolph Carter suffers a panic attack when he hears the name of French city Belloy-en-Santerre (The Silver Key)


November 1st New Orleans Police get reports of a voodoo cult preforming ceremonies in the swamps outside the city (Call of Cthulhu)


May 14th Nathaniel Wingate Peasle collapses during a lector and awakes unable to speak with a different personality (The Shadow Out of Time)

Inspector Legrasse leads a police raid on a ‘voodoo’ cult in the swamps of Louisiana (Call of Cthulhu)


 Nathaniel Wingate Peasle spends a month in the Himalayas. (Shadow Out of Time)


Herbert West kills a traveling salesman and briefly brings him back from the dead. (Herbert West Reanimator)

Nathaniel Wingate Peasle and his wife divorce because of his strange behavior. (The Shadow Out of Time)

Henry Houdini is captured by Egyptians and tied up and dropped down a pit underneath the Pyramids, when he escapes he sees creatures with human bodies and Animal heads (Under the Pyramids)


 Nathaniel Wingate Peasle leads an expedition in the Arabian desert. (Shadow Out of Time)


Nathaniel Wingate Peasle Charters a ship to research the artic, and later that year leads an expedition to a series of caves in West Virginia. (Shadows Out of Time)


February 2nd  Wilber Whateley is born (Dunwhich Horror)

Nathaniel Wingate Peasle Original personality returns, he could not remember the last five years. (The Shadow Out of Time)

Dr. Munoz gets a new neighbor in his brownstone in New York (Cool Air)


 February Nathaniel Wingate Peasle, returns to teaching (The Shadow Out of Time)

Nathaniel Wingate Peasle begins to have visions and nightmares (The Shadow Out of Time)


Herbert West joined the Canadian Army, so he could access dead bodies in World War One (Herbert West Reanimator)

Nathaniel Wingate Peasle quits work due to nightmares (Shadow Out of Time)

Dunwhich is struck by Earthquakes and citizens see mysterious flames coming out of the ground. (Dunwich Horror)


July 4th Randolph Carter a member of the French Foreign legion is wounded by the commune of Belloy-en-Santerre (The Silver Key)

November 26th Wilbur Whateley rites in his journal that he has deciphered the alien language Alko. (Dunwhich Horror)


August 10th Lieutenant-Commander Karl Heinrich, commander of U-61 discovered the Temple of Gloom at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean (The Temple)

Newspapers Boston Globe and Arkham Advertiser Both print articles about Seven years old Wilbur Whateley great size and linguistic abilities (Dunwhich Horror)

Nathaniel Wingate Peasle begins studying medical, anthropology and history trying to figure out what happened to him, during the five years he couldn’t remember (Shadow Out of Time)


The last of the Delapore buys his ancestral home in Exham Priory in England (Rats in the Wall)

Charles Ward first discovers the history of his ancestor Joseph Curwen  (The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward)


Harley Warren disappeared while exploring caverns in Florida. (Through the Gates with the Silver Key)


Alferd Delapore dies of injuries he sustained during WWI (Rat’s in the Wal)


May 17th Captain James P Orne catches a 30’ long sea creature with one eye.(The Horror at Martin Beach)

August 8th Captain James P Orne and 40 other people drown at Martin’s Beach. (The Horror at Martin Beach)

Nathaniel Wingate Peasle returns to teaching but is now teaching psychology instead of economics. (The Shadow Out of Time)


July 15th The last of the Delapore line moves to his family’s ancestral home in England (Rats in the Wall)


 Charles Dexter Ward Travels to Paris. (The Strange case of Charles Dexter Ward)


April 18 Sydney Bulletin reports that Armed Yacht Alert, with only one crewman still alive (Call of Cthulhu)

In St Luis MO, Inspector Lagrasse shows of the idol he recovered in the 1918 raid in the Louisiana Swamps to the American Archaeological (Call of Cthulhu)

Henry Anthony Wilcox sculpts a statue of a creature with batwings and tentacles on its face that he sees in dreams (Call  of Cthulhu)



George Gammell Angell, Professor Emeritus of Semitic Languages in Brown University, dies after being accosted by a sailor. (Call of Cuthlhu)

An academic from Miskatonic University leaves after meeting Wilbur Whateley who he had been corresponded with the twelve year old is over six feet tall. The academic hastily leaves never to return. (Dunwich Horror)

Charles Dexter Ward returns from Europe to Providence (The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward)

The mad poet Justin Godfrey dies in the Arkham mad house (The Thing at the Doorstep)

Disappearance of Richard Updike Pickman (The History of the Nicronomicon)


January While Charles Ward was chanting a ritual, the house appears to have been hit by lighting (The Strange Case of Charles Dexter ward)

November 3rd Record floods in Vermont (The Whisper in the Darkness)

 Albino Lavinia Whateley disappears (Dunwhich Horror)

Federal raid on the seaport city of Innsmouth MA (Shadow Over Innsmouth)


October Randolph Carter disappears (Through the gates of the Silver Key)

Wilbur Whateley is killed by a guard dog trying to steal the Necornomicon from the Miskatonic University. (The Dunwich Horror)

The City of Dunwich is plagued by an invisible monster (Dunwich Horror)

Disappearance of Vermont Folklorist Henry Aekely (The Whisperer in the darkness)


September 2nd Miskatonic Antarctic expedition leaves from Boston Harbor. (Mountains of Madness)

October A strange man with a turban cashes in gold bullion at the 1st Bank of Arkham (Through the gates with the Silver Key)

Randolph Carter’s servant Parks dies (Through the gates With the Silver Key)


January 6th the Miskatonic Antarctic expedition crossed the South Pole with an airplane. (Mountians of Madness)


July 10th Nathaniel Wingate Peasle receives a letter from the Psychological Society about the discovers Robert B. F. Mackenzi’s discovery’s in the Australian Desert. (The Shadow Out of Time)


July 17-18 Miskatonic expedition in Australia discovered subterranean Yithian city. (Shadow out of Time)

2 comments on “HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos Timeline

  1. Brian Bixby
    October 14, 2018

    As a pedantic correction, Dunwich is almost certainly a town, not a city. In Massachusetts nomenclature, cities and towns are different types of incorporated municipalities. Towns are usually the less populous, and have a board of selectmen governing them. Cities tend to be more populous, and are not governed by selectmen, but by mayors, city managers, and/or city councils. There are many more towns (312) than cities (39) in Massachusetts.

    Lovecraft refers to Dunwich as a “township,” but, unlike much of the country where that refers to a six-mile surveyed tract of land, in Massachusetts that is effectively synonymous to “town,” because square surveyed townships do not exist in Massachusetts. Lovecraft also refers to the most densely settled part of Dunwich as Dunwich Village, while referring to the lands around it as Dunwich; that is also consistent with Massachusetts nomenclature for a town.

    Sorry to run on like this. But New England local government, in which almost all land is incorporated into municipalities, operates differently than in many states where large tracts of land fall outside municipalities and are administered by the counties.

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