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Learning New things Everyday September 2018.




This is what I learned last month and the day I learned it on.
1st During World War Two the war board demanded a 10% reduction in the fabric used to create women’s bathing suits. This lead to the rise in popularity of the two-piece bathing suit that would eventually become the bikini.

2nd During World War Two, the B-29 Super fortress was only used in the Pacific theater.


3rd Gene Rodenberry named the enterprises helmsmen Sulu after the Sulu sea, because it touched many Asian countries and he wanted the character to represent many different Asian cultures.

4th The company that makes Roombas, say they often get notes when people sending them in for repairs saying they want their original back not a new one, because they have grown attached to it and want ‘Their robots” back.

5th The novel Bambi: Life in the Woods, was first written in German and as not for children but an analogy of the conditions Jews surfaced in Pre- World War Two Germany.

6th Lenin’s will warns that instead of Stalin Russia should chose someone who is wiser and more gentle as the person to succeed him.

7th There is a law is Switzerland saying you cannot own just one Guinee pig.

2 gunnie pigs.jpg

Take two they are small

8th Chicago got its name the Windy City not because of the weather but because journalist thought the city was full of windbags.

9th Bugsy Segal want to make Portland into a gambling town like Las Vegas but the day he visited the city it rained for 24 strait and he decided no one would want to visit a town with so much rain.

10th German Chocolate is names after Sam German.

german cake

I thought they got the coconuts from the African Corps.

11th The Supreme Court has a basketball court which is called “The Highest Court in the Nation”

12th In Germany it is legal to drive naked but if you leave the car without clothes it is illegal.

13th Neil Armstrong’s application for becoming an astronaut was a week late, a friend snuck it in even though it was past the deadline.

14th Marie Currie is the only person to win the Noble Prize for two different sciences

15th Comic sans font is based on the typeset used for the comic book the Watchmen.

silk 2.png

Any excuse to post a picture of Malian Akerman 

16th The script for the 1956 movie Moby Dick was written by ray Bradbury.

17th Growing up Melanie Griffith’s family had a 400 lbs lion named Neal.


Melanie and Neil 

18th The sequel to the Blob, Beware the Blob was directed by Larry Hagman.

blob poster.jpg

Check out that beard on right corner top

19th The leg bone of bats are so thin no bat can walk.
20th The most common food allergy is cow’s milk.

21st it took more money to make the movie Pearl harbor than it did to rebuild the actual harbor after the Japanese attack.

22nd. In 2009 a scientific search for the Loch Ness Monster didn’t find the monster but did find 100,000 golf balls.

23rd in 1983 the city of Redondo beach made the Good Year Blimp its official bird.

24th Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.

ghost town

25th The 1960’s Adam West TV show Batman double the sales of Batman comics when it was on the air.


And gave the world the Battustsi 

26th The city of Oslo gives the people of the United Kingdom a Christmas tree each year to put in Trafalgar Square, for the British peoples support of Norway during World War II.

27th A nautical mile is based on one minute of latitude

28th Dr Suses spent a year writing The at in the Hat.

29th In an original draft of the poem we now call the raven the titular bird was a parrot.

30th The TV ad song “I want to be a Toys R Us Kid” was written by famed author James Patterson.

3 comments on “Learning New things Everyday September 2018.

  1. Jacob C. Edwards
    October 2, 2018

    I actually like the law in Switzerland regarding Guinea pigs. There are several pets that need to be social in order to live healthy lives.

    Thanks for the post man, I learned a thing or two 🙂

    • davekheath
      October 3, 2018

      Your welcome, I live on a goat farm and you can’t leave goats by themselves they are such heard animals that the need some type of companionship I figured it is the same with Gennie pigs

  2. moonminded
    October 5, 2018

    Always unusual, always enjoyable.

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