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The Evolution of Close Encounters Part III; The Reptilians.



The truth is that durring the last decade sighting of grey aliens have greatly diminished. Modern encounters are much less likely to include aliens. sighting reports for the last ten years tend to just include the spaceship and not its occupants. Still one type of alien that seems to have picked up in public interest if not actual observations is the reptilian. These are usually greenish reptile humanoids with malicious intent.  

Though you can find a lot of details about these aliens on line, the source material and origins of this information is often obscure. It is generally considered that they come from the constellation Draco and are sometimes referred to as Draconians. This is ironic because the constellation Draco is of course named after a dragon. Adherents to the belief in reptilians often claim that these beings have been here since the dawn of man and that they may have influenced the naming of the constellation. 


They are believed to have been one of the first intelligent lifeforms in the Milky Way galaxy. They were genetically engineered by a race of beings that took a birdlike appearance called the Carrion. Due to their age they believe they are superior to other life forms and consider humans of no more value than cattle. 

The closest human emotion that could be attributed to the reptilians is evil. They are the manifestation of all we as race sees as bad. They have been blamed for many devastating and malignant things that have happened to the human race though out time. To them love and compassion is a weekness. 

As the Carrions created the reptilians, the reptilians created the grey.  Originally a slave race, the greys have gathered some degree of independence and are either in a cold war or a hot war with their reptilian creator.  This theory explains why the greys are infertile, because the Draconians created them that way to control them, and therefore the greys kidnap humans to experiment on them to create hybrids.  

The Nords came in love and peace as out space brothers the greys where indifferent to our fears in their scientific explorations. Reptilians however thrive on our fear. They consume negative emotions such as fear, hate and despair. Where a grey may cause fear in an abductee because of its lack of empathy and their utter alienness, Reptilians feast on our panic and the feeling of hopeless they exude.



Do Reptilians make good space bounty hunters? 


Not only do they feast upon our negative emotions, they also have a fondness for human flesh, especially children. One researcher has claimed that they may be responsible for literally hundreds of thousands of missing children.  In this they are closer to creatures of myth like the cyclopes, and goblins than their extraterrestrial counter parts.  

Where the greys have tempted and influenced our government with promises of advance technology, the reptilians have infiltrated the world’s governments to assist in their sinister plans. Barrack Obama, George W. Bush and the Queen of England have all be accused of being shape shifting reptilians.  There are even reports of reptilians shape shifting into Disney characters to kidnap children. One poll said that 4% of American registered voters believe that reptilians secretly control the government.

Although the reptilians may be rather new in the halls of UFOlogy, lizard like creatures are not new to fiction. Robert E Howard the creator of Conan, had several stories with a large bipedal intelligent serpent men, that lived under ground. The Sleestack are a reptilian like monster that appeared in the 70’s live action kids show land of the Lost. Surillians were one of the first creatures in the TV show Doctor Who and have been an audience favorite in the reboot. It is very possible that these fictious version of lizard men have influenced the stories of the reptilians.


dr who

Is this proff their have been reptilians in London since Victorian times, or is it an episode of Dr Who? 


The expert and evangelist on reptilians is David Icke. Unlike George Adamski or Betty and Barney Hill, Icke had a certain amount of celebrity before he made his claims about extraterrestrials. Originally, he was a professional English Footballer (soccer player in the US) and a secondary career as a sports news aster.  He was also a spokesman for the Green Party, when he said that he was going to make a controversial announcement, people assumed it was going to be a political revelation. Instead he prophesized ta serried of storms and volcanos and that he was the son of the God-head.  This public proclamation basically ended his career and he became a laughing stock.                          


David Icke.jpeg

David Icke prophet or madman?


His stories became more and more surreal. He not only began talking about reptilian who have infiltrated the world government, he explained their prehistory much like Lovecraft did with the great old ones. He proclaimed a mythos and origin story of the reptilians.


Though his mainstream celebrity had ended he became a cult hero, with his writings about the reptilians. His first five books seemed to resemble the teaching of theosophist, much in the same way that the contactee movement of the 50’s did. His sixth book The Robots Rebellion, starts revealing that the aliens are secretly controlling the government. Several critics felt that the book was supporting anti-Semitism, and from that point on he was forced to self-publish, despite this his books sales skyrocketed.

davids book


Icke’s mainstream credibility evaporated, but he has become a superstar among the fringe and conspiracy circles. Though his most outlandish claims seem as far fetched as the claims of 1950’s contacees saying that they met people from Venus. He feels that royal families such as that of the Queen of England, are reptilian hybrids and that an alien lead cabal rules the governments of the world and that their secret signal to each other is a red dress.


red dress

Was the red dress woman form the Matrix, a reptilian in disguise? 



Unlike contactees who visit with their space brothers and abductees who are kidnaped and forced onto a UFO, Icke has meet creatures form a higher plane who have revealed secrets, but has not had direct contact with the reptilians. He does claim to have seen political leaders, turn around quickly and seen that eyes change to reveal their reptile like eyes.

 Some have suggested that Icke is not serious about the leaders of the world being space reptiles but is doing this just to make people look at their world differently. He is like satirist Johnathan Swift when he wrote A Modest Proposal and is just trying to shock people from their complacency. Though if this is a façade to get people to think about the world differently, and symbolic of the ills of government and you watch an interview with Icke you never see him drop the façade.

 Though it may be hard to believe that he leaders of the free world are in fact reptilian aliens, it is undeniable that reptilians are now part of the zingiest and pop culture as much as the greys and Nords.

2 comments on “The Evolution of Close Encounters Part III; The Reptilians.

  1. Sean Munger
    August 18, 2018

    The phenomenon of “reptilian” aliens actually has very little to do with previous versions of UFO mythology as you’ve been profiling previously. This particular trope is purely anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. The theory was engineered in the 1970s and especially 1980s as a way to revive the old “Jewish world conspiracy” nonsense that was popular in the early part of the 20th century. Recasting Jews as “reptilians” is a way to repackage racism with a science fiction candy shell, so to speak. The key clue that this is how it works is that Icke claims the racist fraud document “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” a screed dating from the 1880s and the “proof” of claims of Jewish world domination, was actually written to be about reptilians. The racist theory is closely associated with the toxic belief systems of alt-right, Neo-Nazis and the Sovereign Citizen movement in the U.S. A good academic study of how racists used science fiction imagery to repackage formerly moribund conspiracy theories can be found in Michael Barkun’s excellent book “A Culture of Conspiracy.”

    • davekheath
      August 20, 2018

      Thanks for the comments, I will have to check it out.

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