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The Evolution of Close Encounters Part II Abductees.



Last time we discussed the 1950’s experience of UFO contactees, today we are going to delve into what is called the abductee phenomenon. This is the most well known version of modern alien encounters. It involves grey aliens abducting humans for nefarious medical experiments.


Hi I will be your abductor tonight 

The aliens most associated with this type of incident are referred to as the greys (sometimes spelled grays) These are thin grey skinned creatures with large heads, oversized black eyes, small noses and ears.  Sometimes they are described as wearing clothes and sometimes they are completely nude.  Like the Steven Spielberg movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, they seem to come in two sizes short and tall elongated beings, with the taller of the two, seemingly in charge.

Although the grey is the creature sighted most commonly in abduction cases, the tall Nordic human like alien, seen by contactees in the 50’s have not completely vanished. The grey seems to be the only alien in many cases, after the story is sanitized by the media, but at least one report estimates that human like aliens are seen in close to 25% of the alien sighting cases in the United States and 50% in the UK. Human like aliens were seen is such famous cases as the ones reported by Travis Walton and Betty and Barny Hill.

pledian 2

If I had a choice I would rather be abducted by her than by greys

These humanlike aliens are no longer saying they are from Mars or Venus, rather they are most often associated with the constellation Pleiades. They usually coinhabit UFOs with greys and often act as the ‘good cop’ compared to the greys’ “bad cop.” In the 50’s the Nordics seemed to feel our sexual mores where quaint, now they seem to openly espouse free love..

If there is an emotion associated with the Nordics of the 50’s it was love. They came as out space brothers and they wanted to share a message of cosmic harmony, and concern that we might blow up the Earth.  The overriding emotion associated with the Grey’s is fear. They can grab human beings at well and there is nothing we can do to stop them, they are completely alien to us and are unaffected by our pain and pleas for them to stop.

This sense of alieness is what makes the greys so scary. Like a Lovecraftian deity they seem to have no respect for humans as individuals or as a race.  They have no empathy for our plight. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have an understanding of their motives. We can tell form the naked version of the aliens, that they have no genitalia. They seem to have evolved beyond the ability to reproduce. They are a dying species.  They are abducting us not only for scientific experimentation but also an attempt to create a human-alien hybrid to repopulate their race. In this theory they need us, but instead of coming with open arms and willing to exchange their higher-level tech for help with their dying race.

Famed English UFO investigator Nick Pope, claimed that the aliens sometimes use a weapon that looks much like a number two pencil. When a human is shot by it, they become weak willed and complaint. The stories describe the beam as a solid blue beam of light, this is identical to beam from a phaser in the classic Star Trek TV show. It is interesting how grey have nonviolent weapons, but the appearance of the beam may be inspired by the popularity ST:TOS.


Take that grey!

Durring the Contactee movement the Martians and Venusians would say that the government knew of them, but the aliens wouldn’t work with the government because of its militaristic ways. The greys and the government are active co-conspirators.  Not only are we powerless to defend against them, we as a united body of Earthlings are forced to capitulate against them.  It gets worst because the government becomes seduced by the alien tech and willing offers up its citizens for galactic assistance.


The story of the Grey has been codified not only in stories UFOology such as Interrupted Journey, Communion, The Andreasson Affair and Top-secret/ MAJIK, but also in fiction. TV shows like the X-Files has burned the idea of the grey aliens into the publics mind. We now see their images on everything form computer stickers, posters, lunch boxes, toys and almost everything else.


Paranormal or pop culture.

One key aspect of the Abductee narrative is the phenomena of missing time. Many cases the abductees first inkling that something unusual has happened is that there is a period of time they have no memory of. Over a period of time the abductee begin to have dreams or flashback about the events. The aliens block the memories of the victims, they could only remember the horrific events after hypnotic regression. There is no understadabloe reason for this, but it has become SOP for the Greys. They are pretty much omnipotent so there is nothing we can do to stop them whether we know it or not.  The Greys seem to have no empathy for humans, so they do not seem to be trying to ease the pain of their victims.

If George Adamski is the archetype for the Contactee the prototypical abductees are Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills were an interracial couple in living in New Hampshire. Despite that the fact that he was African-American, and she was white, they pretty much lived the middle-class American dream. She was a social worker supervisor and he was a mailman. In 1961 they were returning form a vacation at Niagara Falls, when something would happen that would become UFOology history.

bb hill

Betty and Barney Hill circa 1967

They were heading home and near Indian Head NH when they saw a ‘pancake” shaped UFO lit up by lights following their car. They pulled over at a rest stop and Barney headed towards the strange flying craft with binoculars to get a better look. He clearly saw the UFO which had large windows and he could see short humanoids that seem to be controlling the ship.


Barney’s sketch of the UFO


Panicked they headed back on the road. When they arrived home, they realized that there was two hours that they could not account for. From the beginning they had hazy nightmares where they were accosted by small grey creatures. They began to be overwhelmed with stress and panic attacks. In an attempt to get their life back they agreed to undergo hypno-therapy.

Under hypnosis they revealed that their vehicle was stopped, and small grey aliens surrounded their car and forced them into the flying saucer. The Hills were separated from each other and underwent medical examinations. Despite being administered by technologically advanced aliens, the medical exam is traditional 60’s exam, conducted with easily recognized Earth-like, instruments.  The aliens seem to be amazed that Barney had false teeth and where removable and that Betty’s natural teeth were not.

Barney then meet a red headed Irishman with a German Shepard, who seemed to speak a German -like language with Aliens and communicated with him using a combination of English and telepathy. This Irishman was sympathetic towards Barney, and protective of him.

Betty only saw the grey aliens. After her medical exam she was taken to a library and when she asked where they came form was shown a map of which included earth and their home world. Some people have identified the humanoids word form that map as the Star Zeta Reticul. One Alien offers Betty a book, but the grey leader gets mad at him, because, “he is always giving away their books.”


Betty’s map.

Eventually the story that came out with the hypnosis sessions was made in to a book called The Interrupted Journey. This book was a huge success and was made into a made for TV movie with no other than James Earl Jones playing Barney Hill, and Academy award winning Estelle Parsons as Betty. In the 1975 the show had to not only convince an audience that the Hills were abducted, but that interracial couple actually loved each other.

UFo incident

The UFO Incident

It is important to remember that the hypnosis sessions were not undergone to prove that aliens exist, but to relieve their anxiety, stress and nightmares. On this they were completely successful. The nightmares and panic attacks disappeared.

It is impossible for me in the twentieth century to understand the stress, that a 60’s interracial couple would experience. They were obviously under great degree of pressure. This is compounded with Barney’s guilt over the failure of his first marriage. I absolutely do not believe that the Hills were insane, but they obviously were undergoing a large amount of stress even if it was subconscious.

It is possible that seeing something unusual, non-terrestrial or not, could have triggered their panic attacks and nightmares. With this we can see their experience as psychological and symbolic light.

Barney saw a redheaded Irishman who seemed to be protecting him from the greys, whose uniforms seemed very Nazi-like to him.  Betty’s family were of Irish descent and were the first white people who seem to accept him. He had a good image of the Irish because of this. It would make sense that in a mental construct that an Irishman, with a protective dog would be there to defend him. The alien’s questions about why he is different from Betty because of his false teeth, could be summed up with the racially charged question ‘Why do you have to be different?”

Betty’s expirence with the aliens and the book could be a symbolic question “why are you giving away our knowledge that makes us special.” It could be a construct to help her deal with the unasked question, ‘why are you giving away your whiteness that makes you special?”


Again, I cannot stress enough, that I do not believe that the Hills were crazy, but they were under a huge amount of stress and felt that their relationship was being judged by many around them. Despite what they believed happened to them, they were able to live a normal productive life until Barney’s death in 1969. Despite having a Look cover story, a bestselling book about them, a made for TV movie and Barney appearing on the game show To Tell the Truth.  They lived a normal happy life, much of this is due to thehypnotherapy.

This has become the template for alien obductions, though the high weirdness such as the Irishman and argument about the books have been sanitized out of the story. It has been pointed out that the technology used by the aliens, maps, books and medical equipment seem to contemporary of 1960’s tech. Regardless of what happened to the Hills (and something did happen to them) has now become the gold standard of UFO abductions.



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