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Learning New Things Everyday June 2018


We at DCotU try to learn a new fact a day and share it with you at the end of the month, so you don’t have to.


1st – Women who watch The X-Files, are 50% more likely to have S.T.E.M. jobs than their counterparts who do not. This is called the Scully Effect.

2nd- 1 out of 8 foregin tourists in New Zeeland say the reason they wanted to go there was because of the Lord of the Rings.

3rd- Jesus Malverde is the patron saint of drug runners.

j3esus mal

4Th The Queen Mary is twice the size of the Titanic.

5th- On June 28th 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travelers, only he didn’t announce it till the day after to see if anyone would show up. None did

6th-Donald Duck got some many votes in Swedish elections, they had to pas a law making it illegal to vote for him.

7th- Hamsters can run up to 8 miles a night on their wheels.


8th- May 23rd is Stormy Daniels day in West Hollywood.


9TH- 22 American POW’s from the Korean War chose to go China rather than back to America after the war.

10th- New Zeeland gave up on time zones, so it’s the same time throughout the entire country.

11th- Unlike fresh water that freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, salt water freezes at 28.5 degrees.

12th- Bees can see ultraviolaet light.

13th- John Mitchell Nixon’s Attorney General, is the first AG to have gone to prison.

14th Both Snow White and Cat Women’s physical appearance was based on Hedy Lamarr.


15th the largest bat is the Giant Golden Crown Flying Fox that can weight up to 4 lbs.

flying fox

16th The infamous Atari 2600 ET sold more copied than their most famous game Space Invaders.

17th The toilet to attendee ratio of Woodstock was 1 to 833.

18th Abel Meeropol, the poet who wrote the words for what would become the song Strange Fruit, was a communist, and adopted Julius Ethel Roseburg’s child after their death.

19th- Murphy of Murphy’s Law was Edward Murphy who designed safety systems for airplanes.

edward murphy

20th- Although priceless the Mona Lisa is assessed at 780 Million US Dollars.

21st Ester Cleveland is the only child born to a sitting president.

22nd New Jersey is the only state with an official monster, the Jersey Devil.

state monstee

23rd Josh Weadon said he was inspired to create the TV Series Firefly, by reading the Civil War novel,  Killer Angles, the same book that inspired the movie Gettysburg.

24th Emperor Caligula, out lawed saying the word “Goat”, punishable by death.

25 Taiwan was the first Asian country to recognize gay marriage.

26th There are more plastic flamingos in the world than real ones.

27th Armadillos always have four babies of the same sex when they give birth.

28th The oldest book store in the world is Livraria Bertrand in in Portugal which opened in 1732.

book store.png

29th. The term genetic engineering first appeared in Jack Williamson’s 1951 science fiction novel Dragon’s Island.

30th The Oxford English Dictionary has 436 different definition for the word “Set”.


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