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How Signature Weapons Help Define a Character. Part 3.

gun sight.png

Col, Jack O’Neill & the FN P-90 Personal Defense Weapon.  Season 4 of Star Gate:SG-1,  all members of the SG team switched from the MP-5 to the P-90. Though they all used the P-90, the other team members but Jack went back to other guns on occasion, Teal’c would use his staff, and Daniel would go back to using a Beretta Pistol as his primary weapon. Samantha would use a highly modified M-16, aptly called “the Carter Special.” O’Neil however constantly keep using the PDW after 2001, so much the gun became especially associated with him.

jack and tlec

The PDW concept was to create a gun that fell somewhere between an assault rifle and a submachine gun. This would be used as force multiplier, by being given to secondary troops, like, cooks, mechanics or vehicle crews, strengthening the size of an army. There weapon began mass produced in 1990, but it wasn’t well known outside military circles, until its debut on SG-1. It has a unique magazine that lies across the top of the gun perpendicular to the gun, allowing it to pack in fifty rounds. It can be fired easily right or left handed, it designed for maximum accuracy and unique 5.7×28 bullets are highly armor piercing. In the beginning of the e21st century the P90 truly was the epitome of Earthly firearm technology. It was the ideal choice for a highly portable, high firepower, armor piercing weapon for a recon team.

When Jack delivers the P-90 to a group of Jaffa he also delivers a speech about how their staff weapons are weapons of Terror, and that the PDW is a weapon of war. This demonstration is lamp shading how a rag tag bunch of humans might be able to defeat an alien with superior technology. His praise of the weapon proclaims it effective, adaptable, proficient. It not its goal to subjugate but to liberate. He might as well be talking a bout himself.


Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie & the Shotgun Ax. Mack is unique not only in Agents of SHIELD, but also on primetime TV. He is a mechanic, an engineer, a warrior, a spy,  a father who lost his daughter (twice in two different realities) a Christian and the moral heart of SHIELD. It makes sense that he would have a gun like him, complicated. He is also very genre savvy and created a gun that he could use fighting everything form robots to zombies.



Mack the ax.


Mack was forced to gut off Coulson’s arm after he touched ab alien relic that was slowly destroying his body from the hand onward. From then on, he realized how important having a melee weapon, especially when he lives in a world where sword toting aliens are a real thing. Mack is also a movie geek, he loves science fiction and horror movies. In ways he is us, he builds the weapon we would if we lived in the Cinematic MU and needed a weapon to give us a chance in a fight.




John Rambo & M-60. The movie First Blood depicts the feeling of rejection and contempt that many Vietnam era vets experienced. When they came home. The sequel though however is twisted American fairytale, it is basically a fantasy where the American’s win the Vietnam War. Rambo must fight not only the Vietnamese but also his own government bureaucracy. There is this painful watch to scene where a Vietnamese officer shoots a handgun over and over at Rambo only to miss ev3erytime. The movie is blatantly saying “The Vietcong can no longer hurt us.” After hears of psychic and emotional pain in America after the war.



Yes I think he is compensating. 


The choice of the large M60 is obvious. The powerful and destructive weapon is clearly phallic. By touting such a large gun (and only the America’s would call a .30 caliber belt fed machine gun a light machine gun) Its saying America is no longer impotent, and its going to use the biggest most destructive weapon to get its revenge.


Zoe Washbourne & The Mare’s Leg. I must admit I wasn’t really excited that a science fiction show had a lever action rifle, until I realized that it is the same type of gun used in the TV show Wanted Dead or Alive by Steve McQueen. Some versions have it being the same prop, but Zoe’s gun actually came form the Series Brisco County Jr, where it was used by a bounty hunter played by Sheena Easton.


steve wanted dead or alive

The Tao of cool


This weapon is seen in many different movies, series and video games , it is used by Tallahassee in Zombie Land., Once Upon a Time in the West, Archer, the Magnificent Seven TV show and 2017 remake, Westworld, Call of Duty IV, and resident evil II. Despite its being in so many different genre favorites the weapon is primarily associated with Zoe.


mares leg zokmbieland

Does this gun look familiar? 


Science fiction TV sows have been inspired and linked to westerns since they called ST:TOS “Wagon Train to the stars.” This gun ties the show directly to a western heritage. The thing is the gun is as fake as The Serenity., it was never used in the old west, it was created as a prop for the McQueen series WDoA. It also connects the gun, the series and Zoe to the lore of classic TV as well as cowboy times. It also says that the new poster child for bad ass cool is now a woman of color.


zoes mare leg

The gun of big damn heroes. 



3 comments on “How Signature Weapons Help Define a Character. Part 3.

  1. Karandi
    June 26, 2018

    Some very cool weapons on the list, and SG1 definitely used weapons to distinguish the characters and their styles. It was something I really liked about the series.

  2. For Tyeth
    June 26, 2018

    Very interesting series of articles! It’s amazing how real life culture/history can be warped by Sci-Fi just by the inclusion of a weapon taken from the wrong era. But I have to say most of the real world weapons you mention probably shoot straighter than a Zat’nik’tel!

  3. aaforringer
    July 6, 2018

    How about Jack Burton’s gun, Intratec TEC-9. I always think my signature weapon would be the Calico M950/950A.

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