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Learning New Things Everyday: April 2018.


These are the new things I learned last month and the day I learned them on.



1st– The novelization of the first Kolchak The Nightstalker movie was by Richard Matherson.

 night stalker.jpg

2nd– 2001: A Space Odyssey did not make a profit until seven years after it was released.


3rd  Tobe Cooper was the first choice to direct The Thing.


4th Arlene Violet was a nun of the order of The Sisters of Mercy, who in 1974 obtained a law degree to help the poor and in 1985 was elected Attorney General of Rhode Island. 


arlene violet.png

AKA Attila the Nun. 


5th Kingston was the first capital of the stat of New York.


6th The first Jedi lighsaber academy here on Earth was established in Milan n 2006.


7th The plastic explosive Simtex’s name came from the name of the Chezch town that it was created in, Simtin.


8th– Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms.


9th-the population if Ireland is still 2 million less than it was before the Potato famine.


10  McDonald’s calls frequent customers Heavy Users


11 Russia has more surface area that Pluto.


12th– it is illegal to practice witchcraft in Canada if you are not a real witch.



License to spell 


13th– The average human breathes 20,000 times a day.


14th-The word graffiti is plural for the word graffiito


15th-Katsup is biased on a Chinese fish sauce.


16th-The brain has over 85 million cells.


17th In Salmin Rushdie’s book Golden House, Batman villain Joker becomes the president of the US.


joker president

Harley for first lady. 


18th– The New Orleans Saints cheerleaders are called The Saintstations.


19th The comic book character Cassie Hack form Hack/Slash is biased on B-movie girl Tiffani Shepis and model Sandra Kammerer.



“Always cleaning up after you boys.”



20th – Carl Disch  was an astrophysics disappeared in 1965 in Antarctica,. Searchers followed his foot prints in the snow until they just disappeared. His body has never been recovered. .  


21st– Nickelodeon turned down the cartoon Adventure Time so it went to Cartoon network.


22nd– Ann Bolan spent seven years in the French Court, probably mainly as a translator.


23rd-The legend of an entire Brazilian Village called Hoer Verde disappearing seems to have ordinated in an article in the Russian Newspaper Pravda


24th a Corgi and Daschund mix is called a Dorgi


25th – The only complete novel written by Edgar Allen Poe was The Naritive of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket.


27th– If the TV show Firefly had made it to a 6th season, CREATOR Joss Wheadon said he would have the ships captain Mel, met a much older Spike form Buffy the Vampire Slayer tying the two series together.


28th– Japanese courts have a near 100% convection rate.


29th– The month of May was named after Maia a Greek fertility goddess.



April showers brings Maia Flowers. 


30th– In South Korea you can dial 113 to report spies.

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