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Learning New Things Everyday February 2018



So, things got so busy last month I missed writing down all the new things I learned. Didn’t mean I didn’t T learn new things I just didn’t get a chance to write them down. Fortunately I was a bit more diligent in February and here are 25 new things I have learned.



 1st- Bill Finger co-creator of Batman and the person wo designed the cape crusaders signature look, came up with the idea that that Bruce Wayne was an orphan, created Robin and the Joker had his name on one Batman credit during his lifetime. The 1960’s TV Batman TV show episode The Clock King’s Crazy Crime.  


clock king

I am the Clock King and I do Crazy Crimes


2nd– The feeling that your friends, family and/or pets have been replaced with duplicates is called capgras delusion.


3rd. -A musical movement called Zamrock grew out of the independence movement of Zambiain the 70’s that combined traditional tribal music with rock and roll.

 zam rock

4th– In 1968 the Black Panthers established an embassy in Algeria.


5th– In the late 19th century radium was added to water and sold to the public as “A cure for the living dead.”


6th– When we here the Jawas speaking in Star Wars it is a speed up version of Zulu.


 7th– The Kink’s song Lola was banned in  Australia because the song’s theme of a young man sating a possible transgender woman was to controversial, but it was banned on the BBC, because it had the word “Coca-Cola” in it. The single released changed it to cherry cola.


8th – Peanuts creator Charles Shultz failed every class in the 8th Grade.


charles shultz

Two Lovable loosers


9Th– Elvis sang over 600 songs and has writing credits for inclusing love me tender, but there is no evidence he contributed anything to actually writing any song.


10th – The Boeing 767 sucks in enough air through its engines to fill a Good Year Blimp in 7 seconds


11th Space starts at the Von Karmen line at 100 Kilometers or 62 miles above the Earth’s surface.


12th When filming Return of the Jedi in the California Redwoods, two men in bright orange vest followed actor Peter Mayhew he was wearing his  Chewbaca costume, so he  wasn’t shot by hunters thinking he was Big Foot.


sasquatch chewie

I knew it.


13th Shigeki Tanaka a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing won the 1951 Boston Marathon.


14th Stercutious was the Roman god of crap. (I mean poop not worthless stuff)


15th Gandhi never won the Nobel Peace Prize despite being nominated 5 times.


16th– The Mosque of Paris helped save Jewish lives during the Nazi occupation by giving them Muslim IDS.


17th – The Sun is though to have orbited the center of the Milky Way 20 times in 4 billion years.


18th– In the Durango desert, in Mexico, there’s a creepy spot called the “Zone of Silence.” You can’t pick up clear TV or radio signals. And locals say fireballs sometimes appear in the sky


19th– The word ethernet is trademarked by Xerox.


20th – The first Star Trek series to win an Emmy was the Animated Series.


star trek tas

Set phasers to animate


21st– 3% of the population own 50% of the privately owned guns in the  US.


22nd– The name Black Panther for the comic book character pre-dated the radical organizations name by three months.


black panth

The first appearance of the Black Panther


23rd Dolly Parton’s charitable foundation has given away over 100 million books to children under 5 years old.


dolly and books

Hello Dolly! It is so nice to have you read to us again.


24th In 2011 an Argentinean soccer referee handed out a record 36 red cards after a riot on the field.


25th When they were finish filming Star Wars: A New Hope the original prop for the Death Star was broken up and thrown into a dumpster.


death star prop

Then they threw away a fortune


26 th Drug Lord Pablo Escobar had hippopotamus imported to Colombia, and when died he gold plated its skull. 


27th When he went to a restaurant Salvador Dali would drawn on the back of the check that he


28th Lena Wood, Natalie Wood’s younger sister played Plenty O’toole in the movie Diamonds are forever.



I think her name might be a double entendre


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