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Learning New Things Every Day December 2017.



So these are the new things I learned durring the last  month and the day I learned them.

1st– Penguins have an organ in their head that allow them to convert saltwater to fresh water.


2nd– In 1993 a referendum was held in San Francisco to allow police officer Bob Geary to patrol with his ventriloquist dummy.


3rd– More money is printed, each year, for the game Monopoly that real money in the whole world.


4th– Makhi Cheeni are the tallest breed of goat in the worlds.

tall goats.jpg

5th– Only male whales make the noise called ‘whale song”


6th – The video game Desert Bus where you drive a bus from Tuscan AZ to Las Vegas NV for 8 hours and nothing happens except you have to keep pushing the joystick to the left or you go off the road, was to be a mini-game for a bigger game called pen and Tellers Smoke and mirrors.


7th– In 1927 the US Secretary of Commerce awarded a pilots license to Santa Claus.


8th– It is illegal to sell Coca-Cola in North Korea and Cuba.


9th– Before Stanly Kubrick took over the filming of A Clockwork Orange, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones were intended to play the Droogs.


10th– Uma Thurman’s father Robert was the first American ordained a Tibetan Buddhist monk.


11Th– Between December 9th and 13th in 1952, in an event called The Great Smog, pollution was so think in London that 4,000 people died.

great smog

Very bad air qaulity

12th– Half of the fatalities suffer by the American Army in World War One were caused by the flu.


13th– Elephants can’t jump.


14th– The Grammy Awards originally came from the Hollywood Stars Walk of fame, when it was concluded that not everyone who deserved recognition would be able to get a Walk of fame Star.


15th Only the USA produces more software than Ireland.


16th– Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay about Farting.


17th– The walkway for the inner garden of The Bank of London, is made of broken up gravestones, for a cemetery that was moved for an expansion of the bank.


18th– Ernest Hemingway, took a Tommy gun when he went fishing, in case he ran into sharks.


19th– The Sun Tabloid, had readers send them 2,500 copies of the painting The Crying Boy, that it claimed had supernatural powers and was found unscathed in house fires, which it destroyed I n a huge bond fire. (The reason why this painting was not damaged in house fires is that it was reproduced on hardwood that had a higher ignition temperature than most house items)

crying boy hot.png

Her pants are the hottest thing in this picture.

20th– Johnny Dep bought a painting of a clown painted by serial Killer John Wayne Gacey, it was rumored that the painting so bothered him so much after buying it, that the actor developed a sever fear of clowns.


21st– A Saudi Arabian text book had to be pulled out of social studies classes because it had a picture of King Faisal, in the UN with Yoda.

sadi yoda

History this is not.

22nd– The voice of Siri on IPhones is Susan Bennett


23rd– The coywolf is hybrid of a gray wolf and a Coyote.


Doesn’t know if wants to go after Little Read Riding Hood or a Road Runner.

24th– Tron was not nominated for an academy award for special effects, in 1982,  because they Academy thought that it cheated by using computers.


25th– In Poland spiders or spider webs are common Christmas tree decorations because legend has it that a spider wove a blanket for the Baby Jesus.


26th– Laurence Fishburne was only 14, and lied about his age to get the role of “Mr. Clean.” On Apocalypse Now.

mr clean

Looks old for his age.

27th– The sounds made by the Brachiosaurs in Jurassic Park were a combination of whale and donkey sounds.


28th– When Harvey Weinstein wanted to edit Princess Mononoke to make it more marketable, the director Hayao Miyazaki sent him a katana with a simple message: “No cuts.”


29th– Luisa Katherine Addams Married to John Quincy Adams, she was the first foreign born First Lady.


30th– In 2002, Steven Spielberg finally finished college after a 33-year hiatus. He turned in Schindler’s List for his student film requirement.


31st– In Star Trek  Bone’s line “I am a doctor not a…” was a running gag lifted from the 1933 movie The Kennel Murder Case


The real McCoy.


7 comments on “Learning New Things Every Day December 2017.

  1. ksbeth
    January 2, 2018

    i love these –

    • davekheath
      January 4, 2018

      Thank you I enjoy writing them. The things is if I don’t write them down right away I am sitting at the computer asking myself “No what did I learn last Thursday?’

  2. For Tyeth
    January 2, 2018

    I really like these Learn Something New Lists too. Tron (’82) used a similar technique as LucasFilm used for the lightsabers in Star Wars, called Rotoscoping. This entailed filming the scenes in a monochrome setting (black and white scenery and costumes), then painting over each frame of film where the lines where to appear with colour. Next the film frames were each re-photographed with a backlight shining through to create the glow. The paint applied to the frames would then look neon-like. This meant three times the workload!

  3. For Tyeth
    January 5, 2018

    Hello Dave, sorry for double posting a comment but I’d like to let you know I have nominated you for “The Unique Blogger Award”. I always love these lists you post of things you have learnt (and taught us) some facts which are really unique. So if you would like to participate you can find more details with this link:

    Thanks for entertaining me and supporting FTSabersite!

    February 17, 2018

    Thanks Mr/Mrs   for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace and Love

    February 17, 2018

    Am expecting another post like this I just read.  You really make my day reading this one.

    Thanks. Again. You can check me up on my blog also


    Peace and Love

    • davekheath
      February 17, 2018

      Unfortunately I didn’t due one for January but working on February.

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