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Learning a New Thing a Day, November 2017



Here are 30 new things I learned in November and the day I learned them on.


1st– In the 70’s British intelligence spread lies that static electricity building up in women’s nylons, caused IRA explosives to detonate, to try to stop women form  helping build bomb s in North Ireland.

2nd- Freddy Mercury was raised as a Zoroastrian.


Thus spake Freddy Mercury

3rd-The new Star War’s book From a Certain Point of View, says that Bea Arthur’s character form The Star War’s Holiday Special was married to another woman.

4th– King Tut was buried with a knife made of a meteorite.

5th– A group of owls are called a parliament.

6th– Possums have a lower body heat than most mammals so they are less likely to get rabies.

7th– During World War Two the treatment of Jews in Yugoslavia was so not horrible, that Mussolini, offered them sanctuary.

8th– Betty Boop was originally drawn as a French poodle in a black dress.

betty podle

9th– The first CD pressed in the US was Bruce Springsteen’s born in the USA

10th– You cannot work in Antarctica unless your wisdom teeth and appendix are removed. There are no surgeries at any of the stations in Antarctica, so you have to have your wisdom teeth and appendix removed even if they’re absolutely healthy.

11th– The “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil” monkeys come from a Japanese folklore, that may have originally come from China.

12th– May is Zombie awareness month, created by the Zombie Research Society.


Even the undead march for their rights in May.

13th– In Sonora Mexico it is illegal to name your child James Bond, for fear he will be bullied.

14th– A group of unicorns are called a blessing.

15th-Elmo is the only non-human to testify before congress.


Despite the color of my fur I had no connections with the Russians.

16th– A knife-fork hybrid is called a knork.

17th- Uncle Sam is based on “Uncle” Sam Wilson who delivered food to American troops during the War 1812.

18th– It is illegal to chew gum in Singapore.

19th– A miss heard lyric is a mondegreen.

20th– With over 8.Million 1 copies sold the X-Men reboot in 1991, X-Men 1, is the world’s bestselling comic.


Number 1.

21st– David Cockrum designed superhero character’s Storm and Night Crawler for a DC Legend of Superhero spinoff when they were turned down he sold them to Marvel.

22nd– Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver first appeared in the Second Doctor’s run Fury From the Deep.

23rd– The first Female Time’s Person of the Year was Wallis Simpson, in 1936.


King Breaker

24th– Dr. Suess supported the internment of Japanese Americans during World war II, he would later greatly regret this and as an act of attrition wrote Horton Hears a Who.

25th– The Guinness Book of Records  has Christopher Lee, at 6’ 5” as the world’s tallest leading man.

26th– Iceland sells more books per capita than any country on Earth.

27th– Virginia extends farther West than West Virginia does.

28th-The Beatles’ song Strawberry Fields Forever, is about a Liverpool Orphanage.

29th-The cruse liner Queen Elizabeth II Moves six Inches per gallon of diesel fuel consumed.

30th-Because Stan Lee gets Executive Producer credit on all Marvel movies, he is considered the highest grossing film maker in history.

stan t he man

Then t here was the time I was on a train…

4 comments on “Learning a New Thing a Day, November 2017

  1. For Tyeth
    December 1, 2017

    Hi Dave, I just love reading these great lists so many random facts and the Elmo testimony is LOL! Here’s a few more facts, Freddie Mercury’s real name is Farrohk Bulsara but he changed it to Frederick to avoid bullying when he moved to London as a child, and the name Mercury because of the messenger Greek god, he felt he had a musical message to share with the world.
    And I think Christopher Lee holds the record for appearing in the most on screen sword fights also! In the Musketeers film he had to fight with an eyepatch and got injured quite a few times. Looking forward to learning more from December!

  2. robbinsrealm
    December 3, 2017

    Interesting! Thanks for posting.

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