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Learning New Things Every Day October 2017.



Once again I am back to learning a new thing a day and writing it don and sharing it with you at the end of the month (give or take a day or 2)


Those of you who follow DCotU may notice I missed August and September. This is because for August, when I opened up my Word document I kept these recorded in, it was empty around August 24th (I live in a perpetual cybernetic Bermuda triangle) and I just didn’t feel like starting from scratch or racking my memory for the ones I lost. And apparently just didn’t feel it for September.


So without any further delay here are the new things I learned each day in October.


1st– When Khrushchev denounced Stalin, many Russians listening where so shocked they had to take nitroglycerin pills.


2nd– The USS Hornet the aircraft carrier that recovered the Apollo 11 space capsule when it returned to earth, was the first ship built that was too large for the Panama Canal.


Its bigger than this photot

3Rd– The mathematical proof for 1+1=2 is 163 pages long.


4th In 2012 Felix Baumgartner jumped form a balloon in the stratosphere to become the first person to break the sound barrier without being in a vehicle.


5th– The Spanish National Anthem has no words.


6th– George Washington wore makeup and lipstick.


7Th The Basenji dog is the only dog who cannot bark.


You don’t have to bark when you look this cool.

8th– Most cruise ships have a morgue incase a passenger dies.


9th– Disney once planned to open a theme park dedicated solely to villains.


10th– 10,000 Creoles escaping the Hattian revolution in the 1800’s, moved to New Orleans doubling the city’s population.


11th– Never Mind the Bullocks was the Sex Pistols only studio album.


Anarchy in the UK

12th- Movie trailers were originally shown after the movie that is why they are called trailers.


13th- A stretched out slinky is 87 feet long.


15th– Andorra is the only country where Catalan is a national language.


16th– A bunch of jelly fish are called a smack.

jelly fish

Or possibly called our Cuthlhian Overloads.

17th– Boris Yelsin’s first question to Bill Clinton when they met in person was “Do you think OJ did it?”


18th-Breakfast cereal icon Capn’ Crunch’s name is Horatio Magellan Crunch, and is the skipper of a ship called The Guppy.

capn crunch

Taught Captain Morgan everything he knew.

19th– A mono-typic genus only has one species in the entire genus.


20th– Random house distributes DC titles to book stores. Diamond Comic Distributors deliver them to comic book stores.


21st– Approximately 3000 people are killed by hippopotamus each year.


22nd– Vikings had slaves.

23rd– Astronaut Gene Cernan carved his daughters initials on the moon.

gene and daughter

Out of this world father

24Th– All the clocks in Pulp Fiction are stuck at 4:20.


25th– Until 2011 Russia didn’t consider beer alcohol, before then it was classified as a soft drink


26th– Coconut crabs get as big as a meter long and can walk on land, they get their name rom the ability to rack open a coconut with their pinchers.


27th– Oregon has 54 covered bridges.

2013-12-29 Wildcat Covered Bridge (11a)

28th –Indonesia is the world’s 3rd biggest democracy.


29th– California Produces more milk than any other state.


30th– Sarah Winchester was fascinated by the number 13 and used it often in building her Mystery house There are 13 bathrooms, many windows have 13 panes, chandeliers have 13 candles, and so forth.


31st. Historically on Halloween  instead of saying Trick or treat, children would go door to door and dance, sing or recite a prayer for a treat


Its eady to dance dressed like a flapper



2 comments on “Learning New Things Every Day October 2017.

  1. For Tyeth
    November 3, 2017

    Hello Dave, another great list. Another fact about the 31st Oct is that Harry Houdini died of peritonitis, secondary to a ruptured appendix, at 1:26 p.m. on October 31, 1926, in Room 401 at Detroit’s Grace Hospital, aged 52. For many years afterward on the same date Psychics and Mediums gathered to hold séances to try and establish contact with him as he stated if anyone could escape death it would be him. So 31st Oct is National Magic Day in the USA.

  2. J.Gi Federizo
    November 3, 2017

    This is a great idea, Dave. I learned a lot (a few trivia, I knew). At least two made me think such as Spain not having words in its national anthem and Capt. Crunch’s Magellan name.

    We were conquered by Spain. Originally, our national anthem was just a lively march, influenced by Spain, no doubt. Meanwhile, Portuguese Ferdinand Magellan and his crew discovered the islands of what they would eventually call Filipinas/Pilipinas, named after Spain’s king at the time, Felipe.

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