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Why do People Think the Aryans were White?



This is something I wrote for Facebook, that I am posting here. I try to keep my politics out of DCotU, but this is a pet peeve of mine, when people take complete malarkey and pass it off as history. Admittedly my little single page rant generalizes and skips a lot of facts, but again this is a one page rant not a thesis. I may overstress the science fiction/metaphysical aspects of what happened, but hey that’s my wheelhouse. Also I gloss over the incredibly inaccurate pseudo-anthropological literature on the late 19th and early 20th century, that had a lot to do with spreading the myth of the Aryans as a Nordic people, but the sources are all out there for people who want to study that strange and sad period in academia.


Why do people think the Aryans were white?
More specifically why do people think Aryans where these tall blond, blue eyed, Scandinavian people when every 10th grade world history text book correctly states that they were of Indian and Middle Eastern descent?


Vikings not Aryans. (Yes I know Vikings are a profession not a race but that is another blog)

Glad you asked. Let’s get this right despite what white supremacists teach, the Aryans were not these Viking looking guys. The term Aryan translates into the word noble. It was meant to describe, not a race but the members of the highest cast level. Retroactively the name is given to the people who traveled over Himalayas and settled in central Europe. They are more accurately called the Indian-Iranian people. Their descendants became The Rom, or what we now call the gypsy people. The Rom language is the foundation of Romance languages. Get it Rom = Romance (I know I used to think it stood for Roman, and before that I thought it was for romantic, like Pepe Lepue.)

aryan warriors.jpg

Aryan warriors, note no blonds.

The importance of The Indo-European language was stressed (some might say over stressed) in 19th century anthropology. Several writers latched on to the idea that since people from India are Caucasians (which they are), the Aryans must have been blond and blue eyed. There are no facts to back that assertion up. This includes the 1907 best seller written by John Pomeroy Widney Race Life of The Aryan People, which is basically a call for America to be run only by white people. The correct historical term for these theories is poppycock.

Now this is where it gets weird, Madam Helena Bavatsky, was this 19th century guru, who wrote about The Aryans being this advanced magical race. She claimed that the Aryan’s had been around for a million years, and where the race that took over from the defunct Alanteans. The race before Atlantis was the Lumarians, who were these lizard like people, that the universe killed off because they had carnal relations with animals (I told you it would get weird) She describes the Aryans as having moon colored skin (in other places she says that the Aryans were all colors), but at least she called them the Hindu-Aryans.


Would you trust this woman with your anthropology?

Now Bavatsky was greatly influenced by a book called Vril: The Power of theComing Race. By Edward Butler-Lytton. Butler-Lytton is seen by many readers, as the worst writer in the English language, he is the one we have to blame for the cliché, “It was a dark and stormy night.” I have not read V:TPotCR, but I have heard it’s actually not all that bad.


This is a science fiction book, not a history book.

In it a meteor crashes on earth and out of it comes a blond man and blonde woman, who become the Adam and Eve of the fictitious people that the concept of the Aryan ideal is based on. This story is basically Conan the Barbarian meets Star Wars. Butler-Lynn never intended it to be anything more than what we now call science fiction.

The story is that Himmler tosses a copy of The Coming Race on Hitler’s desk and asks him to read it. When he came back later and asked him what he thought of it, Hitler responded “it might be true.”

So let’s get this strati, the decedents of the Aryans are in fact the Rom, or the Gypsy people. A race that Hitler tried to kill, in the name of a fictitious Nordic, white skinned blue eyed blond people, who stole their name from the ancestors of the people the Nazis were trying to kill!?!

So now you know the idea that the Aryan is a white, blonde, Nordic superman is completely false. And as the elite American Combat team G.I Joe once state “Knowing is half the battle.”


We here at DCotU take any opportunity we can to post a picture of the Baroness.


2 comments on “Why do People Think the Aryans were White?

  1. Brian Bixby
    October 27, 2017

    While I applaud your purpose, I do have to question the connection between the Romani language and the Romance family of languages. Romani and Latin are in two quite different branches of the Indo-European language family, and the Romance tongues, such as Spanish and Italian, are certainly derived from Latin, due to the establishment and collapse of the Roman Empire, not Romani.

    • davekheath
      October 28, 2017

      You Brian you probably know much more about languages than I do so thank you for the correction.

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