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Pop Culture Birthdays.



I see in a lot of Face Book posts that it is the Such and such anniversary of such and such character. So I thought I would compile a list of characters and when they were first published. Since I am a kid at heart I am calling this their birthday. I get that it is not their ‘in world” B-Day. Lara Croft was supposed to be born on Feb 14th 1967, but for this list I am going the day that the first Tomb Raider game went to market.

If for some reason (like I am lazy) I couldn’t find the exact date a particular title was published, just the year I am going with Jan 1st of that year. If I can only find the month and year, I am going with the 1st of the month.

Like all blog writers, I think I write for the ages, so just to let you know he ages are set for end of September 2017.

Sometimes characters names change Red Sonya vs Red Sonja (I should do a whole blog on why and how the “Y” was changed to a “J”). and Josie of the Pussy Cats last name has been Jones, James and McCoy. I went with the oldest name I could find.

I also tried to go with the first appearance, which may be a book, with a characters we are more familiar with in a movie.

This list is of course some of my favorite characters, I would love to see people post some of their favorites and how old they are.

PS: I did the math in my head no grantee it’s correct.

PPS: Yes I know that Boba Fett first appeared in a County fair parade, but I don’t count that, so there!


The first real (?) appearance of BF.

Amanda Waller, DC Legends #1, Nov 1986, 31 Years old.

Anastasia Cisarovna AKA GI Joe’s The Baroness, GI Joe, toy line, 1982, 35 Years old.


We here at DCotU love our bad girls

Ashly J Williams, The Evil Dead, 1981, 36 Years old.

Bertram Quatermass, The Quatermass Experiment, July 15th 1953, 64 Years old

Barbara “Bobi” Morse, AKA Mockingbird, Astonishing tales #6, Jun 71, 36 Years old


Bobi, I have been meaning to ask you about that for a while.

Bruce Wayne, AKA The Batman Detective Comics, May 1939, 78 Years old.

Boba Fett, Star Wars Holiday Special, November 1978, 38 Years old.

Buck Rogers, Amazing Stories: Armageddon 2419 AD, Aug 1928,  89 Years old.

Cthulhu, Call of Cthulhu, Weird Tales 1928, 89 years old.


Happy B-Day, squid head.

Captain Jack Harkness, Dr. Who, The Empty Child May 21st 2005, 12 Years old.

Charles Xavier, X-Men #1, September 1963, 54 years old.

Chilli Luna Aphra, Darth Vader  #3, 2015, 2 years old.

dr aphra.jpg

Doc Aphra got all dressed up for her special day.

Deadly Little Miho, Sin City graphic novel, A Dame to Kill For, 1991, 26 Years old.

Dinah Drake, AKA The Black Canary, Aug 1947, 70 Years old.


Not bad for a 70 year old woman.

Gary “Eggsy” London, Secret Service Vol 1 Sept 2012, 5 Years old.

Harleene Quinzele, AKA Harley Quin,  BM:tAS, Jokers Favor Sep 1992, 25 Years old

Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jun 12th, 1981, 36 Years old.


We named the dog Indiana.

Isador Cortez AKA Machete, Spy Kids 2001, 16 Years old.

James Bond, Novel Casino Royale, Apr 13 1953, 64 Years old.

Jessica Rabbit. Novel Who Censored Rodger Rabbit, 1981, 36 Years old

Jack Bauer, 24 Day 1 Episode 1 Nov 6th 2001,  15 Years old.

Jim West, Wild, Wild West, The Night of the Inferno Sep 17 1965, 52 Years old

Jimmy Olsen, the Adventure of Superman radio show, Apr 15th 1940, 77 Years old

Josie Jones, Archie’s Pals and Gals, #23, 1962, 55 Years old

Kamal Khan, Captain Marvel # 14, August 2013, 4 Years old.

Kara Zor-El, Super Girl, Action Comics #252, May 1959, 48 Years old

Laura Croft, Tomb Raider video game, 1996, 21 Years old.

Maj, T.J. “King” Kong, Dr. Strangelove, 1964, 53 years old.


I am hard pressed to think of  Slim Pickins in any other way.

Peggy Carter, Tales of Suspense #77, May 1966, 51 years old

Pennywise, The Clown, Novel, It, Sept 15th 1986 31 Years old.

Phil Coulson, Iron Man April 14th 2008 (Sydney premier), 9 Years old.

Randall Flagg, The Stand, 1978, 39 Years old.

Red Sonya, Magic Carpet Magazine, Shadow of the Vulture, Jan 1934, 83 Years old


There is a difference between Red Sonya and Red Sonja though they are both based on the same work, note the guns.

Rebeca Buck AKA Tank Girl, Deadline Fanzine, 1988, 29 Years old.

tank girl.png

True love

Sam Spade, Novel The Maltese Falcon, 1930, 87 Years old

Sheriff Martin Brody,   February 1974, Novel Jaws, 43 Years old.

Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet, 1887, 130 Years old.

Spock, Star Trek, The Man Trap, Sept 8th 1966, 51 Years old.

Steve Austin AKA the 6 Million Dollar Man, Novel Cyborg, Apr 1972, 45 Years old.


The Joker, Batman #1 April 25th 1940, 77 Years old

Tommy and Gina, Livin’ On A Prayer, Bon Jovi Song, October 1986, 31 Years old.

Wolverine, Incredible Hulk #18o, Oct 1974, .43 Years old.





4 comments on “Pop Culture Birthdays.

  1. For Tyeth
    September 30, 2017

    Hi Dave, another great list and one that makes me feel much better. I have discovered I may not be so old after all, I celebrated my “For – Tyeth” birthday in 2015 which is how I got my profile name! I am still young compared to some of those in your list..so thanks!

    • davekheath
      October 1, 2017

      Glad to her, a few of them made me fell kind of old though.

  2. tessa tells all
    October 1, 2017


    I loved this list. And the fact that your brought Tommy and Gina to the party made my heart smile!

    • davekheath
      October 1, 2017

      Thanks. They are as much as part of pop culture as the rest.

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