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Fear and Loathing at Rose City Comicon 2017.


Me and Aphra


OK for the record there was no fear nor loathing on my part in Rose City Comicon this year. I just entitle my yearly RCC post F&L@RCC each year, as a shout out to Hunter S. Thompson.


In fact I really needed a creative jump start and Comicon gave it to me. Getting me excited about a bunch of creative activities, some blog post others fiction.


Saturday I always take my nephew and niece to Comicon. Here they are standing in front of The Optimums Prime truck. Now, just in case you aren’t cyber stalking every part of my personal life (and if you aren’t, why aren’t you?) I am now working for Daimler Trucks North America in their corporate offices. I arrange towing or service calls for trucks in transit form the factory that go down, and maintain a database why they had problems. I am also learning how to pay out warranty claims. I bring this up because O.P. here is a 2015 5700 Western Star truck that we make in our factory.

mona hp and optimus.jpg

I posted on FB the picture below, I didn’t know who this Transformer was but that I was sure it was a Western Star 4800 circa 2015. My sister was worried that I was turning in my geek card to become a “truck guy.” The truth is I have never really like transformers, even as a kid I thought they were poorly drawn cartoons that only existed to sell me toys.

Western Star.jpg

My nephew and I had a contest to see who could find the most obscure cosplay. He blew me out of the water when he found a Trogdar the Burninator costume.


Trogdor Strikes again


After three or so years have made some true friends who I only get to see two or three times a year at cons. Here is writer Sean Hoade, I was glad that he could make it to RCCC and was really bummed he thought he couldn’t make it. He is going to release his Cthulhu Attack Part II. If go to a con he is at, drop by his booth. He is always fun and a cool guy to hang out with.  Oh he might appreciate it if you buy a book or two. And he sold more than a couple of books over this weekend. He came in with a big box of titles and left with none.

Sean hoade

A writer writing his name.




It is a yearly tradition for me to pick up a title from Committed Comics each year. This year I finial picked up what is arguably their flagship title, Java. Kinda of a coffee driven combination of tomb raider meets Tank Girl.  In fact here is me with Java herself. You can tell it is the real J because she has an arrow tattoo pointing to her belly button.

Java and me

David east of Java

Here is a review of Java from a friend Michael Allan Carlyle who I met a few years back at  Cthulhu Con.


I also stopped by and chatted with good friend of DCotU Miss Miniver. Here she is in this awesome old school Leia costume. She just released her second issue of her MM comic, on the Commited imprint. I loved her original comic and was excited that in her second one she could tell more of a story. Let me tell you what I told her, about what she got right about this one. She creates a unique and a wonderful world of a slightly different Seattle, where your best friend can be an air breathing octopus, venders in the park don’t sell ice-cream but comic books and mysterious women under trees give vague but accurate Buddha like advice. She did a great job making the city of Seattle a character, like they do with NYC in Law and Order or Lucas did with the universe in Star Wars. I love the overarching theme of friendship and extended family in the title, in this way it reminded me of one of my favorite Disney movies Lelo and Stitch.  She did a great job catching the spirit of cons too.

Miss Miniver

DCotU You are my only hope.

You can find Miss Miniver books here.


I didn’t go to a lot of panels but I did go to Monster Kid Radio’s Universal movie franchise post.  MKR hosts Derek Koch and regulars Chris McMillian, Dominque Lamssies and Jeff Dean  discuss the possibility to resurrect the old Universal monster movies in a Marvel cinematic shared universe world. I have a mix felling about this. Sure I love Franky, Drac, the mummy, and Creature from the Black Lagoon, and would love to see some good movies about them, but I am not sure I want them to be stuffed into an action franchise.



How beloved is MKR, this is the most liked picture I have ever posted on Face Book. (Sorry to Jeff Dean he got cut off form it)

Monster kid radio

The Monster Kids




I also won this awesome homemade Mummy Bunny named Im-Hop-Tep, this is the first of an awesome line made by Dominque Lamssies. It has these details like Tana Leaves from the Marvel movies in one hand and The Scroll of Life, from the Hammer Movies in another. It even has a tag stating the movie she was watching when she made it, on it.

Mummy Bunny.jpg

On Saturday I took my niece and nephew to the panel for niece’s  favorite anime RWBY. For those of you who are not familiar with RWBY it is an anime that is the mixture of fighting video games and fairy tales. The name comes from the members of an all-girls fighting team (Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang) All in all it is a strong show with good female role models.

RWBY cast.jpg

The show’s core theme is about friendship and extended family, and you and can see the relationship carries over with cast of voice actresses who on a few occasions forgot they were on the panel for a kids show and got a little lewd. It was also fun to see them geek out about their own show, they aren’t just actresses they are fans. They also often responded to questions and banter from fellow cast members in character.


Yang yakking about her show.

I also got to see the Weird Al Panel. Unfortunately he was not allowed to sing, do to contractual reasons, but they let him do what he does second best, talk to his fans. No warm up just “hey guys been a while let’s talk”.  So here is what I took out of his conversations. He has pretty much been with the same band since 1982. John Oliver asked him to sing that song on LWTwJO about North Korea when he was on vacation, yes he wrote it Originally the writers were going to write a song based on Ah-Ha’s Take Me On, because there was a rumor that it was Kim Jung-Um’s favorite song, but it was too hard for them, so they had him write one. He lives in a little village in Hawaii half the year and he’s been there long enough he is not seen as a famous singer he is just seen as Al to the locals. The question he wished fans would ask him but never did is “Hey would you take this big pile of money.” The answer would be ‘yes.’

Weird Al 1.jpg


I also had a nice chat with Rocky Smith the head of Northwest Ghost Tours head of the Oregon Ghost Conference. We talked about a post I want to write entitled “Is Haunted History Teaching History.” I am going to Email him and he is going to share some of his experiences with me for that project. I am looking forward to posting it soon.

Rocky Smith.jpg

I also met the cast and producer of a possible new local TV show called The Jag. It is about a hero with the power of the jaguar totem. His true love has the power of the wolf spirit, and is swarm to eliminate him if he cannot control his powers. It is shot and produced locally and wants to capture the spirit of Portland. This inspired me to do some future post about Portland projects.

The Jag.jpg

My favorite moment of the con was however meeting artist Cassie Anderson. She is a local artists who drew for the Dark Horse title Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact. It is the story about a girl whose father is killed during an alien invasion, she then teams up with a rouge alien shapeshifter and learns to survive, fight the aliens and what it means to be a human. It is a great title about extended family, (are you seeing a motif here.) But the coolest thing was she drew a picture of my daughter for me. I showed her a picture of Emma, and told her about how she is studying photography and loves Pokémon. She drew this awesome picture for me.

zCassie Lifeformed.jpg

It wasn’t the most emotional experience I had a con that was the time when Greg Rucka, signed the only graphic novel my late father ever read, but this was up there, in fact I had to leave the booth or I would have cried in front of an artist.

Cassie picture of Emma

Well with batteries charged it is back to the real world, and back to writing.


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