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Learning New Things Everyday: July 2017.

julyWow time flies July is already over with, I can’t believe it. I have been keeping with my effort to learn a new thing a day and then share it with everyone. I have been studying World War Two recently so you may see  a lot of WWII trivia this month.  Hope you learn something and had fun with this list.


1st– Patrick Stewart’s father was a Dunkirk survivor and suffered from PTSD.

2ND– Bald Mountain from the song Night on Bald Mountain is a series of mountains in Poland and the Ukraine, that it was believed was used by witches for late night Sabbaths.

3rd– Charles King president of Liberia, won the 1927 election with 234,000 votes, the problem being there were only 15,000, registered voters in Liberia at the time.

C King

It’s good to be King.

4th– Jackie Chan  claims to have spent 12 months in his mother’s womb, and was removed by caesarian.

5th– White Sands missile range is as large as Delaware and Rhode Island combined.

6th– When Captain Cook arrived in Hawaii, he was mistaken for Lono the Hawaiian sex god, he decided there was no reason to correct the assumption.

7Th– The last person arrested for witchcraft in England was Helen Duncan in  1944, a psychic that the English government feared was getting war secrets from dead soldiers spirits.

helen duncan

Helen didn’t see that comming.

8Th– A rain drop can fall as fast as eighteen miles an hour.

9Th There is a Cole Porter song that starts out “You are the tops you are Mussolini.”

10th– In 1935 after Italy conquered Ethiopia the only independent country in Africa was Liberia.

11Th– Marie Curries notebooks are still radioactive.

currie note book

Now that is a hot read.

12Th– Just before the Nazi’s invaded Paris H.A. and Margret Rey fled on bi cycles caring the manuscript for Curious George.

13Th– Among  the methods of transport used by the 2nd Polish Corps fighting the battle of Monte Cassino was a brown bear called Wojtek who helped to move boxes of ammunition.


Best darn soldier in the unit

14th—The American cruiser Phoenix survived the attack on Pearl Harbor, as well as World war Two eventually it was sold to the Argentinians, and sunk by a British torpedo in The Falkland Island War.

15Th– The moon is moving away from the Earth a  distance of 3.8 Centimeters a year.

16- Pablo Escabar’s daughter once said she was cold so he burnt two million dollars US to warm her up.

17th The wooden Musquito had the lowest lost rate of all RAF bombers.

18th The P-38 Lighting was the only American fighter that we manufactured during all of World War II.


19Th– During the Napoleonic war, Austria and Russia agreed to combine their armies against the French, but the generals didn’t realize that the two countries, so when the Russians arrived 9on time form their prospective) 12 days late the Austrians had already surrendered.

20th– William Sweatman and his band were the first African American group to be recorded in 1903, doing a version of the maple leaf Rag.

21st– Gene Rodenberry named his most famous Star Trek villain after Kim Noonien Singh, a World war Two buddy he hopped would get hold of him after he saw the episode.

22nd – Durring World war two the silk of the Black Widow spider was used to make the cross hair for guns for the US Army, it is stronger than steel or platinum wire of the same thickness.

23rd – Gary Gygax the founder of Dungeons and Dragons was at the time a practicing Jehovah Witness.


The dice say “I am happy to met you…”

24th– The Beatles only won 4 Grammys during their active years

25Th– The first four countries to lunch Satellites into space, are The Soviet Union, The Unites States, France and Japan.

26Th– Harriet Tubman led a raid to free slaves during the Civil War. In 1863, Tubman and Union Colonel James Montgomery stormed into the Confederate interior with 300 black Union soldiers. They swept through nearby plantations, burning homes and barns. Slave men, women and children came streaming from the countryside, and more than 720 slaves were shuttled to freedom. This was the first raid of the civil war led by a woman.

27th– In 1998 when renovating Benjamin Franklin’s house, ten bodies were found in his basement. Rumors abounded that he might have been a serial killer, but more than likely they were cadavers, used by one of his surgeon friends.


Was BF the Hannibal Lector of the founding fathers.

28th– Fire has no shadow.

29th– Strawberries are fruit and Bananas are berries.

30th– In the1800’s ketchup was sold as medicine.

31st– The pound sign or hashtag, # is actually called octotroph

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